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Blessings's Funding is Closed

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Another child like Blessings Nkhoma needs her opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Blessings

Some of the kids who come in to CURE have deformities that can be hidden by clothing or is more internal to begin with. There are kids who can’t hide their deformities though; kids who walk around everyday with a blaring reminder of why they can’t play with all of their peers without being taunted. One-year-old Blessings Nkhoma has a greatly enlarged toe on his right foot which is the cause of all this small boy’s trouble.

Blessings was born with this deformity and as his foot grew, his toe grew exponentially as well. His right foot cannot fit in a shoe and so his toe is always exposed. It draws a lot of attention from the people around him and along with attention comes the ridicule. Though Blessings isn’t yet fully aware of the reaction his condition elicits, his mom is. She says she would be very appreciative if Blessing’s condition could be cured.

Lucky for her, that is exactly what is going to happen now that they have come across CURE! Blessings will have his toe removed and he will be able to wear shoes and play with all the other kids without any more problems!



  1. 06/18/2012 Congratulations! Blessings's funding goal is met!
  2. 06/15/2012 Blessings's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/22/2012 - Blessings' surgery went well, he's recovering beautifully, and now he's at home! Please pray for his continued recovery though!
  3. 06/15/2012 A new photo for Blessings Nkhoma
  4. 06/15/2012 A new photo for Blessings Nkhoma
  5. 06/15/2012 A new photo for Blessings Nkhoma
  6. 05/30/2012 Blessings is in recovery at CURE Malawi - Blessings' surgery went really well! He has four tiny toes now and he'll be able to wear shoes for the first time!
  7. 05/30/2012 A new photo for Blessings Nkhoma
  8. 05/30/2012 Blessings's treatment date has been changed to 05/30/2012
  9. 05/28/2012 Blessings's treatment date has been changed to 05/28/2012
  10. 05/04/2012 A new photo for Blessings Nkhoma
  11. 05/04/2012 A new photo for Blessings Nkhoma
  12. 05/04/2012 A new photo for Blessings Nkhoma


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We have met Blessings's funding goal!


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Zaria Benson

Jun 05, 2012

hope you get well soon…

Teresa Rosenbaum

Jun 05, 2012

get well soon…

Rebecca MacAuley

Jun 05, 2012

hope you feel better soon…

Ruth Stockton

Jun 05, 2012

i am praying for you little sweetie. i hope life becomes great for you one day. you were named Blessings for a reason….

Moira Donnelly

Jun 05, 2012

Dear blessings,
You are the cutest little boy I’v ever seen I really hope you feel better soon! send hugs and kisses all…

Michelle Dickerson

Jun 05, 2012

get well…

Melanie Sweeney

Jun 05, 2012


Maria Garry

Jun 05, 2012

get well soon…

Lynn Rose

Jun 05, 2012

you will be okay. the people are like gods. and will make you better. i love you. hug and kiss. i will pray for you….

Kim Scott

Jun 05, 2012

may God put his healing hands upon you and make it possible for you to walk normal and to have a good childhood…

Jamie Robinson

Jun 05, 2012

Hope you get better soon Little One. …

Emily Spindler

Jun 05, 2012

i hope you get better little child i have babys to and i love them as much as your mom loves you…

Earnestine Semien

Jun 05, 2012

get well soon gos watching over you love you…

Donna Waite

Jun 05, 2012

you are true blessing…

Autumn Towell

Jun 05, 2012

Hi, I know you don’t really understand what i’m saying but I hope you get well soon and that you Have a good recovery…

BlueStarr Harris

Jun 05, 2012

With much love, get well….

Lara Gamble

Jun 04, 2012

Get well soon. :]…

Yasmin Halliwell

Jun 04, 2012

i feel sorry for your child plz get better
lots of love yasmin…

Yolanda Hamlett

Jun 04, 2012

Get well soon blessings, may the odds be ever in your favour :-)…

Tammy Kermmoade

Jun 04, 2012

i hope this boy gets better soon…

Sophia Mills

Jun 04, 2012

Your An Amazing Little Boy..
Your Such A Strong Little One..

Take Caree :)…

Sonia Matt

Jun 04, 2012

Stay Strong,you not alone :D…

Shlomit Aviva Dana

Jun 04, 2012

get well soon…

Sarah MacLaren

Jun 04, 2012

Hold your head up high :) get well soon and be all you can be…

Sarah Dontgiveafuk

Jun 04, 2012

hope ur ok…