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  • Age14
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Currently In Hospital

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Doreen's Story

“My name is Doreen and I live with my grandmother Edna. I have been with my grandmother since I was a small girl. I remember most times with my grandma, we make local foods, we would go to fetch water and live happily. Those were the good old day… Read more

“My name is Doreen and I live with my grandmother Edna. I have been with my grandmother since I was a small girl. I remember most times with my grandma, we make local foods, we would go to fetch water and live happily. Those were the good old days with my grandmother,” Doreen explains.

Doreen is a schoolgirl in Grade 6 and she is the last born child in her family of seven children. We met Doreen at the walk-in clinic here at CURE Malawi with Edna, her grandmother.
“I knew about CURE some years past because I came here as well for help. Doreen has a sister who had bowed legs. When we came here at CURE for help, CURE helped my other granddaughter and now she is fully healed! I thought that if I would bring Doreen here at CURE, she will definitely be treated and have a hopeful future,” said Edna.

Doreen looked a bit unhappy when we were having a chat and we asked how she felt about having a deformity up until this age and still be going to school. It was hard for her to speak up but she told us how she felt and how has life been with bowed legs. “Most times when I am at school, children would walk up to me and start wondering how my legs looks like. It becomes very uncomfortable to the victim and drew people’s attention to me. But in all that, my grandmother has been my best friend and she has never let me down or discriminated against me because of my condition. She has been telling me that the God who created me will have His way with healing to my legs and that one day, I will be well. I believed my grandmother and today I am here at CURE for help! I can see all that my grandmother Edna meant when she used to say ‘one day I will get treated.’” Edna is so happy to finally find the help she needs in her life. Doreen will be living her happy life, full of joy and with a promising future. Both Edna and Doreen are very kind people and they are so respectful. Please join us in wishing them an encouraging time at the hospital, and prayer for Doreen as she will be undergoing an operation in correcting her legs soon. Let us join hands in prayers from different nations to support Doreen and Edna!

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Latest Updates


It's been another slow day for Doreen. She has been in pain, but is managing to carry on. Her physiotherapy sessions are getting much better. Please continue to be praying for her and her mother while she is treated for her Blount's disease! Photo of Doreen


Doreen's having a chill day today - most of the other kids are in the playroom, but she's enjoying the peace and quiet in the ward now that more people are being discharged from the hospital as it gets towards the weekend! Photo of Doreen

2 days ago

Doreen had a lot of the fun in the playroom today and enjoyed watching Finding Nemo and drinking pineapple Sobo, a popular fruit drink here! Photo of Doreen

Aug 15, 2017

Doreen was doing physiotherapy with her friend Faith, who also has a frame, this afternoon. Doreen says, "I feel so much better now and my leg is slowly improving." Her granny Edina says, "Even though I cannot see an instant change, I know that Doreen's leg is improving. I am so thankful to the physiotherapy team and nurses for encouraging her." Healing is a step by step process - thank you for being a part of Doreen's! Photo of Doreen

Aug 14, 2017

We took a photo of Doreen watching tv this morning. She told us that she was in the playroom and loves the game Jenga, and the kid's gospel movie that they watched in there. She's walking well on her crutches and doesn't have any pain. We're so happy for her! She's going to have turns for her frame start on Wednesday though, so please be praying those don't hurt. Photo of Doreen

Aug 11, 2017

Doreen was relaxing in bed when we photographed her today! She hasn't been up to much, just lots of physiotherapy and then resting! Photo of Doreen

Aug 10, 2017

Doreen is doing well today and has started physiotherapy! Her granny Edna is so amazing and was by her side every step of the way, helping her to learn to walk with her frame! Photo of Doreen

Aug 09, 2017

Doreen's operation went well yesterday! There were a LOT of doctors operating on her! Dr. James, Dr. Dan, Dr. Christy, Dr. Harry and Dr. Karolina were all working on her leg to put the frame on! They cut the bone and then put on a frame which will slowly bring the pieces of cut bone into alignment. Please be praying for her as she recovers! Photo of Doreen

Aug 08, 2017

Please be praying for Doreen - she's having her operation today! She'll be having a frame put on her right leg for now - it's a pretty long surgery so we'll post photos and more information tomorrow! Photo of Doreen

Aug 07, 2017

Meet Doreen! She's a young girl with severe blounts disease who has come to CURE for treatment. She'll be having frames to slowly bring her legs straight, but will need to have them one at a time, with one leg being completely healed before the other one gets a frame. Since frames take a long time, she's going to be in the hospital for quite a while! Please be praying for her as she has surgery later this week for one of her legs. Here's a video of her walking today before any treatment in our physiotherapy department.

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