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Meriyem's Story

“I want to be a doctor!” Meriyam proclaimed proudly right after we met her and were wondering about her future. It's an admirable goal especially given this little one's past. Meriyem was born with a condition called knock knees where her legs … Read more

“I want to be a doctor!” Meriyam proclaimed proudly right after we met her and were wondering about her future. It's an admirable goal especially given this little one's past. Meriyem was born with a condition called knock knees where her legs bend inwards causing her knees to knock together when she walks. “She always complains of pain after walking for long distances” says Hajo, Meriyem’s mother. “I want to see her walk and run just like her friends!” Meriyem has been to several hospitals seeking a solution for her legs, but no one has been able to help. Thankfully, the last hospital she visited knew about us here at CURE Ethiopia and referred Meriyem. Now that Meriyem is here, our doctors will straighten her legs and send her home walking tall and proud! Join us in welcoming this family while they start their healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Sep 16, 2020

Meriyem is still at home healing up, but we just wanted to let you know that CURE is hosting a webinar tomorrow at 1pm EST where we will talk to one of Meriyem's doctors as well as CURE Ethiopia's counseling director. The plan is to do a deep dive into her and her sister Fatuma's story and their journey to healing here at CURE Ethiopia. To register, head on over to and we'll see you then! Photo of Meriyem

Sep 08, 2020

Meriyem had one last visit with the physical therapists where they gave her some crutches to give her a little additional support as she is still gaining strength in her legs. As you can see from the photo, she doesn't need them all that much. But the BIG news is Meriyem has been discharged!!! She, her sister Fatuma, and their mother Hajo have all just caught the bus home. It was an emotional goodbye and there were some tears, but this is why we're here - to give kids the treatment and love they need so they can go home and live their lives! We'll miss Meriyem dearly, but we will see her again when she comes for her follow up appointment and we're sure she'll be full of new and exciting stories to share! Photo of Meriyem

Sep 03, 2020

We found Meriyem playing volleyball with some of her friends while waiting with Nahom (one of our counselors) for the rest of kids so they could all start their music time! She is having fun and staying diligent with her physical therapy exercises too! Photo of Meriyem

Aug 24, 2020

Today everyone gathered around to play a game a ball is tossed around while the music is playing. The person holding the ball when the music stops then has to answer different questions. When it was Meriyem's turn, she was asked what she wants to do in the future. She said she want to play with kids. A couple of months back her answer was to be a doctor but now she want to work with children just like our counselor Temesgen does! Photo of Meriyem

Aug 20, 2020

Meriyem and the other kids in the long term patient ward celebrated Buhe with Temesgen from the counseling staff and nurse Tizu. Buhe celebrates when Jesus went up the mountain with Peter, James, and John and began glowing as Moses and Elijah appear and God spoke from Heaven. The fun part of the celebration for most kids is going door to door in their neighborhood singing a song and being given a gift of bread. Since most of the kids in the long term patient ward are in wheelchairs or have limited mobility, Temesgen and Tizu made other staff members come to the kids, sit in a chair, get sung to, and then hand over the bread! Photo of Meriyem

Aug 12, 2020

While Meriyem's sister Fatuma is still working on gaining strength, the CURE Ethiopia physical therapists are continuing to find ways to challenge Meriyem and encourage her to get stronger. Todays physical therapy task was to stand up from a seated position without using the support bars. It was definite work for Meriyem, but she stuck with it and got her reps in! Photo of Meriyem

Aug 04, 2020

At this point, Meriyem really doesn't need to be here at CURE Ethiopia. She's still using her walker to get around, but she's getting stronger every day. The reason she's still here is her sister Fatuma is still recovering from her most recent surgery. But there are always little things to keep things interesting. Today we had some gift bags dropped off for the kids and Meriyem LOVED hers! The bag included a mask, a bracelet, some markers, and of course stickers! It's the little things. Photo of Meriyem

Jul 30, 2020

Meriyem wanted to show how strong she is and two thumbs up is obviously the best way to do this! She is getting better with her physical exercises, especially the stretching and strengthening her knees ones. She's been here a long time, but she's definitely using it wisely to achieve the best healing possible! Photo of Meriyem

Jul 21, 2020

It's rainy season here in Ethiopia which means it's always just kind of wet and cold. Thankfully the Rees-Jones Foundation ward, where all the long term patients like Meriyem stay, has a lot of windows to appreciate what little sunlight there is while still staying dry and warm. The RJF ward also has a lot of space to practice walking. Every day Meriyem is gaining confidence and getting a little bit better. She's still having some trouble bending her knees so she needs to stay diligent with her exercises. Please continue joining us in lifting her up in prayer! Photo of Meriyem

Jul 13, 2020

We found Meriyem with her friend Kasib learning how to make different crafts using beads. CURE Ethiopia Child Mentor Temesgen showed them how to make stars, hearts, and circles. Meriyem ended up choosing to make a heart and she did a great job! She is continuing with her physical therapy and getting better every day! Photo of Meriyem

Jun 29, 2020

Meriyem's entertainment for today was making faces for the camera! She is back in the RJF ward with her sister Fatuma now that Fatuma is done with round two of her surgeries. Meriyem is doing great and continuing her physical exercises! Photo of Meriyem

Jun 22, 2020

Thumbs up from Meriyem! Over the weekend Meriyem moved from the long term ward back to the main ward with her sister Fatuma who is about to have another operation. Meriyem doesn't have any more surgeries scheduled at the moment, but they move around as a family! Photo of Meriyem

Jun 16, 2020

"Thank you all so much. May god bless you! We are thankful to God that we are here". says Meriyem's mom Hajo after listening all your get well messages for Meriyem (read by Teddy from out counseling staff). Both of them were so happy to hear from you all! Photo of Meriyem

Jun 10, 2020

Staying in the longterm patient ward for as long as Meriyem has can get a little monotonous, but we try and schedule some fun things to break it up. Today Nahum from our counseling staff brought his guitar and played some songs for Meriyem and the others. And like all good kid songs, there were actions and a lot of shouting! Check it out for yourself:

Jun 03, 2020

Thumbs up for today's cast removal! Meriyem's casts are off and she is getting ready to start physical therapy with just her own two legs and no more cast support! She is a bit scared to walk around without any support but also excited because she has been waiting for this day for so long. Please keep on praying for this young lady! Photo of Meriyem

May 25, 2020

Check out Meriyem using the mask she made with the counseling team last week as a hairband! We found her taking a break form her walking exercises and resting in her wheelchair. She was explaining to us that she practiced walking every day over the weekend and she loves it. After being stuck sitting for almost two months, she ready to take on the world one step at a time! Photo of Meriyem

May 22, 2020

There is a competition happening in the Rees-Jones Foundation (RJF) ward (our long-term patient housing). The competition is between Meriyem, her friend Kasib, and her sister Fatuma. They wanted to see who walks better and further. In reality though, all of them are winners in this competition because being able to walk again is the real prize! Meriyem is getting stronger and stronger every day and has graduated from just practicing standing to now walking with the help of a walker!

May 14, 2020

Wasting no time, Meriyem has started her physical therapy exercises with her new walking casts and the help of our CURE Ethiopia physical therapist Demsash. Today she is just practicing standing with the help of the walking bar. Once she's strong enough to do this easily, she'll begin taking steps! Photo of Meriyem

May 13, 2020

Meriyem had her casts off today and new, smaller casts put on. In between the casts, she also had the pins that were in both of her legs to hold everything in place removed! Her x-rays showed that her bones are getting stronger and she can even start a few walking exercises! Photo of Meriyem

May 06, 2020

A mother-daughter kind of love! Meriyem wanted a photo with her mother Hajo today! These two spend most of their time together and Hajo has moved figurative mountains to find Meriyem healing. Please praise the Lord with us for giving Meriyem such a strong and loving mother! Photo of Meriyem

May 04, 2020

Meriyem loves playing with balloons. Today she got a new, red one and wanted to show it off to us before playing with it because it only took her a couple of minutes to pop it! She's boisterous and we can't wait until her legs are healed and strong enough to help her get into all sorts of trouble! Photo of Meriyem

May 01, 2020

Don't be fooled. Meriyem may look sweet and innocent here in this photo, but it was taken as she was trying to block us from leaving with her wheelchair. We had work to do, but this obviously comes second to Meriyem's desire to play! She cracks us up with how strong willed and mischievous she is. Please pray God will use this little one and her big personality! Photo of Meriyem

Apr 30, 2020

Our CURE Ethiopia kitchen makes sure to keep all the kids not only well fed at meals, but supplied with a few treats every now and again. Meriyem refused to eat her cookies today until we sat down and ate with one her. We're constantly amazed at her desire to see everyone involved and feeling loved! Photo of Meriyem

Apr 29, 2020

"If I didn't get these operations, it means I would have had to stay home forever and ever because walking always hurts. I couldn't continue my school and couldn't go outside to play with my friends. I wouldn't have any use!" Meriyem explained to us as she tried to describe what getting her surgeries meant to her. Photo of Meriyem

Apr 28, 2020

A couple of months back, Meriyem and her older sister Fatuma started their healing journey with us here at CURE Ethiopia. It has been a hard but joyful journey for Meriyem and having her sister next to her is a huge plus. Besides advancing in her fight against her knock knees, Meriyem is also learning a lot. When we met her she hardly spoke any Amharic (Ethiopia's national language but only one of the 83 spoken here) but after staying with us for seven weeks as she got her surgery and works on recovering, she is getting better at it and even teaching the others too! We're continually impressed by this little one. Photo of Meriyem

Apr 27, 2020

Since Meriyem's BIG surgeries a few weeks ago, she's been hanging out in our long term patient housing finding ways to pass the time as her legs do the hard work of healing themselves after surgery. Today's big task was doing her hair with the help of her mom. They were still undecided whether they wanted to go with braids or not, but had plenty of time to decide because combing it all out took a good amount of time! Photo of Meriyem

Apr 24, 2020

We snuck up on Meriyem as she was watching a movie in the RJF playroom this morning. It was an animated movie about horses. She was so enthralled she didn't hear us sneaking up at all! She's doing well just hanging up and giving her body the time it needs to heal up.

Apr 07, 2020

Meriyem has been moved out of the ward and into our long term patient housing aka the Rees-Jones Foundation (RJF) ward. The RJF ward is for patients who live a long way away and can't make regular trips between their home and our hospital for follow up appointments, next surgeries, physical therapy, etc. It provides a place where children like Meriyem can have a home of sorts while also having easy access to our medical services while they heal up! Meriyem's moved there with her mom and sister Fatuma and so it's a whole family affairt! Photo of Meriyem

Apr 06, 2020

After having the weekend to recover, Meriyem is feeling right as rain! Hajo (Meriyem's mother) told us it was a bit of a difficult weekend with the post-op pain, but they made it through. We're continually impressed with the strength of this little one! Photo of Meriyem

Apr 03, 2020

Meriyem's surgery was a long, but good one. Dr. Tim (second from your right) and his team prayed for Meriyem and the surgery before they started. If you look closely, you can see the bends in Meriyem's legs between her knees and ankles. These were straightened out and she was put back into her casts. She now has the hard job of healing up so please continue praying for her! Photo of Meriyem

Apr 02, 2020

Meriyem is going in for her next surgery today! Her last surgery worked on straightening both her femurs (the leg bone between the knee and the hip) and this surgery will worked on straightening out both her tibias (one of the two bones between the ankle and the knee). Here you can see our anesthesiologist Dr. James comforting Meriyem before bringing her into the OR. Please be in prayer as this is another big surgery for this little lady, but it's also a massive step forward! Photo of Meriyem

Apr 02, 2020

Meriyem is going in for her next surgery today! Her last surgery worked on straightening both her femurs (the leg bone between the knee and the hip) and this surgery will worked on straightening out both her tibias (one of the two bones between the ankle and the knee). Here you can see our anesthesiologist Dr. James comforting Meriyem before bringing her into the OR. Please be in prayer as this is another big surgery for this little lady, but it's also a massive step forward! Photo of Meriyem

Mar 31, 2020

Before every patient is discharged, our CURE Ethiopia counseling staff hands out CURE Care Kits which include some coloring books, story books, toys, and a small hygiene kit. Meriyem isn't being discharged just yet, but she didn't want to wait so she tried steal one from our Playroom Specialist Temesgen. He indulged her for a little bit, but still being in her wheelchair, she couldn't make a fast enough get away! Photo of Meriyem

Mar 24, 2020

Meriyem is loving her spot by the window as it allows her to control the social scene in her part of the hospital. No one can pass by without getting a "hello" or getting called in to spend some time with her. This morning, she tried to share her breakfast of bread and tea with us through the open window, but we made her eat it all, telling her it will help her heal up and get strong! Photo of Meriyem

Mar 18, 2020

Right after breakfast we found Meriyem taking her morning medication! When we asked her about her night she told us she had forgotten she had her big casts on and tried to get out of bed when she woke up. It's a big lifestyle change not being able to walk around, but one that will change her life forever once she's done healing! Photo of Meriyem

Mar 17, 2020

Meriyem is such a friendly girl! Her bed is next to a window and every time we pass by, she calls us in to ask us to sit next to her and play! She is doing great and continuing her recovery a little bit at a time. Photo of Meriyem

Mar 12, 2020

We found Meriyem in bed playing with her ballon! Thank you all for your prayers, she is felling better and eating well too. She told us she had a good sleep last night and the pain has gone away. She is still resting and has some healing up to do! Photo of Meriyem

Mar 11, 2020

Meriyem spent her day in bed and wasn't too pumped to have any photos taken of her. She is still in a little pain from her operation, but our nurses are taking good care of her. Please keep her in your prayers that the meds would do their trick and she'll be feeling better soon!

Mar 10, 2020

Meriyem's operation went well! Dr. Tim and Dr. Bekalu did a beautiful job straightening out both of her legs and she is resting with her healing casts on. Please keep this sweet child in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Photo of Meriyem

Mar 09, 2020

Meet Meriyem (R) and her sister Fatuma (L)! Meriyem is here to have an operation on both of her legs. Please keep this sweet child in your prayers as she prepares! Photo of Meriyem

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