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In 2020, CURE International joined with the Zimbabwe Orthopedic Trust to form CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe. The hospital is the newest center in the CURE network, opening its doors in April 2021 and specializing in the care of children living with physical disabilities. The hospital was refurbished by the Zimbabwe Orthopedic Trust in partnership with the Zimbabwean government and is located adjacent to United Bulawayo Hospital. The hospital has 40 beds and a newly constructed operating theater block with three operating rooms.

The CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe is the first hospital in Zimbabwe that is dedicated to serve vulnerable children and families through the provision of orthopedic and spiritual care.

Did You Know?

An estimated 300,000 children are currently living with treatable conditions such as neglected clubfoot, bowed legs, and knock knees.

Currently, there are 1.6 physicians and 7.2 nurses for every 10,000 people.

Of the people in Zimbabwe who are living with a disability, 53% became disabled before the age of 20.

There is 1 surgeon for every 1,000,000 people in Zimbabwe.