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  • Age12
  • Conditiona broken bone
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Esmarie's Story

“Esmarie has to work really hard in school, because she has a hard time remembering things sometimes. My dream is that she will finish school.” - Esmarie’s dad Ismael.

Even though she has to work extra hard to remember her studies, Esm… Read more

“Esmarie has to work really hard in school, because she has a hard time remembering things sometimes. My dream is that she will finish school.” - Esmarie’s dad Ismael.

Even though she has to work extra hard to remember her studies, Esmarie loves going to school, where she is in the 5th grade. She has a lot of friends, loves writing, and her favorite subject is Filipino. One thing she probably wishes she could forget is the events from a few weeks ago. While climbing a manzanita tree to pick the fruit, Esmarie fell and landed on her wrists, fracturing both of them. Since then, she has been unable to go to school, and has been staying at home with mom Emma. She helps out around the house, but is looking forward to returning to school and playing again. She also misses babysitting their neighbor’s baby. Since she’s unable to lift him right now, she’s temporarily out of a job. In short, she’s just ready for life to return to normal!

Normal life involves two brothers, one older and one younger. Esmarie is quiet and sweet, and her brothers, like a lot of brothers, like to pester her until she is no longer quiet and sweet! We asked if they fight all the time or just sometimes, and she told us with an exasperated sigh and a grin, “all the time!” Ismael works on a banana plantation about an hour north of Davao. And the most important fact of all, Esmarie’s favorite food is cake! She’s been such a good sport about everything that we think she’ll deserve some sweet goodies after she has surgery soon!

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Latest Updates

Jul 17, 2017

It's been a while since we saw Esmarie, so you can only imagine how excited we were to see her and dad Ismael during our mobile clinic. Since we were closer to her hometown, she did a final check-up! Yup, you heard that right, it's her last one and she's officially discharged! We will miss seeing her face but we are thankful that God healed her hands! She is back to school and will hopefully finish in a few years just as Ismael desires her to be! Photo of Esmarie

Oct 13, 2016

Esmarie and her trademark smile were in for a check up today, and her infection is history, praise God! The infection slowed her healing a little, so she got one more new splint, but she should be done next month. Her left hand has gotten all the attention lately, but we’re happy to tell you that her right hand is perfect and completely healed! Photo of Esmarie

Sep 30, 2016

Things are looking bright for Esmarie! She was up and smiling in her room today as we were getting ready to read her all of her Get Well messages. When Ismael is done gathering all the medicine and working on her discharge papers, she'll head out of our doors and into their home. Please continue to pray for her healing and hope that she will be infection free when she comes back! Photo of Esmarie

Sep 29, 2016

Good news, Esmarie’s wound has healed enough to close it up! Dr. Ruggles did a quick procedure today, giving the spot one more scrub out, then he stitched her up. The infection hasn’t completely healed, but it’s getting better every day, we’re praying she can go home soon! Photo of Esmarie

Sep 28, 2016

Your prayers are working, Esmarie is doing great! in order to keep her that way, she's still in isolation, but we were able to sneak another shot from her doorway as Nurse Nadine went in to check on her earlier. She has a great caretaker in dad Ismael, who has patiently stayed by her side through this whole ordeal. He's been concerned with the work he's been missing, but knows his daughter is much more important. Please also pray for God's provision for the family, that He will take care of all their needs. Photo of Esmarie

Sep 27, 2016

We missed this smile yesterday, but got to see it today! Esmarie (and Nurse Ralp!) were pumped to conquer this infection! Her test results revealed that Esmarie has a pretty nasty strain, but thanks to a super aggressive round of antibiotics and her clean out last Friday, her wound is looking good. Dr. Ruggles and Dr. Reyes did a little more clean out and checked her healing with x-rays - she’s healing, but a little slower due to the infection. We’ll leave the drain out and just do dressing changes over the next few days, please pray that Esmarie keeps making awesome progress! Photo of Esmarie

Sep 26, 2016

Rumor has it that Esmarie is still hanging out behind this door! Her pin is out, now the lab is running tests to see if they can figure out what's causing the chronic infections. We're keeping visitors to an absolute minimum to reduce the risk of any further contamination, so we're staying on this side of the door today. But even though we can't visit face to face, we're still praying for Esmarie, please pray with us for fast healing! Photo of Esmarie

Sep 23, 2016

Esmarie came into clinic because she’s still fighting stinky casts, and an x-ray revealed that she still has a pin in her arm too! The two are likely not linked, but the pin needs to come out, and the infection needs to be cleaned out. So, Esmarie was admitted and will have both done later today. She’s in an isolation room to keep the infection at bay, so we were only able to get a “paparazzi style” pic from the doorway, but she still gave us her signature smile. We could all take lessons on how to stay positive from this girl! Please pray for rapid healing! Photo of Esmarie

Sep 07, 2016

Unfortunately, another stinky cast prompted Esmarie to come back for a follow-up again, and since it's the right time, we decided to take out her pins too. It hurt, a lot. Esmarie couldn't help but raise her legs in pain although she endured it until it was over! A few tears and she was all smiles after. Esmarie has been a champ through it all and we are praying that changing the dressing and proper medication will prevent her from coming back with another stinky cast! Photo of Esmarie

Aug 18, 2016

Esmarie wasn’t due back for her follow up quite yet, but a stinky cast prompted the family to bring her back early, and it was a very wise decision. She had a nasty little infection brewing, thanks to the hot, damp tropical climate we live in. We felt for her as she grimaced through a cast change and wound clean out, but now she can get back to healing in a set of fresh new casts! Photo of Esmarie

Aug 04, 2016

Mornings filled with awesomeness just keep coming to Esmarie! She was all packed and ready when her brother Carl and dad Ismael picked her up to go home. They all posed for the camera before leaving! Esmarie says she's taking a break from school at the moment, but can't wait to get back so she can play with her friends again. It feels a little gloomy at the hospital now that we won't be seeing Esmarie's smile daily, but we look forward to seeing her again once she's back for a follow-up! Photo of Esmarie

Aug 03, 2016

Although we caught a few winces as she moved her hands around, Esmarie was still smiling today. One of the reasons might be that Ella brought her sweets this morning as promised! We also got to give her some encouragement in the form of Get Well messages from the States, so her morning was full of awesomeness! She listened intently, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to smile for the camera, as always! We’re happy to see so many smiles the day after surgery! Photo of Esmarie

Aug 02, 2016

Rolling in and feeling a little nervous down in the OR this morning, Esmarie still managed to carry a sweet smile on her face. It didn't take too long of a wait until the OR staff took off her old casts that were placed during the clinic last week. Since both her radial and ulnar bones were broken, Dr. Badjun, Dr. Jun and aspiring doctor Ben, tagged team to fix Esmarie's wrist and placed pins inside to keep it in place while healing. Now that's all done, Esmarie is now recovering and will most likely wake up to her sweet treats! Photo of Esmarie

Aug 01, 2016

Meet Esmarie! She made her way to the playroom as fast as she could this afternoon, and played dolls, one of her favorite activities. She’s a little nervous about surgery tomorrow, but whispered that Emma was even more nervous. She had casts put on her wrists last week at our clinic, and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, please be praying! Photo of Esmarie

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