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Miracle's Story

“My legs were all fine, but later towards the end of last year, my legs started bending. I wish I had better legs again,” Miracle explained to us.

Miracle has come to CURE Malawi for help with his legs so that he can get back to his favo… Read more

“My legs were all fine, but later towards the end of last year, my legs started bending. I wish I had better legs again,” Miracle explained to us.

Miracle has come to CURE Malawi for help with his legs so that he can get back to his favorite game of football again. He is a smart and determined young lad. He understands English and he can read it too! Miracle has preserved through his pain to keep attending school and has not given up. He really misses being able to run and play football with his friends, but we’re excited to play a part in restoring that joy to him!

Miracle has been diagnosed with a bilateral knee deformity, causing the joints to grow at the wrong angle, which became evident last year. Up until now, Miracle has been healthy and active without any pain. Agnes, Miracle’s mother, tells us how proud she is of her son, Miracle. She says, “Miracle will soon have his healing because we have come to the place we were praying for.” Miracle has been in different hospitals for help but kept being referred to one place after another to get treated. He was seen at his local hospital by our doctors and then booked to undergo operation. Please join us in praying for Miracle’s healing so that he can accomplish all that he desires, especially out on the football field!

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Latest Updates

Jan 08, 2019

Miracle popped into the hospital for a physio session today! His mom told us, "Look, his legs are straight!" Miracle's legs have healed rapidly over the holidays. He said his time home for Christmas was really fun and he watched lots of television. His legs are getting much stronger, but his left leg is still having a bit of pain with too much movement. Miracle has been discharged and will be continuing physio sessions near his home. His mom Agnes says, "This is our goodbye, unless something goes wrong, but I know God will heal my child and he will be okay because I have faith. Miracle kept telling me, "Mom, look! My legs are straight! The other kids won't make fun of me anymore!" We are really going to miss CURE. Please come visit!" Goodbye for now Miracle! We are so grateful Miracle has found healing and although we love having him around, we are happy to see him off to a future full of many opportunities and blessings! Please keep Miracle in your prayers that he has a safe journey home and only grows stronger to become a great man of God! Photo of Miracle

Nov 09, 2018

Miracle has been discharged and will be going home tomorrow morning! Today he played with our camera taking lots of pictures. He said over and over, "Wow, I love pictures!" He is back to full energy and helped brush Storyteller Alexis' hair from his bed while his mom braided it! "Wow, your scalp is really white!" Miracle told Alexis and we all laughed. "Wow" was definitely Miracle's favorite word today! Miracle has been advised not to put any weight on his legs and will be taking one of our wheelchairs home with him. We plan to see him again on January 7th of 2019 and "wow" we just can't wait! Please keep him and his mom in your prayers while they are away! Photo of Miracle

Nov 08, 2018

Miracle is putting together a puzzle in the playroom! The doctors have advised him not to put any weight on his legs for the time being, so he's just chilling in his new wheelchair. His mom says, "It's going to be very hard for Miracle not to use his legs because he has so much energy!" Miracle will be discharged tomorrow and we are really going to miss him. This morning he still had his hospital tag on and said, "It's my watch! What time is it? Miracle time!" pointing to his name written on his "watch." He told us he is a superhero who has super strength, laser vision, force field and teleportation. Looks like watching clips from The Incredibles off of Storyteller Alexis' phone has really inspired him! Thanks for your continued prayers for Miracle! Photo of Miracle

Nov 06, 2018

Miracle is in the operating room! Dr. Lubega told us Miracle is having an osteotomy on both legs, in which they will be cutting his bone to allow his legs to realign. Dr. Lubega will also be reducing the fusion from his growth plates. Miracle was so cute before he went into surgery. He said, "Can you please take lots of pictures of me?! But no videos please, videos are VERY scary!" He was super nervous before going in so we gave him a big hug because hugs make everything better! Please keep Miracle in your prayers as he is currently in the operating room! Photo of Miracle

Nov 05, 2018

Miracle: "Take a picture of me and my mommy!"

Storyteller Alexis: "Okay, but I'm going to need some funny faces!"

Miracle: "Come on mom, be funny!"

Miracle's mom's funny face was so intense, it almost looked serious, but no worries, she laughed right after!

Miracle will be going into surgery tomorrow! Dr. Lubega drew Miracle and his mom a picture of what inside his leg looks like. He says that, "Where Miracles's growth plate is suppose to be straight, it dips down causing the legs to be bowed. He has fusion throughout his growth plate which is unbalanced, so it can cause the curvature." This may not be Miracle's last operation, but the doctors and physiotherapy team will follow up on him often to see how he is progressing. Please pray for Miracle's operation tomorrow, as he is getting a bit nervous! Photo of Miracle

Oct 30, 2018

Miracle went to Queens Hospital yesterday to check on the results for his MRI. The doctors should have them by tomorrow and create a plan for Miracle! Meanwhile, Miracle is making new friends. Today he built objects out of paper, pipes, and wire with his friend Samuel. They both love building things! Please keep Miracle in your prayers as the doctors make a plan for what's next! Photo of Miracle

Oct 25, 2018

Miracle begged us all day to play with the skateboard in the physio building after he saw a video of Storyteller Alexis longboarding on her phone. Finally this afternoon, we taught him how to find his balance on the mini skateboard and held his hands as he skated down the ramp around the building. After skating around the building for 30 minutes, we left him to try it on his own, holding onto the wall. He did great, but eventually gave up and found a new way of riding the skateboard... sliding on it! Miracle is still patiently waiting on the results from his MRI and enjoying his days in the hospital while he waits! Thank you for all your prayers! https://youtu.be/irLvqTy92xY

Oct 23, 2018

"Don't forget to take my picture! Don't forget to take my picture! Look what I drew!" Miracle was drawing cars today! He says he really likes cars and he loves to play with the yellow toy car we have here at CURE Malawi. Today the doctors told us that Miracle never had a CT scan because it was unavailable, so he ended up having an MRI. They are still waiting on the results of his MRI and reviewing to see how to proceed. Please continue to keep Miracle in your prayers! Photo of Miracle

Oct 18, 2018

Tom and Jerry seems to be a common favorite show here in Malawi! Today Miracle and his two friends Chifundo and Harriet watched an episode of Tom and Jerry on Storyteller Alexis' phone! There was a lot of laughter. Miracle's CT scan is still under review and the doctors are working on a plan for what's next, thank you for your continuous prayers! Photo of Miracle

Oct 17, 2018

Miracle is back on his feet running around with his new friend Chifundo! The two of them asked Storyteller Alexis for some balloons today and she may have just created two little monsters! They circled the kid's ward blowing up and releasing their balloon everywhere, and it all began right here in this video. https://youtu.be/WRtB8as1aLY

Oct 16, 2018

Miracle's best buddy Francis has been discharged and Miracle was very upset, but he looks forward to reuniting with Francis again soon at CURE! Luckily, a bunch of new friends have come in to play with Miracle. We caught him watching a show about soldiers with his friends Chifundo, Cosmas, Frank and Jordan. Miracle says he really likes soldiers or anything involving action! The doctors will be reviewing Miracle tomorrow so please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Miracle

Oct 12, 2018

Miracle is recovering from his surgery yesterday and hasn't been able to start playing with his friend Francis yet. The surgeons removed his 8-plates and will be sending him to Queens Hospital for a CT scan next week. Even though he is in a lot of pain, he still managed to give us a soft smile and thumbs up when we waked by his hospital bed today. Please keep Miracle's upcoming CT scan in your prayers and that he will be able to play with Francis again soon! Photo of Miracle

Oct 10, 2018

We caught Miracle praying beside his new friend Francis' bed, while Francis was asleep after coming out of surgery! He looked up and told us he was praying for and sitting with his friend Francis until he woke up. Miracle was true to his word and continued to wait beside Francis until he woke up. It was such a special moment. Miracle is a special friend with a big heart!

Miracle will need at CT scan after having his 8-plates removed. The doctors are still reviewing to figure out the best plan for Miracle, but hope to have him in the operating room tomorrow or Friday! Please pray that the doctors review goes smoothly and Miracle's surgery is a success! Photo of Miracle

Oct 08, 2018

Miracle is back and he's all grown up! He's already running around the hospital in his red matching Adidas outfit looking like a champ! The doctors will be reviewing his notes and preparing for his next procedure this week! Please continue to keep him in your prayers during his time here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Miracle

Apr 24, 2017

Miracle came in for a checkup today and is doing well! We couldn't find the doctor who saw him, but he was still in casts when he headed home so it looks like he has a bit longer to heal before he can have them off! He says he can't wait to get "these itchy things" (casts) off and to be able to walk again, poor kid! He's been doing school at home part time and took the exams with the rest of his class and passed, so thumbs up for him! Please continue to be praying for him as he heals and does school at home! Photo of Miracle

Mar 07, 2017

Miracle's finally gone home! Yesterday his discharge note was written pretty late so they waited to leave until this morning so they could get a full day of traveling in! He'll be seen by our doctors June 1st in Lilongwe and then be booked for his next surgery here at CURE Malawi. Thanks for following Miracle's journey to healing! Photo of Miracle

Mar 06, 2017

Miracle was still here this morning, but he's been discharged and is probably going home later today! He's looking a bit pale today if you noticed. He had some sort of rash and the nurses put calamine lotion all over it, which helped a lot. Dr. James thinks it's some sort of virus that will go away with time, so Miracle's still good to head home! Photo of Miracle

Mar 02, 2017

Miracle is just chilling in bed today recovering from his operation! His right leg still hurts a bit so Dr. James said if he's feeling better later he can go home over the long weekend since we have Friday off, or if he's not feeling comfortable, they can wait and go Monday instead. We're gonna miss our smiley boy if we don't see him Monday, but we'll be glad he can go home! He'll be back for another surgery for his tibias either way, so stay tuned! Photo of Miracle

Mar 01, 2017

Miracle's operation yesterday went well and he's resting in bed today! He had to have multiple osteotomies (where the bone is cut) to straighten out his deformed knee joint. They cut a wedge in the bottom of his femur near the knee to straighten it out and then did another cut at the top of his tibia. He still has the knee slightly bent but it's a lot better than it was! Unfortunately, he will eventually need another operation because his tibias aren't straight and it would have been too much to do everything at once. Please be praying for him! Photo of Miracle

Feb 28, 2017

Miracle's waiting to go into his surgery and is posing like some kind of model on the hospital bed! He doesn't look nervous at all! Please be praying that his operation goes smoothly, he's going to have multiple osteotomies (cuts in the bone). We'll post more photos and details tomorrow! Photo of Miracle

Feb 27, 2017

Guess who is back in the hospital over a year later and is looking like a young man all of a sudden! It's Miracle! We're pretty sure Miracle ended up being seen at the local clinic CURE runs in his area which is why we haven't seen him since November 2015 when he had his last surgery! He's been readmitted now and will be having another operation most likely. His deformity looks very similar to traditional bow-leg so we treated it similarly, but since we saw him last, he's developed knee contractures which keep him from straightening his legs all the way, and they're still a bit bowed. Dr. Lubega suspects there's some sort of dysplasia (abnormal bone development) which is causing the deformity in either his tibias or knee joint, so they're going to check out his x-rays later today and then make a plan for what needs to be done next. Photo of Miracle

Nov 16, 2015

Miracle got discharged today, so he gets to go home for a while! He will be getting checkups at his local clinic but don't worry, it's not the last we'll see of him! He should be coming back here to our main hospital eventually to make sure that everything is healing and the joint is correcting itself. We're going to miss this cute fellow! Photo of Miracle

Nov 13, 2015

Miracle is doing well today! He's too cheery to have just had surgery yesterday! He and his mom are a bit discouraged though, because of the disability he had, results of his surgery won't show up for a long time. On average, the joint should correct 1% every month, and the joints are off by about 22%, so it could be over a year and a half before his legs are completely straight again, maybe even longer because his disability may cause his legs to grow slower than normal. Fortunately, he will be able to walk all during that time, but please be praying for him and his mom! Waiting is tough! Photo of Miracle

Nov 12, 2015

Miracle had his surgery today! The problem was in the joints at his knees, where the growth plates aren't growing at the correct angle. Our surgeons went in and put plates along the joints to slowly push them into the correct position as he grows. Unfortunately, it will take a long time for the process to work, and because we don't know how fast he's growing, it will be difficult to predict when his legs will be straight. Please be praying that it works quickly as he grows! Photo of Miracle

Nov 11, 2015

Miracle is going in for surgery tomorrow! His bones grow abnormally, so what the doctors are going to do is put plates in next to the bone to guide the growth. It will take about a half a year for his bones' natural growth to straighten with the plates, and he may need another corrective surgery after they've grown. Please be praying as he goes into surgery soon! Photo of Miracle

Nov 09, 2015

Meet Miracle! Miracle is a super bright kid! When we talked to him, he recited the entire alphabet in English and something that started with each letter! Thandy, our CUREkids Coordinator, asked him about his legs and if they had always been that way, and he said no. He doesn't know what happened, but he thinks maybe someone bent his legs, and he's looking forward to them being straight again! He has bilateral knee deformities and there may be an issue in his hip as well, so we're waiting to find out until the doctors check his x-ray. That will determine when and what surgeries he will be getting. Please be praying for him! Photo of Miracle

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