Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does CURE offer treatment in the US, Canada, or the UK?

A: In countries like the US, Canada, and the UK, care for the conditions we treat is widely available to all. CURE’s founders had a heart to bring specialized medical treatment for children to areas of the world where it was unavailable or where availability was very limited. Today, CURE continues to follow this guiding principle, bringing specialized care to underserved countries around the world. To see a list of places where CURE is presently at work, visit


Q: On average, how much does CURE need to raise for each surgery?

A: The cost of providing care varies widely between countries, conditions, and even specific cases—as is the case with any healthcare provider.

The amount we publish online equals what we need to raise in the US to help support each procedure. Based on the average need across our network, that amount is $1,000 for each orthopedic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and neurosurgery. There is an average need of an additional $600 per case that must be raised in the countries in which we serve, through a series of channels including local fundraising, patient contributions, and private-pay care. Complete treatment for infant clubfoot using the Ponseti method, which often includes a minor surgery called a tenotomy, requires us to raise $400 per child on average across our global network.

Q: Can I send a get well message to my CUREkid?

A: Yes, you can! You can send a get-well message through this website that will be delivered to your CUREkid, usually in a matter of hours. To get started, visit your CUREkid’s profile, then scroll down the page to the “Send a Message” section.

Q: Can I mail a letter to my CUREkid?

A: No, it is not possible to send mail to your CUREkid. Our average hospital stay is just 4 days, but it can take mail up to a month to travel from the US to one of our hospitals. Because of this, sending mail to your CUREkid is not practical. This is why we’ve created our online get well message system; it allows you to send a message to your CUREkid through this website and have it delivered in a matter of hours!

Q: Can I make a donation to provide other needs for a CUREkid, like transportation or education?

A: We are not able to collect donations to be passed directly to patients or to pay for expenses beyond their hospital needs, and for privacy reasons we cannot reveal our patients’ last names or contact info to allow donors to reach them directly. Our hospital social work and spiritual ministry teams work very closely with our patients, and if they become aware of a critical need, especially one that will prohibit the patient from completing their care, they work with the family, the hospital, and other local organizations and churches to help meet that need.


Q: Can I access a statement of my giving for tax purposes?

A: If you made your donation through the website, then yes! The My Account page provides access to your giving history, including the ability to download a PDF of your annual giving statement. If you made your donation by phone or mail, or are unable to access the My Account page, please contact our Donor Support team for assistance:

Q: When will my monthly credit/debit gift process?

A: If you have joined us as a monthly donor (thank you!), your gift will process on the same date you started, each month. So if you began your monthly donations on the 24th, then the gift will process on the 24th each month thereafter. If your date is the 31st, it will process on the 30th on months that have only 30 days. If it is the 29th, 30th, or 31st, in February it will process on the last day of the month.

Q: Can I change the date my monthly gift will process?

A: We would be happy to help you change the process date for your monthly gift! Simply contact us with your request at, or call (616) 512-3104 and ask for Donor Support.

Q: Can I make a monthly gift via electronic check (EFT)?

A: Yes, we can setup automatic withdrawals from your bank account. Contact our Donor Support team at or (616) 512-3104 to get started.

Q: Can I change or update the credit card used for my monthly gift?

A: Yes! You can give us a call at (616) 512-3104, and we can help you update your info over the phone. Or, if you prefer, you can update your payment information yourself at It will ask you to login. Your username is your email address. Once you are logged in, you can follow the steps below.

  1. From the list of options on the left, select Payment Information.
  2. Click the “Add Card” button to add your new card information.
  3. To set the new card as the one we will use for your recurring donations, check the “Make this the default card for my gifts” box, and click “Save Changes”.
  4. If you want to remove the old card, click the “Edit” link next to it, then scroll down and click the “Remove card” button.
  5. If there are no other changes, you can scroll down to the lower right corner of the website and click the “Log off” link.

If you need any further assistance, let us know!

Q: Can my donation be refunded?

A: Donations via electronic means (credit card, debit card, or EFT) may be refunded via the same means if a request is made by the donor within 24 hours of the donation processing. Requests should be sent via email to Donations by any other means (cash, check, gift-in-kind, etc.) are final and not subject to refund.

Global Outreach

Mission and Values

Q: What are the values of CURE’s short term missions?

A: In addition to CURE’s Core Values, our short term missions program holds the following values:

  • Both Physical and Spiritual Healing – everything done while in country should reflect excellence in work ethic and personal character. CURE International is an unapologetically Christian organization and we request that all participants respect that basis of faith while honoring the laws of the land in which we operate.
  • Respect and Relationships – CURE is based on relationships and relational care. The overall value of your work is not only impacted by how much you get done, but also by your attitude in doing it. Work hard, but focus on the relationships with the staff and patients. Each volunteer is asked to honor, encourage, and submit to our in-country staff.
  • Financial Responsibility – our goal is that short-term participants cover their in-country expenses. The hospital you are serving is run with excellence, which may be quite a contrast to the surrounding region. However, the financial needs within CURE are great. You are encouraged to raise funds for CURE International before and after your trip. Please do not give gifts to individuals or other organizations on the field during your trip unless you clear it with the host ahead of time.
  • Training and education — expanding the worldview of the short-termer through cross-cultural experience and making missions a lifestyle. Also as a medical training facility we value short-term medical professionals who come not only to practice, but also to train.
  • Decision Making – The Hospital Directors make all final decisions on your participation and opportunities. We hope you have a good pre-trip dialogue with the Global Outreach staff about what you would like to do, but you will need to submit to the hospital staff and meet their needs.

Q: What is CURE’s Mission Statement?

A: CURE International’s mission statement is simple: healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.

General Questions

Q: What mistakes do short-term volunteers typically make?

A: Review this document for more information: Top Ten Mistakes (113kb PDF)

Q: Can anyone participate on a short-term trip?

A: CURE International welcomes people of all skillsets, backgrounds, and nationalities to serve alongside us as we heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom. However, meeting the needs of our hospitals is CURE’s primary concern. Each volunteer with an applicable skillset will be placed at the hospital with that need. Any volunteer with a desire to go, without a directly applicable vocation, will be directed to a General Ministry Team for a chance to pursue a short-term trip.

Q: What types of trip opportunities are there?

A: There are four types of trips.

  • Medical Trips
    These are specialized teams that require members to have specific skills and proper licensing in order to participate. In many instances these trips take at least six months of pre-trip planning. Opportunities include but are not limited to the following specialists/personnel on either surgical teams or mobile clinic teams: orthopedic, plastic surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, MDs, RNs, LPNs, PAs, pharmacists, hygienists, psychologists, and dentists.
  • Training Personnel
    Individuals with the ability and experience to train local people in various medical or spiritual/emotional care for patients and their families. Click here (178kb PDF) for more information on our Nurse Training Program.
  • General Trips
    Families, schools, churches or individuals may apply for an amazing and humbling volunteer experience that includes caring for children in the hospital and throughout the community.
  • CURE GO Teams
    Our GO teams are made up of individuals who desire to take part in a short-term trip but are not part of an established group. The team will be cross-cultural, and we hope, cross-generational.

NOTE: Each of these options will include a fun-filled recreation day to experience the unique culture and beauty of the country you visit. (Recreation day costs are at the volunteer’s expense.)

  • Facilities
    A global network of hospitals adds up to a lot of facility care! These teams provide services such as HVAC, electrical, construction, and painting. They also identify future projects and areas of concern.

Q: Will I travel on my own or with a team?

A: Requests from the field for an individual with specific skills may result in an individual trip. These trips are often comprised of medical professionals. However, if you do not apply with a team, and have no applicable medical skillset, you may be assigned to become a member of a CURE GO Team.

Q: Are there age restrictions?

A: The minimum age requirement is 15 years old. 18 or younger must travel with a responsible adult.

Q: How long are CURE International trips?

A: Our General Ministry trips are typically 8-21 days. Medical Trips all vary greatly in length. CURE sends medical professionals for trips as short as one week, but also mobilizes others who travel for up to a year.

Q: What is a “typical” day like when on a trip?

A: Health care professionals will work under the authority of the Medical Director, either in a CURE hospital or in a rural mobile clinic environment. Before arrival, expectations (from the hospital’s Medical Director) about screening, surgeries, daily schedule and other tasks associated with your trip will be communicated.

General trips and GO Teams will work under the authority of the Executive Director or Spiritual Director. The U.S. CURE staff will work with you to make sure your trip expectations complement CURE’s objectives to meet the needs of people in the host country.

A “typical day” is hard to define. Each country has its own unique ministry style and needs. There are many ways for you to embrace the culture and the people by working alongside locals/nationals in hands-on projects. Most days are long and sleep comes easily! Depending on your skills, you may be asked to serve with our staff in patient care, office work, facility improvement or in the surrounding villages in an outreach program.

Q: Is there a behavior or dress code?

A: Specifics differ within various countries, but generally it is required that volunteers abstain from alcohol and tobacco use, and the typical dress code is business casual. During trip orientation you will receive more specifics. Modesty is a valued attribute at every hospital and should be pursued when preparing to travel to a CURE hospital.

Q: How can I be involved without going?

A: There are many ways to be involved in the work of CURE without visiting our hospitals. Some of the best ways to be involved are to become a prayer supporter by joining our monthly prayer team or being a financial supporter by raising funds and awareness for the organization.

Q: How can I be involved after I get back?

A: Our hope is that your short-term experience with CURE is only part of your life journey and that your participation in missions and CURE will not end with your trip. The most important way you can stay involved with CURE is by becoming a CURE representative and sharing your story with friends and family to help raise awareness and funds for CURE.

Q: Does CURE International offer Continuing Education Credits for health care professionals?

A: CURE has no formal lectures for trip participants. There are no Continuing Education Credits offered.

Q: I’m a medical student and would like to do a rotation at one of your hospitals. Is that possible? If so, what is the next step?

A: Yes, CURE International has limited spaces available for third- and fourth-year medical students in orthopedics or neurosurgery. The next step: If you meet that criteria, we would encourage you to fill out the application.

Skills and Training

Q: What skills do I need?

A: Depending on the type of trip you will be taking, the skills required will differ. Medical Professionals will need to have the capacity to teach as you work alongside our national hospital staff. GO Team members need the willingness to share their personal talents. An attitude of flexibility is essential for all travelers.

Q: What training/orientation will I receive?

A: You will be sent a series of documents and information via both email and mail. This will include a Pre-Trip Orientation packet containing trip expectations, cultural information, and pre-trip planning instruction. After arrival in the country, CURE staff will guide you through understanding the new cultural and processes of the hospital. At any time throughout the process, trip members are welcome to contact the Global Outreach Office with questions. Also, properly processing your experiences after arriving home is vital. You will receive post-trip guidance to help debrief and how to effectively incorporate your short trip into your life journey.


Q: What do I need to do first?

A: First, submit an application for service. A member of Global Outreach staff will be in touch with you, once we receive your application, to begin a conversation about where your skills and desires best align with a service opportunity with CURE.

Q: If accepted for trip participation, how much time will the whole process take?

A: Generally speaking, CURE requests at least 3 months from the time you apply until the time you depart on your trip.

Q: Do I need to re-apply if I travel with CURE more than once?

A: Yes.


Q: How are the trip fees determined?

A: Each short-term trip sent through CURE International is unique. Trip fees will differ greatly based on time of year, destination, length of stay, etc. Most often a trip cost will include food, lodging, in-country transportation, and travel medical insurance. Trip fees are based on what it takes to mobilize and host with excellence. Absolutely no donated monies are rerouted from patient care to accommodating visiting volunteers. A detailed, itemized list of your trip expenses can be supplied upon request.

 Q: How do I take care of my finances?

A: Each volunteer is unique in the way they approach funding. Some choose to pay the entirety of their trip cost while others count wholly on fundraising. CURE International will provide a tax-deductible receipt for donations made payable to “CURE International” only.

Q: How do I pay for my trip or have donations made on my behalf?

A: Funds can be donated for your trip two ways:

  1. By credit card: Donate online
  2. Send check made payable to CURE International and include a note saying this is for “YOUR NAME, DATE, LOCATION.”Mail check to:CURE International
    Attn: Global Outreach
    701 Bosler Avenue
    Lemoyne, PA 17043

Q: Do you have suggestions on how to fundraise?

A: Check out our Guide to fundraising (632kb PDF) for some helpful tips.

Q: Can additional funds I raise be used for passports, immunizations, visas, recreation and other out of pocket expenses?

A: No, this is a personal expense paid by you. Any additional funds raised in addition to trip cost will be put towards other team member’s expenses or will be funneled into CUREkids to aid in offsetting children’s surgery costs.

Q: Can I raise money to cover the cost of my plane ticket?

A: Yes, as long as you use CURE’s travel agent. All funds must be received before ticket is purchased.

Q: If I cancel my trip will I receive a refund?

A: CURE International is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to CURE are generally tax deductible as long as CURE International has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. Because CURE International maintains the required discretion and control, donations to it cannot be refunded.

If you need to cancel your trip you have the following options for funds received:

  • Funds can be transferred to another team member.
  • Funds can be used on a future trip taken within 12 months.
  • Funds can be donated to the country children’s fund

Q: Besides financial support what kind of support will I need?


  1. Prayer supporters who will intercede for you pre-field, on-field, and post-field
  2. Logistical supporters who will help you with logistics at home while you are away
  3. Emotional supporters who will support you emotionally and encourage you along the short-term process
  4. Communication supporters, who are the ones you can communicate with about your trip and will get the word out to your sending supporters, either by phone or email
  5. Re-entry supporters who will be considered your debriefing partners and will help you process your experience.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know?

A: There are many steps to making a trip successful. CURE’s Global Outreach Office will provide step by step guidance through these steps once your trip has been approved. Until then, these few tips will help get you started.

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