Plasdus can run!

Help other kids run for the very first time.

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Plasdus once lived in pain, ridiculed by peers. But you changed that!

There are more kids like Plasdus on our surgery waiting lists. Your generous gift provides life-changing surgeries and the good news of Jesus. Join Operation Run – it’s an all-out effort to provide life-changing orthopedic surgery for 100 children like Plasdus by August 31st. Plasdus was always the one left behind, but now he can walk and run like other kids, and his joy is overflowing!

Plasdus’ Story

“Now I know he will have a bright future” — Plasdus’ Mom

When Plasdus was born, his mother cried. She knew the hardship he would experience as a result of his extremely bowed leg. Today, everything has changed. Watch the full story of his transformation by clicking on the video play button.

Together, let’s bring the love of Jesus to children waiting for surgeries – forever changing their lives! 

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