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Shema's Story

“Shema means “hear” in Hebrew. It reminds us to listen to the Word of God.” - Shema’s dad Carlito.

If you stop and hear, Shema has a ton to say! She comes across very quiet and timid, but once she starts talking, it’s hard for her… Read more

“Shema means “hear” in Hebrew. It reminds us to listen to the Word of God.” - Shema’s dad Carlito.

If you stop and hear, Shema has a ton to say! She comes across very quiet and timid, but once she starts talking, it’s hard for her to stop! We love it! She’s one of six kids, so she’s probably used to having people around to talk to, and she’s also used to speaking up to be heard. Out of all the kids, she is the only one with clubfoot, which affects her left foot.

Carlito tells us that he and wife Lucia tried hilot, or traditional massage, to correct Shema’s foot when she was just a year old. It was unsuccessful, but recently Lucia’s sister told them about CURE, and recommended that they bring Shema to be checked. Shema was very open about wanting her foot “fixed”, and when they brought her for assessment, the family heard the great news that help was available! Her foot was casted on her first visit to get a head start on the process. Because of this, she will be able to have a much less intrusive surgical procedure, and her healing calendar will be sped up as a result.

As far as school goes, Shema is in preschool, and keeps herself busy there. She has friends, especially her best friend Juday. The two like to chat (surprise!) and play together. They also play house, and Shema likes to write, draw, and listen to her teachers. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher, “because that’s what my mom and dad want.” Carlito confirms this, but if it were solely up to her, Shema “wants to sleep when I grow up.” Oh how we love the honestly of five year olds! We’re honestly looking forward to seeing her fully healed, which will happen soon!

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Latest Updates

2 days ago

Shema received a Christmas box from Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child this morning, we have no problem celebrating Christmas in July around here! Hers might be the pinkest box that has ever been given, it was definitely made with a girly girl in mind. Shema was even dressed to match in a pink glittery dress, perfection! Her favorite toy was a stuffed dog, which she promptly dressed in a pink glittery dress as well, and affectionately named “Tebow”! But seriously, who’s going to argue with that face?! We’ll see Shema back in about three weeks when the cast comes off at last! Photo of Shema

3 days ago

We just can’t even handle Shema’s cuteness anymore. Who else could make eating a snack look so darn adorable? Even when she’s been sore, she sure hams it up for the camera! We’re going to miss this cute face and Carlito’s encouraging, wisdom filled words when the two head home, which should be happening tomorrow. Photo of Shema

Jul 20, 2016

Shema’s name is a reminder to hear the Word of God, but it’s challenging when you don’t have a Bible! Carlito asked yesterday if we had an extra Bible that his family could have, and our Spiritual Director Madel got one to him immediately. He spent this morning reading, and told us he felt very encouraged. He also asked if we’d take pictures so he could send them to his wife who is at home. Such a humbling reminder to never take God’s Word for granted, we’re so happy to bless Shema’s family in this way! Photo of Shema

Jul 19, 2016

Sweet little Shema was done before the other surgeries even started this morning! The cast she wore for the last month definitely did the trick, getting her foot in a great position for a minor procedure. As she woke up though, she seemed to disagree that it was “minor” and let the recovery area know it loudly! Carlito was right there by her side though, and helped calm her down. She should be feeling better by tomorrow, hopefully she can have some fun in the playroom! Photo of Shema

Jul 18, 2016

Shema is here at CURE! She had her first cast removed, and will get an overnight break before getting a new one after surgery tomorrow. She spent some time having girl talk with Ella, she’s such a little boss! Most kids are a little nervous in the hospital, but not her. Please be praying for our little chatterbox tomorrow! Photo of Shema

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