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Grace's Story

“They told me it was a birthmark, but I always knew it was more than that,” says Loveness, Grace's mom.

Grace is a 5-month-old baby and she has a tumor growing on the left side of her forehead. Loveness describes baby Grace’s tumor as … Read more

“They told me it was a birthmark, but I always knew it was more than that,” says Loveness, Grace's mom.

Grace is a 5-month-old baby and she has a tumor growing on the left side of her forehead. Loveness describes baby Grace’s tumor as something that started like a birthmark. Before coming to CURE, Loveness had been to the local clinic where the doctors wrote it off as a birthmark too. The tumor started to get bigger as Grace grew. Then Loveness remembered her neighbor that had a child with hydrocephalus and had been to CURE. That is when she decided to come to CURE for a second opinion. Grace will be getting help this week and Loveness is glad about it. A mother's intuition is telling and Loveness now knows her suspicions were right.

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Latest Updates

Apr 06, 2016

Today we were told that Grace was in the ward. We had not seen her in a long time, so every step towards her mom Loveness was a little exciting, yet scary. We felt as if we were in one of those make over shows on television and waiting for the huge reveal. We were not disappointed when we saw the final outcome! Grace looks amazing! She now literally has a small scar on her forehead and her mom is glowing! This transformation was amazing. The best part of seeing Grace today was the fact that her mom told us they no longer need to come for review! Healed and sealed in the blood of the lamb! Let the church say amen! Photo of Grace

Sep 22, 2015

Grace came to see us today! She is doing really really well! What remains of what was once on her forehead is only a scar! And it has healed really well! Grace and her mom have been away from their home town since they came to CURE. They stayed in the city so that they could continue their followups without the stress of transportation back and forth. Now Grace and Loveness feel they are ready to go back home and only come back after a long while if they need to. They are hoping the doctor tells them that they don't ever need to come back! Unless they just want to stop by to say hello! Please keep praying for this sweet Mom and her baby. Photo of Grace

Jun 17, 2015

When we first met Grace, she was a tiny baby with a big growth on her forehead. Grace is fast becoming one of our favorite success stories. Our neurosurgeons were able to remove the growth and show the world her beauty. We are so happy that Grace's healing has also positively affected the confidence levels of her mom who simply radiates with happiness. Please continue praying for Grace and her mother as God continues to give them countless reasons to smile bigger! Photo of Grace

May 06, 2015

Grace was discharged today! Her mother was very very happy about this! She is glad to show everyone what her baby Grace now looks like! She says someday when Grace is older, she will tell her about their stay at CURE and how Loveness kept coming to CURE until Grace got her surgery! We will be seeing Grace next week when she comes to get her stitches removed! Thank you for your endless prayers for this sweet girl! Photo of Grace

May 05, 2015

Grace is having a good day today! She and her mom are waiting to hear what the doctors say about the possibility of going home and are excited and ready for that! Photo of Grace

May 04, 2015

Grace is having a great day! Her mom, Loveness cant wait to go home! She says "I was willing to stay in the hospital for as long as I had to, to make sure Grace got her surgery." Now that she has, Loveness is excited about going home so that everyone can see what little Grace looks like! Photo of Grace

Apr 30, 2015

Grace’s face is swollen. We expected this. She has, however, been such a strong soldier! She cried a little bit yesterday but has not cried at all today. She is actually more active than we expected and that's the type of progress we like to see! Please keep Grace and her mom in your prayers! Photo of Grace

Apr 29, 2015

Grace had a successful surgery! Doctors Onen and Sichizya did the surgery together. They started by drawing a pattern on Grace’s forehead that would map out and create a clear path to follow during surgery. They went around the growth slowly, releasing it and cutting it off. It was surround by many blood vessels and was very red. The more they released and sealed underneath, the quicker the tumor changed color and it started to look black. This was because the blood supply to the growth was slowly cut off. They did this with much caution because any slight mistake would cause Grace to bleed uncontrollably. After a while, the growth was removed and that part of surgery was over. Her wound was skillfully sealed and the operation was over. Grace is now in recovery. Please continue praying for her as she embarks on this journey of recovery. Photo of Grace

Apr 27, 2015

Grace is having a good day today just hanging out with her mom. Hopefully, she will go into surgery on Wednesday. Everything is in the works for that! Her mom is feeling really good about this week. Please continue praying that Grace gets healthy enough for surgery! Photo of Grace

Apr 24, 2015

Grace’s surgery was cancelled today, after she was declared unfit for it by the doctors. This is because she has a cough that won’t seem to go away, but also there is not enough blood in the bank to do her surgery. Her mother is anxious to get it over and done with. She says, "We have been waiting for a while now, and I just want my daughter to get her surgery!” Please pray that sweet Grace gets well enough for surgery, but also that her mom can find strength and peace as she waits. This afternoon they both enjoyed sitting and being outside the ward, which was a welcome change of scenery. Photo of Grace

Apr 23, 2015

Grace is doing well today! She now has a head band that is supposed to help push the blood in her tumor back into the feeding blood vessels. She is rocking the band! She is scheduled to go to surgery tomorrow if everything goes well, please be praying for her! Photo of Grace

Apr 21, 2015

Grace is back with us at CURE. She has a bit of a cold and so the doctors have put off doing surgery for at least the next few days until that clears. Please pray with us that Grace gets well enough to go to theatre soon so that healing continues! Photo of Grace

Apr 15, 2015

Grace was discharged this morning and she quietly slipped out without a photo. She is coming back on the 21st of April to either get admitted or just be reviewed for a different appointment. The doctors will consult as to what is best moving forward. Her surgery is going to be complicated because of of where the tumor is located on her forehead. Please be praying for Grace and her family!

Apr 14, 2015

Grace is back at CURE and it looks like she will finally get surgery tomorrow! This morning, Doctors Onen and Sichizya went to visit Grace and her mom to explain what they have decided to do for her surgery. Please pray for a successful operation tomorrow! Photo of Grace

Mar 02, 2015

Grace was discharged today and unfortunately she has snuck out without a photo! She had been in the ward waiting for her procedure as the hospital was waiting to get more blood for her surgery. During her time waiting, she developed both a fever and the flu bug, so this slowed down the process. The doctors have sent her home to fully recover and we hope by the time she comes back, we will have enough blood to carry out her surgery and she will be fit to go to the theatre! We expect to see her the first week of April. Please pray with us that everything will be ready to go at that time.

Feb 27, 2015

Grace was supposed to go for surgery today but she developed a fever and so her surgery was cancelled. She has been fussy the whole today and her mother, Loveness, has been seen walking around the ward trying to calm her baby down. Once in a while she stops at a neighbor's bed to chat to the mother there. Grace likes it so much that she is now falling asleep on her mother's back! Photo of Grace

Feb 25, 2015

Grace was fast asleep when we stopped by to say hello and welcome her and her mom Loveness to the ward. Now she is awake and she and Loveness are taking a walk. It's been a cold, rainy day and everyone in the ward are all snuggled up in bed, but some moms like to get some fresh air and that's exactly what Grace and Loveness are doing!

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