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Making an impact: Two operating room staff take time out for parents, kids

Co-Worker Profile | 8 September 2017
Over the past several months, we started to notice two subtle figures in the operating rooms, reassuring parents and quietly chatting with the kids. Those two figures are Elaine and…
  • CURE Philippines
  • Tebow CURE
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The Week in Photos: Smiles around the world

In The Field | 19 August 2017
A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.
  • CURE Dominican Republic
  • CURE Dominicana
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Caren: Nursing is a calling

Co-Worker Profile | 11 May 2017
“Whenever I was in the hospital, I would admire those nurses. ‘I wish to be one when I grow up. I really want to take care of the sick.”
  • black and white
  • CURE International
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The Ritual of Healing II

Featured | 22 February 2017
This photo essay explains the process of some of the surgeries that still fascinate me. I understand the process and how it works a lot better than I did a…
  • abdominal flap
  • burn contracture
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At the end of a rope

Patient Stories | 15 June 2016
“Sometimes we can only see right around us, so I was fearing so much. But God knew what was in the future,” Nancy recounted as she explained her journey with…
  • clubfoot
  • clubfoot treatment
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Being a teenager isn’t easy

In The Field | 23 December 2015
We see teenagers on a weekly basis at Tebow CURE Hospital. Instead of braces on their teeth, they have big, bulky braces on their legs, that is, if they’re not…
  • burns
  • clubfoot
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