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Aldrin's Story

“I have so many friends at home! And when I am not in school, I just play with my friends a lot! I also like to play with legos and build them together, because someday, I would like to become an engineer,” Aldrin shares with us as he opens up … Read more

“I have so many friends at home! And when I am not in school, I just play with my friends a lot! I also like to play with legos and build them together, because someday, I would like to become an engineer,” Aldrin shares with us as he opens up his warm personality.

But before Aldrin’s friends and best friend Allen found out that he’s gregarious and fun to be with, Aldrin went through bullying when he first started going to school because of his deformity. Aldrin’s mom Claire says, “When people got used to seeing him walk the way he does, Aldrin has been accepted in the community. He has a hard time walking long distances and he can only stand for ten minutes until his legs start hurting. We don’t have anybody in our family line that has the same situation as him, but we were told that his deformity was genetic. He was born with deformity, and his legs were so deformed. He is definitely a rare case, we know that for sure.”

But even in rare cases like Aldrin, we believe that God can make impossible things happen through his people, which is why we are thankful that Aldrin and his family found their way to our hospital to get treatment.

“If I could be a superhero, I’d like to be Superman because he can fly!” shares Aldrin. We can see that Aldrin will be as brave as a superhero while he goes through his healing journey. But we all know that great superheroes need their allies to go through a huge battle like this, which is why we are asking you to become Aldrin’s hero and fight with us through prayers and your support as Aldrin starts his healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Aug 14, 2019

We got an update from Aldrin's mom⁠ Claire, who sent us a picture of Aldrin in school during their moving up ceremony. Aldrin is doing well and is back in school. He's currently in 7th grade and can get around all by himself, which makes him so happy. It's so good to hear from our kids as they go back to their normal routine at home! Photo of Aldrin

Feb 12, 2019

We spotted Aldrin at the Night to Shine prom this weekend and we were all in awe of how he walked down the red carpet with his buddy Duke! His is getting stronger and we noticed when he was walking only with the help of braces and not needing much assistance! What a picture of God’s grace and love to see how well Aldrin is now walking! Photo of Aldrin

Aug 06, 2018

Aldrin's story has gone viral on the world wide web and we were honored to see our little celebrity back for his follow-up! Nurses and Dr. Jun wondered if they could ask for his autograph and Aldrin just giggled in response. You'd be happy to know that he's back in school and playing with his friends. Since his muscles still need a lot of work to regain his strength, Aldrin still has a long way to go with therapy but we still give him a 'thumbs up' for all the hard work that he's done! Photo of Aldrin

Jul 16, 2018

Just when you thought Aldrin’s smile couldn’t get any bigger, he surprises us again! Visiting physiotherapist Shelby fitted him with a new pair of high tech braces today, and it’s a whole new world. These give more support, but allow him to bend his knees. Right now, they’re adjusted so he can only bend them slightly, but as he gains strength, he will be allowed more flexibility. Claire got the tutorial on how they work, in case they need to be adjusted before he returns next month. Big day in Aldrin’s world! Photo of Aldrin

Jun 26, 2018

Aldrin went home for a few weeks for a chance to resume “normal” life, but we got to see him today for a dressing change and physical therapy. The time at home has done well for him, he was in a great mood, the best we’ve seen in a while. His wounds are so incredibly close to being completely closed up, and he did a ton of walking with a walker in PT. So much progress, in part thanks to all of your prayers! We’ll see him back again in a few weeks for even more celebration! Photo of Aldrin

Jun 11, 2018

Aldrin made a “friend” today, another CUREkid who lives all the way in Kenya! Rosaline has the same condition that he did, and we asked him if he had any advice for her, since he’s further in the healing process. Bottom line, he said, was “It’s hard, but it’s worth it.” We sent Rosaline a Get Well message with his advice, how fun to see CUREkids cheering each other on across the world! He smiled through his dressing change today, saying “yeah, it still hurts…” but he’s gotten to where he can endure the pain. He’s so close to being done with this “un-fun” stage of healing, and we agree, it’ll be worth it! And speaking of Get Wells, feel free to send one, or tons, to our CUREkids, they’re so encouraging! Photo of Aldrin

May 31, 2018

Aldrin entertained himself today by making funny faces as Nurse Jhun changed his dressings. He’s still healing, it’s just taking time. His spirits are still high though, he’s gotten to the point where he understands that every dressing change means he’s closer to being done, and he also knows that he has a huge circle of friends supporting and praying for him! Photo of Aldrin

May 18, 2018

Aldrin has been a good sport throughout his healing and as a result, he's starting to become a cheerleader to some of our other patients in physical therapy. He encourages them to "Go! Don't Stop!" and "Keep Going!" It's awesome to see him as an encouragement to others and that's because you all have set a good example for him and have supported him with your prayers! Dressing changes and physical therapy is over this week, we'll keep you posted on what's next! Photo of Aldrin

May 10, 2018

Today, Aldrin was well reminded that he is loved and prayed for by friends from all over the world! Steve and Brandi, from the Tim Tebow Foundation, kept him company in the exam room during dressing change. Yes, the dressing change still makes him cringe, but he was well distracted by the silly video that he watched with Chris and a video call from Tim Tebow! We are so thankful to all of you who have partnered with us in praying for Aldrin and his healing! Photo of Aldrin

May 07, 2018

We apologize if we couldn't share Aldrin's smile today, we were having a "Monday" and couldn't grab a photo of him before his group went to Jubilee Foundation, another partner organization that takes care of Aldrin's housing and physical therapy while he and Claire are still in town. He's not too far from the hospital, and we want to assure you that his treatment is still going well! From here on forward, he'll stop by on Mondays and Thursdays during free clinics to check up with him, so stay tuned!

May 03, 2018

"Oi! Oi! I'm here!" Aldrin called to Nurse Ken as he tried to look for Aldrin from the crowd. He was already sitting in the exam room, knowing that it was his turn. Over a month of dressing changes and Aldrin is way ahead of the game! There were some subtle cringes during this last cast change, but those were easily forgotten after Chris and Nurse Tzaddi cracked some jokes. We're glad to know that after this long process, Aldrin's smile is still in tact! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 30, 2018

Thank you all for praying for Aldrin! We realize this is almost the exact same picture we showed you last week, but with one noticeable difference. Aldrin’s smile has returned! He watched videos on Chris’ phone again as a distraction during his dressing change, this time it was a bloopers and “crashes” video. As he laughed we agreed that there are people out there who are definitely having a worse day than he was! We can chalk up today as a win, we’re back on track towards healing! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 27, 2018

We all have our good days and bad days, and unfortunately, yesterday wasn’t a great day for Aldrin. His legs were pretty sore during his dressing change, and not even Dr. Jun could squeeze a smile out of him. Watching a video on Chris’ phone helped, but overall, it really wasn’t his best day ever. It’s all part of the healing journey, the road is seldom smooth, but we’re grateful for partners like you that join us along the way! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 23, 2018

For this new week, Aldrin is determined to work hard and play hard! As busy as it was during clinic today, Aldrin managed to get his dressing changed, get to know new people, and met old friends whom we played with in the playroom. Please continue to pray for his wounds to be healed and for another great week of progress ahead of him! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 20, 2018

Aldrin and Nurse Tzaddi kicked it off this morning with a dressing change! He already knows the routine and stays where he's supposed to be until he's free to roam around. Next stop, physical therapy! Aldrin gets stronger each day that he stays at the hospital and we look forward to seeing the fruits of his labor as he works hard to get better! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 19, 2018

Well, nothing much to report today, we found Aldrin midway through his daily routine, chilling in the playroom playing video games. He likes Thursdays, because there are usually more boys his age visiting the hospital for clinic. As cool as our staff is, sometimes it’s nice to have someone your own age to hang out with! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 18, 2018

Aldrin has his daily schedule down! He hangs with the guys at the nurse’s station, goes up to the playroom for a while, then off to physical therapy. Rinse, then repeat! This morning, Nurse Tzaddi asked Aldrin if he had developed any crushes while here at CURE. You know, typical guy talk! The answer was an emphatic “no!” from Aldrin, but as the two laughed about it, you could see their friendship bonds strengthening. We’re very blessed with a strong nursing staff, but we're thankful specifically for our male nurses who are fun role models and “big brothers” to our boys. Photo of Aldrin

Apr 17, 2018

Aldrin is back at it in physical therapy all day! We made sure that he had some time in between to take a break and chit chat with the hospital staff, which he also likes doing. We focused on building his core muscles today to help him stand and walk on the "new normal" position of his knees. Please continue to pray for strength and endurance as Aldrin waits for his wounds to be healed! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 16, 2018

Nurse Tzaddi and Aldrin's eyes were focused on cleaning Aldrin's wound today. He's back for another week so we can make sure that he is free from infection. So far, Aldrin is doing well and while he's around, he gets to catch up with all of the Get Well letters sent and encouragement coming from all those who follow his story! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 13, 2018

Because there were people coming from Aldrin's area yesterday during clinic, Aldrin and Claire made the quick decision to tag-along with transportation and go home. He will continue with his physical therapy homework at home and we will continue to keep him in prayers as we look forward to seeing him back soon!

Apr 12, 2018

Aldrin had a break from physical therapy since it was clinic day, so he spent his time hanging with the guys in the playroom. We’re happy to see that he’s making friends and having a chance to do “normal” activities here during his stay at the hospital. We’re looking forward to seeing his progress when he goes back to physical therapy tomorrow, we’ll let you know how he does! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 11, 2018

Instead of watching airplanes today, Aldrin was watching a wrestling cartoon on the iPad after physical therapy! He's been working hard, but can use a little motivation and inspiration to keep going, and analyzing some wrestling moves seemed to do the trick! We appreciate all the motivation Aldrin's gotten from all of you as well in the form of prayer and Get Well messages, so thanks for staying tuned with us while Aldrin continues to heal! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 10, 2018

"We're watching for airplanes!" Aldrin and his buddy Rey Cris told us as they stared out the window. "You sure you're not staring at the giant sardine billboard?!" we teasingly asked, causing the pair to giggle. The ridiculously huge billboard has become a bit of a joke around the hospital, and the boys seem to be in on it now. It's a quiet day for Aldrin, no dressing changes, just some physical therapy later, and of course, airplane watching. Photo of Aldrin

Apr 09, 2018

It was dressing change day for Aldrin, he's come so far! The first handful of changes after surgery were painful and almost intolerable at times, but now Aldrin's able to relax and even watch what's happening. While he observed the process, he chatted with Tzaddi, Jhun, and Alex, who have become good friends as well as caretakers. We love seeing these relationships build and strengthen, it's just one more awesome effect of the healing process! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 06, 2018

More walking was Aldrin’s task for today, and he made it several laps around the room! He has some fancy new braces that help support him while taking those first steps. They allow him to go further without getting tired, and as a result, he’ll build strength even faster. He’ll get a break from the physical therapy room over the weekend, but on Monday, he’ll be back at it! Photo of Aldrin

Apr 04, 2018

It was a big day for Aldrin! He took several steps in physical therapy, showing off some serious determination. Kids Mentor Ella was there encouraging him, and grabbed some quick video to document this big event! We're proud of him for working so hard and staying encouraged!

Apr 03, 2018

"I was bored at home. There wasn't much to do. It was quiet. I would rather be here because there's a lot to do," Aldrin tells us. He is back with us today to get the locking screws in his femurs removed. This process is actually part of the deal as he takes steps toward healing. And as per usual, Aldrin waits patiently, while playing on his phone, for his turn in the OR. Please stay tuned in to his progress while he's back with us this week! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 27, 2018

Aldrin gets to go home today at last! But we couldn't let him leave without one final round of Get Well messages. This time, they included a fun video from the CURE U chapter at the University of Illinois. Their message was even in Tagalog, one of the main languages spoken in the Philippines, bonus points for the extra effort guys! We're thankful to all of our supporters, you help make success stories like Aldrin's possible! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 23, 2018

Even though Aldrin’s been liking it here at CURE, he admitted this morning that he was “getting bored”. He got some time out of the ward today, which included more “standing time” in physical therapy, yay! Then, he was rewarded for his hard work with a trip to the playroom, where he played on the Playstation with his new buddy Rey Cris. Aldrin has just a few more days in the ward before returning home, we know he’s excited for the change in scenery! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 22, 2018

"Is Jesus from Nazareth? Is the Jordan river real? Why did Jesus choose Israel? Why not the Philippines or the USA?" These questions sprung up from Claire and Aldrin while he watched YouTube videos about Jesus today. Claire was curious to know where Jesus walked and how real Israel was. Patient Coordinator Anne was happy to share some historical background about Jesus through scriptures. It was as a meaty discussion in a group, and we all got to know Jesus deeply. While staying with us, Aldrin is not only re-learning how to stand upright, but also learning about the One who can give him strength to walk in the right path! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 21, 2018

We didn't miss Aldrin in PT this morning! He was standing again briefly, but has a lot of work ahead of him. Not only does he need to build leg strength, but he needs to "retrain" his brain as to what is standing "straight". Years of compensating for his pre-surgery legs have given him another challenge to work with, convincing his body that he is in fact upright! But, he's taken every challenge so far in stride, and with a huge smile. He'll be just fine! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 20, 2018

Aldrin had a busy morning! He stood up in physical therapy and played in the playroom. But, you'll just have to take our word for it because by the time we caught up to him, he was back in bed resting. He was very excited to tell us that he stood up "pain free", praise God! When we visited his ward, he was playing basketball on the iPad, practicing his moves for when he gets to run for real. It'll happen before we know it, Aldrin's healing fast! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 19, 2018

It’s kind of a dark, dreary day here in Davao, but look at that big smile! And for good reason! First, Aldrin got a handful of Get Well messages over the weekend, so thank you to those who sent them! Also, he’s been moved out of the isolation ward and into the regular ward, so he has some company. Oh, and finally…Claire was out buying ice cream when we visited, so it’s a great Monday for Aldrin. Please continue to keep his recovery in your prayers! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 16, 2018

After nearly a week cooped up in the isolation room, Aldrin got some “fresh” air, even if it was just to go to have an X-ray done. So, we got to talk to him directly, without going through Nurse Aileen for information. He and Claire are still in good spirits, and Aldrin reiterated that he’s “not hurting”. He’ll still hang out for another week for dressing changes and observation to make sure the infection stays away. Days in the isolation ward can be long and lonely, even with his favorite TV shows. It would be a great time to send Aldrin a Get Well message to mix it up and give him some encouragement! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 15, 2018

To stop spreading infection to other parts of the hospital, coming in and out of Aldrin’s room is not recommended. We asked his nurse in-charge, Aileen, to give us the scoop on Aldrin. So far, he’s been on point with dressing change as we keep an eye on him at the hospital. He doesn’t have a problem staying at the hospital either, “I like being here,” Aldrin says. He still gets to watch his favorite TV shows just like at home. Thank you for keeping Aldrin in your prayers! Photo of Aldrin

Mar 13, 2018

"I'm still in pain, but it's bearable now that my casts are removed and my legs can breathe," shares Aldrin. He came in for an emergency check-up since he missed his appointment a couple weeks ago. We're thankful that they showed up when they found out that a pungent smell is coming out of his casts. We decided to keep him here for at least two weeks, so we can keep track of his wound care. Che took care of his laboratory work just to make sure that everything is all good. The infection is not as bad as we thought when Claire called in, and we are happy to be able to take care of their needs as they continue with Aldrin's healing! Photo of Aldrin

Feb 15, 2018

Aldrin was back for a cast change! Honestly, it was pretty rough, and while we can celebrate how straight his legs already are, it was really the furthest thing from his mind. He was in a lot of pain, and the sight of the surgical wounds on his legs was a little upsetting to him. He gave walking a test run in physical therapy, but he really wasn’t ready, but promises to try again when he’s back. It’s a slow road, but we know that backed by your prayers, it’s a road filled with support! Photo of Aldrin

Jan 22, 2018

When we got back from mobile clinic, the hospital was quiet, which only means Aldrin and Claire went home. This was good news to hear that his pain went down and was able to travel back home safely. Please continue to keep him in your prayers and we will try to get a photo of him when he comes back to see us in a few weeks!

Jan 18, 2018

Aldrin had a rough day today because even though he was on pain medication, he was still feeling a lot of pain. Despite all of that, he still responded well to his visitors as Claire asked for photo-op moments to remember this time. We brought him legos to divert his attention away from pain and that got us a thumbs up! We will be out for a mobile clinic this weekend and we're not so sure if we'll see Aldrin back at the hospital next week. Please pray for him and the medical team left at the hospital as they take care of his needs! Photo of Aldrin

Jan 17, 2018

"Aldrin, your surgery is over," said OR Nurse Jaime. Aldrin then responded, "Only by the grace of God," to which we exclaimed, "Amen!" It took half a day for our OR team to perform Aldrin's surgery. We used SIGN nails to break part of his leg so we can place it into the right position. Instead of his knees bending backward, we hope that he starts to bend forward once he's healed. In the meantime, he is off to a long recovery period. When he's in pain, Claire reminds him that this surgery is worth being able to "walk, run, and stand without being bullied!" Thank you all for praying for Aldrin's surgery! Photo of Aldrin

Jan 16, 2018

Aldrin is casually hanging out with Pastor Wenzyl as they get to know each other. He's excited to be at the hospital but got even more ecstatic when he found out that we have legos! "I love to build things," Aldrin says. While Aldrin stays at the hospital and as he goes into the OR tomorrow, we want to build a team of prayerful people to lift him up as he has a major surgery first thing in the morning! Please join us as we pray for Aldrin! Photo of Aldrin

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