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Misozi's case has been archived

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About Misozi

Some of the most fascinating children who come to CURE are those who, despite their condition, find a way to be a part of normal kid activities, as they refuse to be held back by a birth defect or the results of an accident. I’ve seen children with two severely clubbed feet hobble around the play room, acting as though it was much more important to play and run around, than pay attention to the pain they were feeling from walking on the tops of their feet. Children are extremely resilient, and though I have yet to meet her, I have a hunch three-year-old Misozi Felix whose right leg has been destroyed by a bone infection, will be the same way.

The daughter of a small business owner and a housewife, Misozi seems to have been suffering her whole life from chronic osteomyelitis, which is a bone infection that destroys the bone and disfigures the portion of the body of which the bone is a part. Misozi has very little of her femur left, and her knee is completely non-functional, if it even exists any more. The right leg, which is effected, is obviously shorter than the left, creating even more difficulties with mobilization, but this little one seems to manage in spite of it all.

Her mother tells us she is very active, hyperactive even, and all of her friends do very well with her, having accepted her condition and her, for who she is, no matter what her leg looks like. Misozi will not be stopped by some lousy leg problem, she has learned to walk using her hands and one good leg, and though she is not quick, she gets the job done. Everyone is looking forward to the day this little one no longer has to walk with her hands though, especially her mother who just wants her youngest child to be like everyone else, living a disability-free life, and she is so glad she found an organization who is willing and able to help her make that desire a reality.



  1. 11/12/2012 We are going to close Misozi's case until we hear from the family again. Pray that we see her again. Thanks for the support.
  2. 06/27/2012 Misozi's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 09/10/2012 - There hasn't been a response when we've tried to call Misozi recently, but we are going to keep trying in order to tell her to go to the next clinic in her home district so we can see how she's doing.
  3. 03/26/2012 Misozi's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 04/16/2012 - Misozi went home for a few weeks, but she will be readmitted to the hospital again soon so don't forget about her!
  4. 03/19/2012 A new photo for Misozi Felix
  5. 03/19/2012 Misozi is in recovery at CURE Malawi
  6. 03/15/2012 Misozi's treatment date has been changed to 03/15/2012
  7. 03/12/2012 Misozi's treatment date has been changed to 03/12/2012 - She came early!
  8. 03/09/2012 Less than a month and Misozi will be at our hospital for treatment. Keep her and her daily challenges in your thoughts and prayers over the next month.
  9. 02/15/2012 Less than two months now and Misozi will be in for surgery! Bet she's so ready to see what CURE can do for her. Keep her in mind over the next few months as her and her family prepare for this life-changing surgery!
  10. 12/20/2011 A new photo for Misozi Felix
  11. 12/20/2011 A new photo for Misozi Felix
  12. 12/20/2011 A new photo for Misozi Felix
  13. 12/20/2011 A new photo for Misozi Felix


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