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  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Shelmith's Story

“When I first saw my baby’s hand, I was so shocked and I wondered what was wrong. I had so many questions!” Lydia, Shelmith’s mum told us.

Seven year old Shelmith was born with a limb deformity. Her hand did not look normal. Mama S… Read more

“When I first saw my baby’s hand, I was so shocked and I wondered what was wrong. I had so many questions!” Lydia, Shelmith’s mum told us.

Seven year old Shelmith was born with a limb deformity. Her hand did not look normal. Mama Shelmith took us through her thought process when she first saw her little baby. She wondered what she had done wrong, asked the nurses if this was something common and if there was a way to correct it.

Lydia took her daughter back to hospital a few weeks after she gave birth to her. After being put through physiotherapy and seeing that there was no change she decided to find another solution. Lydia heard about CURE Kenya from a friend and also heard that there would be a mobile clinic near her hometown. After she was told what she needed to do before coming to have surgery she went to her church and asked for some help. Lydia didn’t get all the help she was looking for. She gave up on seeking medical assistance.

One day some people from CURE Kenya visited her home and renewed her dreams of ever getting help for Shelmith. “I hope that after treatment my daughter will be able to use her hands to hold things and work independently.” Lydia said. Lydia also shared with Pastor Phoebe that she became a follower of Jesus back in 2012 and that she prays that someday God will give her a husband who will be someone who Shelmith can call 'dad'. Shelmith is here to get surgery and we pray that our God is going to intervene, heal and transform Shelmith’s life forever. Please pray for Shelmith’s surgery and recovery!

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Latest Updates

May 03, 2019

Shelmith came to CURE Kenya for review today. It was a surprise when we saw someone sneaking up to us as we were making our way to the office in the morning. It also came to us as a surprise that she came to CURE on a Friday, but we later learned that the doctor who did her surgery had specifically requested them to come today. Shelmith was looking very pretty and so Storyteller Naphtali could not resist taking a photo with her. “The girl is doing very well, I am surprised at how much she has improved. The mum is also very happy with the progress,” Dr. Kinyua told us. Shelmith has been using a splint that is helping her hand remain straight and functional and she is doing well. Please thank God with us for this progress! Photo of Shelmith

Apr 04, 2019

“I really like the correction we were able to achieve. Her hand looks so nice!” Dr. Kinyua said after seeing Shelmith. He asked that a splint is made for Shelmith to enable her to keep her hand straight and possibly start learning how to put it to good use. Shelmith is still in some pain, but this will slowly go away as she attains full recovery! Photo of Shelmith

Mar 06, 2019

We saw Mama Shelmith and her sweet girl today. She seemed a bit worried so we tried to find out what was troubling her. Although she couldn’t tell us, we encouraged her to stay strong and we ask you to pray that God takes away all her worries. Shelmith is here for review and a dressing change and she is healing well. She doesn’t have any more swelling and her hand is looking good. Mama Shelmith looks forward to seeing her daughter use her hand brace once they are through with the dressing changes and her daughter’s wounds are completely healed. Photo of Shelmith

Feb 20, 2019

Today’s general orthopedics clinic was so packed with people that the queues were long and it was very easy to get bored waiting. Shelmith and her mum walked in late so they had to wait even longer to be seen by the doctor. We took Shelmith to the office to help her shake off her boredom as she waited for her turn. She got to play with monkey toys and write and do many other kid related things which was fun for her and fun for us! Shelmith is doing well and we thank God her hand is still healing. Shelmith’s pins were taken out today. She will need her wound to be cleaned and a splint measured for her to use. It was a bit of a shock for her to see her hand without bandages, but all is well! Photo of Shelmith

Feb 05, 2019

“One thing I like about Shelmith is that she’s playful, she’s very jovial. Those are two things!” Pastor Emmy told us of Shelmith today. But you know what? Shelmith is wonderful and deserves those two things and lots more! On top of those two things, Shelmith is sweet, beautiful, and loved by God. Oh, and she’s going home! “Are you happy?” we asked her mom and she told us, “Very!” Now Shelmith can leave and take all her wonderful qualities home to share with others until she comes back in a couple of weeks! Photo of Shelmith

Feb 04, 2019

Just this morning, Shelmith’s mom was remarking to someone about how she is ready to go home. Just this afternoon, we got news that Shelmith will be going home tomorrow! We serve a good God who has helped enable Shelmith’s body to heal enough so that her mama’s heart’s desire can come true, and now we shall wait expectantly for tomorrow! Photo of Shelmith

Feb 01, 2019

Shelmith was in some really good company and she had quite a lot of fun! These two lovely ladies came to CURE Kenya with a mission to learn and help the nurses here. They fell in love with Shelmith’s smile and so they became friends. We asked to take a photo with them and Shelmith was totally up for it! Our sweet little friend will stick around a while for more dressing changes and we're praying that she’ll heal up soon! Photo of Shelmith

Jan 31, 2019

Sweet Miss Shelmith went to the OR this morning for a dressing change. We spoke with the doctor who did her surgery and he explained that before Shelmith left to go home the cast that was put on her hand was too tight and that was why it swelled. The new dressing was put on to accommodate the swelling and Shelmith will be observed until it is all gone. We also spoke to her mum who was still worried but we reassured her that everything was going to be okay and that she only needs a little faith. While Shelmith was waiting in the recovery area, Nancy a PACU nurse, stuck sweets on her forehead so that when she gets to her bed she will have something to smile about! Photo of Shelmith

Jan 30, 2019

Shelmith is still waiting to go to theatre to get her wound checked. But despite the long wait, she is having as much fun as she can in the ward. She likes balloons and hitting them into the air hoping someone will hit them back to her. Yesterday some of the people who work in the business office went to have evening devotions with the patients in the ward. They had time to visit everyone in their beds including Shelmith. Naomi, an intern at CURE Kenya had the privilege of sharing a few words of encouragement with Shelmith and her mum. Thank you for your continued prayers for her! Photo of Shelmith

Jan 29, 2019

This morning we were surprised to see Shelmith and her mum back at CURE Kenya. Shelmith wasn’t in the greatest of moods and her mum told us that she was in so much pain. Our sweet girl’s hand started swelling after they got home so her mum took her to the nearest medical facility. She also called the doctor who did Shelmith’s surgery and was told to come back to CURE Kenya as soon as they could. Please pray for Shelmith who is in a lot of pain. Pray that her pain will go away and that our doctors will be able to figure out where the problem is. Photo of Shelmith

Jan 25, 2019

Do you see something silly in the background of this photo? Although he may not know it, today is Fun at Work Day and Peter is doing just that -- having fun! Storyteller Elvis and Physio George were also having fun, just a bit more subdued fun! We’re grateful for the people around CURE Kenya who make not just today, but everyday fun! Shelmith is struggling with her appetite which is not so fun, so please pray for this and also that she’ll get to go home this weekend. Now that IS fun! Photo of Shelmith

Jan 24, 2019

Look at her little smile! Today was a good day for Shelmith and we can prove this by showing you a photo of her smiling! We asked her if she was in pain so she gave us a tiny nod to say no. We are grateful for what God has been doing in Shelmith’s life and her body and we pray for a smooth recovery. She will stay around for a while as our team of doctors observe her and help keep her wound clean. Photo of Shelmith

Jan 23, 2019

Your prayers for strength for Shelmith are being answered through the rest she’s getting. She and her mom were both catching some zzz’s this morning. It’s one of the very best ways to allow your body to be strengthened and for Shelmith, to heal. We’re grateful for the rays of sunshine God sent our girl’s way so she can feel some hugs from the sun even as she peacefully sleeps. Photo of Shelmith

Jan 22, 2019

Today Shelmith was able to go into the OR for her surgery. We prayed before the case started and Dr. Kinyua said that it was one of the landmark cases he has ever done. As the surgery was going on we asked Dr. Kinyua what he thought about God and how HE created everything so simple on the outside yet so complex on the inside. “I am always amazed!” Dr. Kinyua told us. Isn’t he right though? It is just so amazing how God created each one of us. Shelmith’s surgery was successful and now she needs the strength to go through recovery and heal. Please pray for her! Photo of Shelmith

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