Dr. Meredith Workman

Pediatric Plastic Surgeon / Zambia

Dr. Workman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over ten years of surgical experience in pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery and served for four years as a director of the ACPA-approved cleft team at Children’s Rehabilitative Services in Phoenix, AZ. She has been involved in dozens of research publications and presentations. Her specialties include congenital or acquired facial deformities, cleft lip and palate, congenital hand malformations, congenital or developmental breast deformities, scars, and other lesions.

Dr. Workman has a combined Bachelor’s and Medical degree from Northeastern Ohio Medical University. She completed an integrated general surgery/plastic surgery residency at Oklahoma University Health Science Center and a Pediatric Plastic Surgery fellowship at Nationwide Children’s Hospital through Ohio State University Medical Center.

Dr. Workman most recently sold her private practice of East Valley Pediatric Plastic Surgery, PLC, to join the medical team at CURE Zambia where she will be responsible for evaluating and treating children with plastic surgical issues, coordinating care with other specialists, and providing postoperative care and therapy recommendations.

She is excited that by working for CURE, she will unite her passion for serving God, her desire for excellence in surgical care, and building relationships with people. She is also excited about the opportunity to build consistent multidisciplinary cleft care that families can rely on consistently. She is married to David, her husband of 20 years, and they have four children; Jack, Charlie, Ozzy, and Eve.