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Sarah's Story

“I have never had peace, ever since the beginning. People in my community mock and make fun of my daughter Sarah’s condition. This worries me a lot and I end up arguing with them and sometimes fighting them, so this has resulted in having poor … Read more

“I have never had peace, ever since the beginning. People in my community mock and make fun of my daughter Sarah’s condition. This worries me a lot and I end up arguing with them and sometimes fighting them, so this has resulted in having poor relationships with my neighbors,” says Sarah’s mother Monica.

Sarah, who is now 14, first came to CURE in 2009. “My daughter was born normal, but when she was five years old both her legs bowed so I took her to a public hospital were they referred us here to CURE in 2009. They operated on her then and her legs were straightened, but unfortunately her left leg bowed again after two years. When we noticed that her leg was bending again, I was unable to take her to hospital again to follow up because at that time we didn’t have money,” says Monica.

Sarah and Monica finally came back in January of 2018, but after realizing that Sarah would need a time-intensive frame put on her leg, they decided to go home and come back now, in June.

“When we decided to come here again I thought they will just give her another cast since they already operated on her, I didn’t think they would give her a frame. My daughter was about to sit for Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC), so I feared that the treatment will disturb her studies, so I suggested that we come here again in June after her exams.”

Sarah had a different opinion about the treatment and said, “I want to start the treatment as soon as possible, I have been suffering with my leg for so long, when I walk longer distances it hurts a lot, so I want to be treated even though the treatment is painful. I have seen how my friend Aisha with a frame was crying when they were tuning her frame, I know I will be crying like her, but I want to feel the pain now not later. I want to be an ambassador when I grow up and I want to work in Egypt in a Malawian embassy.” Unfortunately for Sarah, her mother had the final word and she went home to finish her exams, but now she’s back for her surgery!

Please join us in praying for Sarah and Monica as Sarah has her surgery this week to have a frame put on her leg, which will slowly manipulate her leg straight!

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Latest Updates

Jun 28, 2019

This week, we had the chance to visit Sarah in her village and got to see her new healed leg! She was so excited to see the CURE Malawi team and says she misses everyone at the hospital very much. Her leg is still healing and some days it is more swollen then others, but she is so happy to be walking freely with a community that now supports and appreciates her! Sarah missed CURE's last clinic in her district, but plans on attending the next one and is hoping for her final "all clear"! Please keep Sarah in your prayers as she continues healing at home and join us in celebrating with her. Congratulations Sarah! Photo of Sarah

Dec 10, 2018

"All my friends noticed my frame is off!" Sarah shared with us while in for clinic and physio today! She came with her mom to hangout in the CUREkids office and physical therapist, Diana, came in to steal one of her crutches and make her walk around the room with just one crutch for exercise. Sarah said, "It's making me stronger!" She is very happy that she has been able to put more pressure on her leg and is not in constant need of both crutches. While she walked around the room, we read Sarah's get well messages to her. She says, "Thank you SO much and God bless you all!" We also introduced her mom to "Hannah Montana" since we have never seen her mom without her Hannah Montana hat on. They both left very happy as they were singing and humming to "The Best of Both Worlds." Thank you for your continued support and prayers for Sarah and her healing! We plan to see her again in the new year! Photo of Sarah

Oct 26, 2018

Sarah slid right past us into the operating room yesterday for her frame removal! "I have a little pain now, but it feels much better without the frame!" She has had a quick discharge and is excited to go home this weekend and show her siblings that her frame has been taken off. We plan on seeing Sarah again on December 10th, please keep her in your prayers as she heads home this weekend feeling as light as a feather! Photo of Sarah

Sep 24, 2018

Sarah had her wound inspection in the ward today and our doctors are happy with the results. She is now ready to go back home! She is so excited and she says she has been eagerly waiting for that good news. This afternoon she was busy playing Bao alone (usually you have an opponent in this game) but seemed to have fun all by herself. We are thankful to God that Sarah is finally well enough to continue her recovery from home, thank you for all your prayers for her! Photo of Sarah

Sep 20, 2018

Sarah has showed up in the hospital not to say hi, see us, or because she misses us! But, she's here because she developed a problem with her bone near the frame, so sad! There is still two more months until her review date. Her mom Monica says, “I decided to bring her back after seeing that there was a bone which was coming out near the frame. I did not want to delay and go to a local clinic, rather come straight here.” When we asked Sarah about how she is feeling she just smiled and said, "am fine". We are hopeful that Sarah will get all the medical attention she requires to get better. Doctors have seen her and are planning on what to do next. Please pray for her healing! Photo of Sarah

Aug 20, 2018

Sarah is going home tomorrow and since Storyteller Avanell is leaving at the end of the month they decided to grab a photo together since most likely they won't see each other again! We also read her some get well messages and she told us to tell you, "God should bless you for writing me these messages." She also says, "I'm homesick. I'm excited to see my six siblings. They don't say much about my leg but if I need any help they're always there for me. My sister Florence has a fever and is very sick - she's been admitted to our local hospital where my older sister Martha is taking care of her but the doctors don't know what's wrong with her, so I'm very worried. Please pray!" Photo of Sarah

Aug 16, 2018

Sarah is doing fine today! She has been reading her books as she is preparing to start Secondary School! She says she has a little bit of pain on her wound but that is not stopping her from concentrating on her studies. She had her wound dressed this morning, please be praying for her to get well soon as their schools are opening soon! Photo of Sarah

Aug 13, 2018

Sarah says she is feeling good and not afraid for surgery today! Even though Sarah has been rooting strongly against needing a skin graft, the day has finally come. She decided to accept the "two problems" she will now have because she is excited to be getting closer to walking one day. Please pray for Sarah's surgery and recovery! Photo of Sarah

Aug 09, 2018

We brought Sarah her get-well messages from you all yesterday! She told us, "I'm very thankful for your prayers. I don't want to have a skin graft, so you can pray my wound is better by Monday. I don't want a graft because I don't want to have two problems." We asked her how her family is and she says, "My little sister Florence was sick but now she's much better. Please pray that all my siblings will receive blessings from the Lord." When we were about to leave she told us, "I have a lot more pain than yesterday," - we were quite impressed since she was smiling the whole time! Unfortunately she probably WILL need a skin graft on Monday, so you can be praying that she'll be able to accept that it will help her heal sooner! Photo of Sarah

Aug 07, 2018

We checked in with Sarah today and she smiled for a photo despite telling us that she had some pain. Such a trooper! She went to the operating room yesterday to have her vac dressing changed and to see how her wound is healing. They put on a new dressing since it needs more time to heal. Please be praying that she feels better! Photo of Sarah

Aug 03, 2018

Sarah's been smiling and waving at us every time we see her and hasn't seemed very fazed by the vac, but she told us, "I don't like the vac. It hurts. You can pray the wound heals and it looks good when they take the vac off on Monday." Photo of Sarah

Jul 31, 2018

Sarah's infected pinsite and the resulting wound has convinced the doctors to send her into theater to put a vac dressing on her. She's waiting to go in right now. The vac will help keep the wound clean so it will heal faster and so they can maybe put on a skin graft. Sarah says, "I'm not afraid - and I'm not afraid of the vac. This is my third surgery." Her mom says, "Yes, I know the vac will help, like it helped Evelyn [another CUREkid]." Sarah asks, "Please pray for God's guidance as I go into theater, that I will come out well." Photo of Sarah

Jul 27, 2018

We found Sarah playing bao by herself (it's a 2 player mancala game) so we decided it was a good chance to read her some get well messages! She says, "I'm very grateful for the letters. God should bless them. I'm playing bao by myself - it helps to distract me from the pain in my leg. None of my friends except Kennedy are still in the hospital, but I'll make new friends. Besides my leg, pray that I'll have passed my exams. I haven't been able to call my sister Florence who has malaria yet, but she does have medication." Soon after we read them to her, we saw her old friend Kennedy playing bao with her, which is probably a much better distraction from the pain than playing alone! Please be praying for her as she needs to remain in the hospital on antibiotics because of the wound. Photo of Sarah

Jul 25, 2018

Sarah's back and has been readmitted since she's back for a strut change. The doctors noticed that one of her pinsites has become infected. She says, "I'm a bit better. It got swollen on the side of one of the pinsites and then burst so now there's a wound. They cleaned it and now it feels better. I'm hoping I can go home again soon. All my siblings are good except Florence, who has malaria. My friends didn't say anything about my frame. They still play well with me." Please be praying for Sarah while her pinsite heals, and for her sister Florence! Photo of Sarah

Jul 02, 2018

Sarah's turns for her frame end today, so if her x-ray looks straight she's heading home with the frame tomorrow - and a stuffed animal she got from the short term missions team! She says, "I'm excited to be going home soon, I miss my siblings so I want to see them." We asked, "All six of them?!" and she laughed and told us, "I want to see my nine year old brother Chinsisi. We play netball and other ball games." She also says, "I'm not worried about going home with the frame since it's not time yet. I don't think my friends will tease me. You can pray that God will guide us and that we will have a safe trip home." Photo of Sarah

Jun 28, 2018

Sarah was under a blanket this afternoon. Funny told her mom to leave her sleeping, and Monica said, "She's not sleeping, she's hiding from physiotherapy!" Sarah popped up and told us, "Physiotherapy is painful! You can pray that will be able to go home soon. You can pray for my sisters Miracle, Martha, and Florence, that they find blessings at home." Turns out Sarah is one of SEVEN siblings! Photo of Sarah

Jun 26, 2018

Sarah and Timothy were playing bao, a Mancala like game this morning! Sarah says, "I'm better today than yesterday. In the playroom I've been learning mathematics and English. In math I've learned addition and subtraction, and in English we've been filling in the blanks." Photo of Sarah

Jun 22, 2018

Sarah's writing in English is looking pretty good [we've blanked out some personal information] - and apparently Storyteller Avanell (now to be known as Avel) has a fan! Dr. Lubega was really impressed by her handwriting. The kids have been practicing their schoolwork on these whiteboards that the Spiritual Team handed out yesterday! Photo of Sarah

Jun 20, 2018

We brought Sarah your get-well messages today! She says, "Thank you for the prayers! The very first day I had it, when I came out of theater, it was hurting, but now it doesn't. I had one friend, Joyce, but she left. I'll make new friends though." Please pray she does soon! Photo of Sarah

Jun 18, 2018

I've had a mysterious caller phoning me multiple times over the weekend but not letting the call through, and didn't have money on my phone to call back to see who it was. Today I discovered the culprit was Sarah, who asked her mother to get my number during her operation last week! "My mom told me it was your number so I wanted to make sure it was you," she says. Mystery solved! We asked Sarah about her operation and she says, "I was not afraid. The doctors were nice, they lay me on a bed and put a tube on my face to fall asleep." Photo of Sarah

Jun 14, 2018

Sarah's currently in the operating room! Dr. James and Dr. Karolina are hard at work, cutting the bones in her leg so that when they put on the frame it can manipulate the bone into alignment. Please pray for the rest of her surgery and her recovery! Photo of Sarah

Jun 13, 2018

"Yesterday I didn't have a coat, so my mother went and bought me this." It's cold here in Malawi, but Sarah has a lovely new coat! Poor Sarah, yesterday she was all set to go to the operating room but then because of some technical issues in the operating room we ran out of time and had to postpone it until Thursday! "I'm feeling bad that my operation was canceled yesterday, because it will prolong my stay here, but I'm happy because after my operation is done, every day I'll get closer to going home. I'm not scared because I've seen my friends going to theater and coming back. Please be praying that my operation tomorrow is successful." Photo of Sarah

Jun 11, 2018

Meet Sarah! She first came in January and we all wanted to share her story with you then, but then she and her mom decided to go home so she could finish up the school year and her exams before her operation. Now she's back and ready to have the frame put on her leg to slowly correct her blount's disease. Please join us in praying for her operation later this week! Photo of Sarah

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