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Nivan's Story

“I remember the very first day I gave birth to my son,” Brenda, Nivan’s mom, told us. “Indeed, it was the best day in my life. When my son was handed over to me, the doctors noticed an unusual curving of the legs towards the joint. As they … Read more

“I remember the very first day I gave birth to my son,” Brenda, Nivan’s mom, told us. “Indeed, it was the best day in my life. When my son was handed over to me, the doctors noticed an unusual curving of the legs towards the joint. As they explained to me, my jovial face was fading away. Indeed, I had anticipated to have a healthy child and here the doctors were saying he has a kind of deformity. As a mother and being the first child, I was depressed. Thanks to the doctors who encouraged me and elaborated more about it and later I was discharged.”

Nivan is a six year old boy, calm and humble. He loves playing with toys. He has been in casts since he was born. He has been to different hospitals, but his condition has been recurring until Nivan’s family was informed about CURE by a friend. “We have been walking to and fro between different hospitals, but the condition has been worsening,” Brenda continued. “I believe through the testimony I have received from my friend, my son will heal well and walk independently. Indeed, it will be my joy. The journey of seeking for treatment has not been swift, but it has taken the hand of God to cope with every situation that comes my way!” Join our team in wishing Nivan a quick recovery and praying that his mother’s faith will remain strong!

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Latest Updates

Jan 03, 2018

Nivan dropped by today for his check up and we are glad that he is doing so well. He doesn’t need to come back for another six months. Nivan told us about how much fun he had over the Christmas season with his mum and friends. We were happy to hear that nothing stopped him from enjoying the festivities. He has however been scheduled to have a non-orthopedic surgery in our neighbouring hospital in a few weeks. Photo of Nivan

Nov 29, 2017

Today was a bit of a hard day for Brenda. She found out that Nivan might not be able to have his hip surgeries (nor his other knee surgery). The doctors aren’t sure if the hip surgeries will actually be an effective, permanent solution. Nivan is able to walk, but not very well. We’re so sorry for them about this news, yet we know Brenda’s Jesus is big enough to handle this situation and do what is best for Nivan. Brenda did love this photo of her and Nivan, and we’re gonna send it to her. We hope it brings her the joy that she needs! Photo of Nivan

Nov 03, 2017

The anesthesiologist who saw Nivan earlier this week asked Brenda to bring her son today, and Brenda did so. In this picture, Nivan’s mum was trying to get Nivan to sleep after he had been sedated. She sang to him and touched his face until Nivan was completely asleep. After his wound was cleaned and the dressing changed, Brenda had to wait until the anesthesia wore off so that they could go home. We are happy that Nivan didn’t have to feel any pain during the procedure! Photo of Nivan

Nov 01, 2017 Nivan is walking! Did you get that? NIVAN IS WALKING and it is so amazing! We made you this short video so that you can be just as excited as we are and praise God with us. This is such a huge milestone for Nivan and we are glad to get to be part of it. More so because you, our friends, are also part of this sweet boy’s journey. Nivan came in today for a wound check. Our anesthesiologist doesn’t want Nivan to be miserable during his dressing change, so Nivan needs to be sedated. Unfortunately, his mum fed him some food this morning so he can’t be medicated and the dressing change can’t be done. Brenda and Nivan will have to come back sometime this week or next week. Please pray Mama Nivan will remember not to feed her son when they come next time.

Oct 25, 2017

Friends, today Nivan was excited when he told us about his graduation. Yesterday, he got to wear a gown and was promoted to the next stage of his education which is primary school. Yay! Nivan gets to go to class one! He and his classmates took an exam that determined who would graduate to the next level, and Nivan was second best. This is pretty impressive because he had spent so much time at the hospital as compared to the other kids. We shared all the get-well messages you sent him with his mum who hopefully will remember to share them with him. We are very grateful that you care and love these kids with the love of Jesus. We’ll see Nivan again next week! Photo of Nivan

Oct 18, 2017

Nivan and Brenda spent a good part of their day with us at CURE today, but what’s great is that they got to go home, too! The last time Nivan came for a checkup at CURE, he had to be readmitted to CURE for more wound care. This time, he came and left on the same day. His wound by his knee is looking great, and he had his pins removed today. One of the most traumatic parts of his day was getting his morphine shot before he got his wounds cleaned and pins removed. Our guy has got some feistiness in him, and he was not okay with getting a shot. It took probably at least five minutes of flailures and protests from Nivan and about fifteen seconds to actually give him his shot. He was better after this and played phone games while the nurses worked. Brenda told us, “God has answered my prayer! I prayed that it would be good.” Please praise God with us and Brenda that it is good! We’ll catch up again with these two next Wednesday. Photo of Nivan

Oct 16, 2017

We're so sorry we didn't keep you better informed of Nivan's progress, friends! He was discharged after his last little trip to the theatre, and we're happy to announce that he comes back for a checkup this Wednesday. Please pray that when he comes, his wound would look better and that he won't have to be re-admitted to the hospital like the last time he came for checkup. Thank you for your continued prayers!

Oct 03, 2017

Nivan looked cheerful today, more than any other day! The ENT doctors who are visiting CURE for cleft lip and palate surgery described him as a happy, social, friendly, and funny guy. Despite all that he is going through, and having been to the hospital and theatre more than 20 times, he has always remained happy and hopeful that one day he shall rise up and walk. Today, in the theatre waiting bay, he pleaded with Dr. Mitei to pray for him and when the prayers were done, he requested to kiss his mother. This is significant that indeed this sweet boy understands the sacrifices that his mother has made for him! As Nivan undergoes treatment, perhaps he is also teaching us to love our parents or those who take care of us. For him, the kiss was the only gift he could give his sweet mother. What about us? Do we have a heart that says ‘thank you’ for the little things that mean a lot to our lives or do we expect great things? Remember it’s the little things that delight. Nivan’s kiss to Brenda meant a lot to us considering his age! Let’s continue to pray for quick recovery as he undergoes treatment and may we also learn from his actions. Photo of Nivan

Oct 02, 2017

Nivan and Brenda were catching some rays of sunshine this morning when we saw them. Brenda was wearing a hat for some of the time, but Nivan popped it on his head so we could take his photo. “Cloud! It’s God!” Nivan told us, referring to a lovely white cloud sitting in the blue sky. We’re not quite sure what he meant, but we do agree that clouds are evidence that we have a God who looks out for us. Clouds bring both moisture and also a reprieve from the sun when they move to cover it. Brenda told us today, “It’s been since June that Nivan walked.” This is a long time. Please pray that just as God sends us the clouds we need for rain and reprieve from sunshine, that he would send Nivan the healing he needs so he can walk again and go home. Photo of Nivan

Sep 29, 2017

“Nivan has added weight and that really makes me happy!” Brenda told us. This is good because it is a positive thing that Nivan and his mum will be able to take home with them. Nivan has a cold but you wouldn't even notice because his mood hasn’t changed and he is as jovial as always. He had his skin grafting done yesterday, which went well, and hopefully this will work for Nivan. Photo of Nivan

Sep 28, 2017

“Video!” Nivan begged us today. So that’s what we did. We took a video. And not just one of them. Nivan told us the time, sang “God is good” to us in Swahili, said goodbye to us. He astounds us with his endurance even when he can’t eat. He went back to theatre today for his skin graft. “He told me he wanted a big plate of food,” Brenda told us of the lunch he would eat after coming from theatre. Please pray that this skin graft is just what Nivan needs to complete his healing!

Sep 27, 2017

“Naphtali, Nivan wants us to pray,” Pastor Phoebe told one of our CUREkids storytellers. “When I asked him what he wanted us to pray about, he said he didn’t know, but that we're going to pray.” Indeed, praying is what we did! We prayed for Nivan and for his two bed neighbors. After this, Pastor Phoebe and Nivan took photos together. After Phoebe picked him up, we asked her about it. “It was just to have fun with him,” she told us. Our pastors have a special way with our kiddos, and our hearts get pretty happy about it! Photo of Nivan

Sep 26, 2017

Today, we found Brenda reading the Psalms, Nivan playing on Elvis’ phone (CUREkids Storyteller), and Miriam, Nivan’s bed neighbor, sitting next to him watching animal videos on someone’s phone. It’s a great day for relaxing! Nivan had his wound cleaned again, and this required more time on Elvis’ phone. It was a fantastic distraction! Dr. Theuri thinks Nivan needs another skin graft. At one point during the process, a nurse came in and patted Nivan’s tummy. At this, Nivan protested and said, “You will blow up my stomach!” We are so thankful that Nivan still has his humor and also that his stomach didn’t blow up! Photo of Nivan

Sep 25, 2017

As we were taking Nivan’s photo today, we told him we wanted to see his face too. “Uh-uh!” he mumbled. He just wanted the book to show in the photo. We had the chance to look at the photos in the book and talk about the Jesus story. It was Nivan, his bed neighbor, Miriam, and us, but we’re not sure how much got communicated between our English and their Swahili. When Nivan’s mom asked him where the book came from, he told her, “The playroom!” We’re glad he gets to keep it by his bed and look at it whenever he wants. His mom was waiting to hear what the doctors were going to do next for Nivan. We’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime please continue to pray a lot for Nivan! Photo of Nivan

Sep 22, 2017

“I saw his wound today… it was awful,” Brenda shared with us. “I shouldn’t have looked at it.” Nivan had a dressing change today, we think just in an exam room so Brenda was able to go into the room. She told us that the doctors need to consult about the wound regarding its care. “You know the story from Ezekiel?” Brenda continued. “When God told him to speak to the bones… I like that story. It’s encouraging!” As we talked, she said, “Nivan’s wound is small to God.” This mama’s faith and trust in God runs deep. Let’s trust Jesus for Nivan’s wound to heal, just like Brenda does! Photo of Nivan

Sep 21, 2017

Can we be super honest with you, friends? This morning we outright thought, “Can you just fix him, God?” Fluid from Nivan’s wound was seeping from his bandage today. This kid still isn’t all healed up, and it’s already been such a long road to healing for him and Brenda. We couldn’t help imagining that Brenda was being strong for Nivan as he was about to be wheeled back to the OR again for his wound cleaning. She really did a great job staying light-hearted about the whole thing. They were both light-hearted in fact. One of our medical staff usually prays with our patients before they’re taken back, but Nivan got to do the praying today! But please do pray for him too, friends. Pray that very soon God would fix Nivan to be all better, and that in the midst of this long healing process, God will be glorified. Photo of Nivan

Sep 20, 2017

Our friendly friend is BACK! He was dressed like a fancy dude today in dress pants and a dress coat and he wanted a picture. After taking his photos, he also had to take ours so we made silly faces for the camera. “There,” he told us as he directed us where to stand for more photos. The camera is still heavy for him, but it doesn’t stop him from being our own personal photographer. Nivan needs to have his wound cleaned tomorrow, so he and his mama will stay the night at the hospital. Can you thank God with us that at least Nivan and his mama got to go home for a few days? Please pray that all looks good tomorrow so that they don’t have to spend extra time at the hospital! Photo of Nivan

Sep 13, 2017

“I am so excited because we get to go home today!!” Brenda said.

Friends, we have been praying for Nivan, and one of the things we requested you to pray about was the fact that they, both Nivan and his mom, were growing weary of staying at the hospital and that they wanted to go home. The day is finally here when they get to go home. This is a prayer that has been answered, and we really thank God for this! In the morning, Nivan went to the theatre to get his dressing changed and afterwards the doctor said that it was okay for him to go home. Now, Nivan can sleep in his bed, enjoy the peace and quiet at home and maybe even trouble his mum to make him whatever he could be craving to eat. There are many other kiddos at the hospital who miss home, and so we urge you to continue praying for them as you pray for Nivan’s recovery. Also, Nivan was feeling quiet hot this afternoon, which is why he doesn’t have his shirt on. Photo of Nivan

Sep 12, 2017

When we got to work today, we asked Nivan why he loves sleeping a lot and what sleep does to him. He said, “I love sleeping, eating, playing and watching Dj Afro in that order!” This means that he sleeps late watching his favorite shows and playing his favorite games. Nivan’s mum told us how hard it is to wake her boy up in the morning to go to school because he sleeps late.

Things are looking bright for Nivan because when the doctor saw him, he said that the wound was starting to heal and that the procedure was a success. Nivan and Brenda could be on their way out of the hospital soon and that is a reason for all of us to rejoice in the Lord! Photo of Nivan

Sep 11, 2017

Hi friends, happy Monday! Nivan is so sleepy today because he didn't fall asleep until 5:00 in the morning. He was watching cartoons and movies on his mum's phone the whole night! Nivan and Brenda had a good weekend and we thank God for that. The doctor promised to check on the progress of Nivan’s wound and advise on the way forward, but as far as we can see, Nivan is doing well. Everything that is happening to Nivan and every kiddo in hospital is because of you, our friends, who are praying with us and we are very grateful for that! Photo of Nivan

Sep 08, 2017

Ohh Nivan… our poor friend went to theatre for what probably feels like the millionth time for him and Brenda! When we finally saw our guy, we got three hugs despite the fact that he was tired. “He’s strong,” Brenda told us. All he was taking was water at the time, and Brenda had to help him drink it. Today’s procedure was called a flap. It’s where the doctors take more than just a skin graft. They actually take some of the tissue under it with the blood supply. Hopefully THIS will be just what Nivan needs to heal up! We serve a big and loving God who likes to shower his people with delightful surprises, pray for a few of those for Nivan and Brenda this weekend! Photo of Nivan

Sep 07, 2017

You don't want to mess with Nivan because he will take you down with his very fancy karate skills. Today we played with balloons for a bit and when the adrenaline kicked in, he could not hold back from showing us some of his karate moves. He was so fast but luckily for us, we were able to at least freeze some of his moves on our camera. Nivan is happy, and he doesn't seem to be troubled by the events happening in his life in terms of the hospital stay. All he does is play games on his mum’s phone and cheer people up in the ward. His mum is, however, is getting weary of staying at the hospital. Today she was in home clothes unlike other days when she is in the hospital gowns. She told us that she just wanted to feel like she was at home. Please continue praying for this family. They have been here a while now, and they are hoping that they can go home soon. Photo of Nivan

Sep 06, 2017

Nivan had a visitor today! Her name is Talia, and she came for a checkup at CURE today. She was a patient one of the other times Nivan had come for surgery. His mama shared his get well messages with him on our phone. Nivan and Talia were both interested in what was on our phone screen as she shared the messages. Friends, thank you. Words are so special and we know that yours encouraged Nivan and his mama in a big way! Continue to keep the both of them in your prayers! Photo of Nivan

Sep 05, 2017

As we sat with Nivan on his bed, we heard an “oh!” when his wound vac turned on. It isn’t on all of the time, but when it is on, it pulls fluid away from the wound and helps remove pressure from around the wound. His wound is still being stubborn and it may need a new skin graft, but this doesn’t seem to have Nivan down! He was playing games on Brenda’s phone and wanted us to play too. And he’s still his encouraging self. “You look smart,” he told us. Gosh, this kid! We prayed for him during morning devotions at CURE. Can you join us in continued prayer as well? Photo of Nivan

Sep 04, 2017

“He is worried about not being first,” Brenda told us of a sleeping Nivan. “He told his teacher on the phone (yesterday): ‘I’m coming today!’” Nivan is at the top of his class and doesn’t want to lose his spot! He is incredibly smart. “He doesn’t have to study,” Brenda said. Nivan is sadly not at school yet though because his wound is giving him fits, and he had to go back to theatre today to get the wound vac changed. The wound is being a stubborn healer. “Today is two weeks,” Brenda told us about being here. She’s a single mama, so the burden of staying here with Nivan is a big one. Nivan and his mama could use our prayers big time, friends! Pray for his speedy healing and pray for strength for Brenda! Photo of Nivan

Sep 01, 2017

“Happy Birthday to you,” Nivan sang to Naphtali, one of our CURE Storytellers, as he gave her a birthday hug. Nivan sat on his bed today, watching music videos and then playing on Naphtali’s phone. He asked his mom to lower the side of his bed so Naphtali could sit with him, and he continued to play. After a bit, he let Naphtali play a game on her phone, and he cheered her on. He also gave her a kiss and hugs as his mama took photos of the two of them together. We’re blessed by how encouraging Nivan is, and how much he loves with abandon. The plan was for him to go back to theatre once again to check his wound. Please pray that Nivan and his mom will be encouraged by the results of yet another trip to theatre! Photo of Nivan

Aug 31, 2017

After our hug and talking to Nivan and Brenda about things like what movie Nivan was watching on Brenda’s phone, Pastor Emmy joined us at Nivan’s bedside. She came bearing a balloon and balloon pump. She gave both of these to Nivan, and he put forth a great effort toward trying to blow up the balloon. The balloon wouldn’t behave though and kept running out of air. Then Emmy tried. And guess what? The balloon had a hole in it! But Emmy had come prepared with more than one balloon and she let Nivan try again. “I don’t have the strength,” Nivan told Emmy, so she blew the balloon up for him. Then she gave him a marker and he wrote on the balloon: “Nivan + Jesus.” This kid has got it! It needs to be us plus Jesus. Or rather, Jesus through us. There’s your daily food for thought friends, thanks to our seven year old friend, Nivan. Photo of Nivan

Aug 30, 2017

“Hug!” Nivan tells us almost every time we see him. His arms stretch out big, and he waits for us to come and then he gives us a nice big squeeze. We even get some nice, sentimental pats on the back with our hug. “He loves hugs,” Brenda told us. She said even after times when he’s in trouble, he wants a hug. When we were asking Nivan about the story of Samuel, Brenda asked him which Bible story he liked. “Jesus,” he told her. When she asked about the story of Samuel, Nivan couldn’t really remember what he liked, but he proceeded to tell us about the cartoons he likes. Man, this dude likes stories! Nivan had to go back on the wound vac today, so please pray that as his personal story unfolds, it’s a testament to the faithfulness of the Jesus that Nivan loves. Photo of Nivan

Aug 29, 2017

If there’s something about Nivan that you should know, it’s that he LOVES taking photos with our camera. One problem though - our camera is HEAVY! So when Nivan goes to take a photo, he has to situate himself on his bed just so to accommodate the weight. But that doesn’t stop him from taking photos! He likes taking photos of us especially. While spending time with Nivan and his mom, we discovered that they’re reading the Bible. “About Samuel,” Brenda, Mama Nivan, told us. Tomorrow we hope to ask Nivan more about Samuel and what he likes about him. Stay tuned, friends! Photo of Nivan

Aug 28, 2017

Meet Nivan. We’re joining our friend mid-way through his procedures at CURE. We’ve known him for a while, and we’re happy to be finally sharing him with all of you! He’s had several surgeries already, and he’ll come for more in the future. Currently, Nivan is at CURE trying to heal from some complications from his previous surgery. A month or two ago, he had surgery here on his knee. Unfortunately, last Friday he had to have a skin graft on a wound that developed after that. When we caught up with his mama this morning, she was a bit discouraged about it all. But, he had his wound checked today in theatre and it’s not doing too bad. Our medical team will continue to watch it. As you can see from the photo, he and his mama are hanging in there. What could be better than kisses from your kiddo? Photo of Nivan

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