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Another child like Sharon Apio needs her opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Sharon

Sharon has a twin sister, but her parents, Charles and Lillian, can easily tell them apart. That’s because when Sharon was only six weeks old, her head began mysteriously increasing in size. “I knew there was something wrong,” said Lillian, “when Sharon’s head began growing much larger than her twin sister’s.” Lillian knew her daughter needed medical attention, especially when members of the community began to associate her daughter’s large head with witchcraft. So Lillian, along with her three children, began a journey that would eventually lead them here to CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda.

Lillian now knows her daughter has hydrocephalus, a condition that, if left untreated, leads to significant brain damage, severe developmental delay, blindness, and ultimately death. Thankfully, she has come to the right place, and Sharon is going to receive the critical surgery she needs to survive!



  1. 07/31/2013 We called Sharon's family and his uncle told us she is well though she has not been able to attend her review dates they promised to come when we suggested a review date at one of the sate lite clinics near their home. Let us continue praying that God will keep her in good health.
  2. 12/03/2012 Sharon Apio was discharged from CURE Uganda and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment. Learn more at
  3. 11/26/2012 Sharon's surgery was a success and she recovered quickly over the weekend. Sharon and her mother will return home to Northern Uganda this evening, but we will see her again on January 9, 2013 for her followup appointment.
  4. 11/20/2012 Sharon's treatment date has been changed to 11/21/2012
  5. 11/16/2012 A new photo for Sharon
  6. 11/16/2012 A new photo for Sharon


We must raise $1750 to support this life-changing procedure for Sharon at CURE Uganda. (FAQ's)


Sharon's funding goal is closed

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