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In 1998, CURE International, in cooperation with the African Inland Church, opened the AIC-CURE International Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. Along with being CURE’s first hospital, the CURE Children’s Hospital of Kenya was Africa’s first orthopedic pediatric teaching hospital for children with disabilities.

Currently, the hospital houses 47 beds and 4 operating rooms that provide care for children suffering from a wide range of orthopedic conditions such as clubfoot, spinal conditions, bowed legs, knocked knees, windswept condition, Blounts disease, fractures, and other disabilities resulting from burns, cerebral malaria, cerebral palsy, brittle bone disease and accidents. The hospital conducts over 100 mobile clinics annually for the identification of children in remote areas in need of treatment while providing follow up care ranging from physical therapy, occupational therapy and the provision of a wide range of orthotics and prosthetics.

CURE Kenya has also established itself as a regional learning institution and was the first hospital in the country to introduce an orthopedic pediatric training program at the residency level, which is certified under the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa (COSECSA). 

Located in the Rift Valley city of Kijabe, the hospital attracts patients from every region of the country in need of the highly specialized medical care that CURE Kenya provides. Through the training of surgeons, nurses, and healthcare professionals, CURE Kenya aims to continue improving the country’s overall capacity to treat even more children with physical disabilities.

Did You Know?

CURE Kenya is Africa’s first orthopedic pediatric teaching hospital serving children with treatable disabilities.

1.2 million children in Kenya are living with disabilities.

CURE Kenya's orthopedic training program is certified and widely recognized as one of the leading orthopedic surgical training programs in East Africa.