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  • Age17
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Julius's Story

“When I was two,” Julius told us of the time his mom noticed his legs starting to misbehave. We’re not sure what happened, but for whatever reason, Julius’ legs started bending backward. Although his mom wanted to get help for him, both fin… Read more

“When I was two,” Julius told us of the time his mom noticed his legs starting to misbehave. We’re not sure what happened, but for whatever reason, Julius’ legs started bending backward. Although his mom wanted to get help for him, both finances and family disapproval stopped the process.

Finally, in 2015, Julius was experiencing swelling in his leg. He was taken to the hospital, the swelling was dealt with, and shortly after, a surgery was done to help straighten his leg. Unfortunately, this was not enough.

Even now, some of Julius’ family is opposed to him having surgery. They fear or have feared he would need to receive an amputation. Thankfully, this won’t be the case. When Julius goes for surgery, they will remove the hardware that was placed in a previous surgery, help make his leg straighter, and fuse his knee.

Julius had great things to tell us. “Maybe like the hospital has helped me, I can come learn nerosurgonic (neurosurgery) and help other people,” he told us of his dream to become a neurosurgeon. And what about CURE? “I think even the definition of CURE, I’ll be cured this leg… I’ll walk like other people.” And that is what we’re here for! Please pray that as Julius goes for surgery, he’ll find the cure to so many things – both physically, spiritually, and even in his family.

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Latest Updates

Oct 17, 2019

Julius has returned! We haven’t seen him in way too long, but thankfully, now we have! And it’s the last time to see him in an ex-fix because he had it taken off today! After doing some at-home cleaning of the sites where the ex-fix was, we’ll see Julius in a couple weeks to make sure he’s continuing to heal well. Pray for him! Photo of Julius

May 16, 2019

Julius can CRUISE on those crutches of his -- especially when he’s going downhill! One has to put forth effort to keep up! Despite his determined walking, Julius is one of the kindest and gentlest souls. He’s respectful and thoughtful and will say, “Can I ask a question?” at times before asking questions. He wants to be a neurosurgeon when he grows up, and we hope he gets to be one because with his kind heart, he’d make a most compassionate doctor. Pray for him as he continues to heal for another six weeks before (maybe) getting his external fixator off! Photo of Julius

Apr 17, 2019

Julius is a kind soul and he wonders about many things. “Is my friend still here?” He was asking about his friend James who he’d spent time with in the hospital. James went home yesterday, so he just missed him! Later, when we were talking, he told us of James, “God will heal him.” When we showed him a photo of James we’d taken last week, he exclaimed, “Handsome James.” Julius is the kind of dude you’d want as a friend and for more reasons than one. Aside from being caring, he also loves Jesus. His favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11. “Each morning I wake up, before doing anything, I usually say it as a prayer.” Julius has such trust in God, and we know that this will help him through the next weeks of healing as his family continues to treat the area where the ex-fix has been placed. We’ll see them in just a few weeks! Photo of Julius

Apr 01, 2019

“It’s God’s will,” Julius told us. Remember that conversation we had last week about God’s will in Julius’ future? God’s will is so good for Julius and especially today since he’s going home! Julius made friends with James, his bed neighbor, and last week Wally from WAYFM gave them both yoyos. “He’s a Chelsea fan. I’m a Manchester United fan.” Julius told us of the two of them. Chelsea’s football club has blue as their color. Manchester United’s football club has red as their color. And for some reason, Wally gave each boy yoyos in those very same colors! So fun! Pray for Julius as he goes home and also for his baby brother as he’s still in the neighboring hospital, but doing well from what we've heard. We’ll see Julius again in just a couple weeks! Photo of Julius

Mar 29, 2019

When we asked Julius today about how he was doing, he told us: “For now, I am fine.” And when we asked about later, he told us: “That is God’s will.” This guy has such a beautiful trust in God’s goodness! Even as he read through his get well messages you’ve showered upon him, he kept saying “amen” to various messages. Let’s say amen a little more like Julius and trust God to give us his very best through His will! Please keep praying for his little brother too -- he’s still in the hospital next door. We thought it was Philip, but it’s actually his baby brother who isn’t very many months old. Why not pray for God’s will to be done in his tiny life and Julius’ too and then close with an amen?! Photo of Julius

Mar 28, 2019

Julius had his surgery! The doctors carried out a procedure called an osteotomy which allowed them to straighten his leg. They essentially cut out a wedge of bone from his leg which then gave them the space they needed to change the angle. Unfortunately, his knee has been pretty much destroyed after years of having his leg sticking out the way it has been. Because of this, the doctors had to fuse his knee so it won't bend when he heals, but he'll be able to stand tall and proud! Photo of Julius

Mar 27, 2019

“I asked Julius to paint a picture for me because he’s a budding artist,” Wally, a visitor from the American Christian radio station WAY-FM, told us today. Wally is visiting CURE Kenya this week and got to meet Julius. Wally loves art! Earlier this morning, Julius had given Wally the picture he’d drawn for him and Wally had already taken it to a safe place, but we did get to see a photo of the picture. It’s beautiful. It’s a photo of the Garden of Eden from Genesis 1:31. Wally shared that Julius was drawing from his imagination. “He chose to draw that!” Wally shared. It’s beautiful that out of anything Julius could have drawn, he chose to share God’s beautiful creation. Please pray for Julius’ surgery to be another testament to God’s handiwork! Photo of Julius

Mar 26, 2019

There’s something we haven’t told you about Julius - he’s an artist! Yesterday he was drawing a photo of a person and he decorated a travel mug of ours in the playroom, and then today he sat on his bed, drawing a photo he’d seen on the ward wall. His mom and Philip weren’t around, he told us his mom had taken his brother to the hospital (next door). We’re not sure what’s up with Philip, but when we mentioned praying for him, Julius told us, “I’m praying for him too!” Would you pray for Philip with us? Also pray for Julius as he continues to wait for surgery! Photo of Julius

Mar 25, 2019

“I like my brother,” Philip told us. He shared that Julius helps him in his studies! Although Julius is a year older than Philip, they’re both in the seventh grade, so when one is having a struggle in their studies, the other can help out! They also like helping their parents. Apparently they both help in the kitchen. We’re glad Julius has his brother to keep him company while he spends some time at CURE Kenya, and they even get a small break from cooking and get to enjoy CURE food! Photo of Julius

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