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Marion's Case is Complete!

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Marion's journey of healing is complete! We invite you to read Marion's story. Click Here to provide the same life-changing chance to another child just like Marion.

About Marion

Marion was reuniting with an out of town cousin when their joy at seeing each other took a turn for the worst. In the midst of the excitement, her cousin accidentally threw her into a charcoal kiln. In a matter of seconds, playtime turned into panic as Marion was immediately rushed to the hospital. She had sustained serious burns to her legs and had to be initially admitted for six months, then for another month later.

From that point 2 years ago, her life became a series of trips in and out of the hospital for checkups and treatments. When she came to CURE International, she had developed an infection in one of her burn wounds that needed to be treated. Thankfully, we had much more to offer her than infection treatment, and we’ve now successfully released the major contracture on her right foot.

Her mom Jacinta was so happy to see the improvements, and I can only pray those improvements will continue as we plan to eventually work on her left foot.

Despite all she has had to go through, Marion maintains such a sweet spirit, maybe oblivious of her condition and what it might mean to her if it were left untreated. Every time I visited the ward, she would playfully call my name and then giggle, burying her face into her hands or her mother’s lap. Whenever she attempted conversation, it would be in her local language, Kikamba, which her mother would have to interpret for me. And it was always a “you look smart” or “I missed you yesterday” or “please take a photo of me.”

With such a soft and tender heart, it would impossible not to love Marion. And with that comes the resolve to leverage the opportunity God’s given us to help her in any way He enables us to.



  1. 05/02/2013 Marion Syombua's case is complete! Learn more at
  2. 05/02/2013 Guess who just got discharged? Yep! Marion has now been discharged from our clinic, one year three months after we met her. Talked to her mother, who admitted that the journey has been rough, thus even more reason to be grateful to God for having seen them through. We will of course miss seeing her. Lets whisper a prayer for her, that God will guide her through the rest of her life, and order her steps.
  3. 02/01/2013 Thank God I took a picture of her while she was still jovial, because as soon as she started having our doctors and physiotherapists reviewing her, her moods totally switched. She had to get staples removed from the surgery site, and that was not an easy process. I feel as if this process has been a bit too much for her and her mother and if I had my way, I would totally carry the burden for them. But that is not doable, so I intensify my prayers for her and her mother, and I pray that you too can make a point of praying for them.
  4. 01/29/2013 Marion and her mom did not come to the clinic on the 16th, but we will be going to their home area, Machakos on Thursday this week. We are really praying that they will be there.
  5. 12/03/2012 Marion Syombua was discharged from CURE Kenya and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment. Learn more at
  6. 12/03/2012 Literally two minutes after his cast change and little man is grubbin' some chai and bread!
  7. 12/03/2012 While all the other kids are crying and nervous about heading back to the OR, look who we found just relaxing and ready to go! : ) This is almost too much to handle !!!
  8. 12/03/2012 Marion just went back to the OR, doctors are checking his skin graft and changing his dressings! Pictures coming your way!
  9. 11/30/2012 Marion is doing just fine, he will be with us over the weekend! More updates coming your way!
  10. 11/27/2012 Marion's surgery went great! Doctors were able to release the burn contracture on his legs and do a skin graft !
  11. 11/27/2012 Marion is on the surgery board for today! We will let you know when he is coming in !
  12. 09/18/2012 Marion's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 11/26/2012 - thedate has been decided! Marion will be coming back to Kijabe in November for her next surgery, to release the contracture on her left foot.:-) I am looking forward to seeing her.
  13. 09/14/2012 Marion's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 11/08/2012
  14. 09/14/2012 Look who showed up for clinic yesterday, standing bold and confident...Its amazing to see the progress she has made thus far, and I can only stand back and wait to see how much more God will do for her through our doctors. The doctors are now planning for the next procedure, so God willing I will be giving you a date for that in November.
  15. 07/31/2012 Marion's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 09/13/2012 - So, there has been no Marion in any of our clinics here in Kijabe for a while, but I am hoping to talk to her mom to direct her to our next mobile clinic there in September.
  16. 07/19/2012 Marion's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 07/25/2012 - Ok people we are working on finding out information on little miss Marion, I would be thrilled to be able to see that sweet smile this month at a check up! When we have details i will be sure to keep yall in the Loop! Thanks for praying !!
  17. 05/24/2012 Marion's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 06/27/2012
  18. 05/24/2012 A closer look at Marion's legs post surgery. Her healing process has not been the easiest, but I thank God that there is finally hope. There is still a lot that needs to be done, but our doctors are taking her one step at a time. She picked up her plastic brace today, we will be seeing her again in a months time to decide on the next course of treatment.
  19. 04/26/2012 Marion is scheduled for followup at CURE Kenya
  20. 04/26/2012 Marion has been discharged. Her mother has been taught how to do her dressing changes and her AFO (foot brace) is being molded. We Will be able to fit her at our Machakos clinic in May!!
  21. 04/25/2012 Marion has arrived at CURE Kenya
  22. 04/25/2012 Marion just arrived to get her wounds cleaned up and a dressing change, be praying for her as she was not a happy camper upon arrival! Stay tuned, updates to come!!
  23. 04/03/2012 Marion's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 05/24/2012
  24. 04/03/2012 Marion is in recovery at CURE Kenya
  25. 04/03/2012 Welp, forget the 18th...Marion came today for her wound cleaning! After our team got back from the mobile clinic where we saw her, they decided to just ask Jacinta about coming up this week instead of waiting until later. Anyway, doctors were able to get her leg cleaned up and casted, and they should be heading home later today :)
  26. 03/30/2012 Marion's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 04/18/2012
  27. 03/30/2012 Marion and her mum during the follow up clinic yesterday. She got off the first cast but she had a few raw wounds so she will have to come back to CURE, Kijabe in April to have the wounds cleaned under sedation. Lets be praying for them, I am sure that the trips in and out of hospital are tiring.
  28. 03/01/2012 Congratulations! Marion's funding goal is met!
  29. 02/20/2012 Marion is scheduled for followup at CURE Kenya
  30. 02/20/2012 Marion and her mom Jacinta :)
  31. 02/20/2012 This is what her leg looked like when she first came to us to treat the infection on her shin...


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