Marlene Bray

Marlene Bray

CURE Philippines Storyteller / Philippines

Marlene Bray is the CURE Storyteller at the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippines. She has lived in Davao for three years with her husband, Dan, and their son, Andrew. She spends her days with some of the coolest kids around, capturing their remarkable lives through […]

Avanell Brock

CURE Malawi Storyteller / Malawi

Avanell Brock serves as CURE Storyteller at CURE Malawi. Using her skills in photography and writing to serve God and help people has been a long-term goal, and she’s so happy to have a job doing just that right out of college! She gets to tell the world about the awesome kids that we serve in Malawi, getting their stories, surgeries, and smiles out to people who can pray and support them! […]

Luke Broersma

Multimedia Producer

As Multimedia Producer for CURE International, Luke Broersma gets to create audio spots for radio play and produce videos that show what CURE is doing every day. Luke has helped CURE with small projects and contract work intermittently since 2012 and joined the organization as a full-time employee in 2015.

Luke brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the art of sandwich making […]

Hope Kim Doit

CURE Philippines Storyteller / Philippines

Hope Kim Doit serves as a CURE Storyteller in the Philippines. She enjoys quality time with kids, memorable selfies, and a delicious serving of coffee-flavored gelato.

She was first involved with CURE U, CURE’s University program, at the University of Florida, where she acquired her bachelor’s degree in Health Science. She wants to live a life full of […]

Naphtali Foster

CURE Kenya Storyteller / Kenya

Naphtali spends her days photographing children, making them giggle, and writing all about it. She serves as the CURE Storyteller in Kenya. This job is basically a dream to her. In 2015, she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice University. She’s worked as a nanny, owned her own photography business, and even worked at a bank as a universal associate—whatever that means! […]

Mieraf Gebresellasie

CURE Ethiopia Storyteller / Ethiopia

Mieraf serves as a Storyteller at CURE Ethiopia. She was born in a refugee camp in Northern Sudan and grew up in the United States. Having taken a few trips to Ethiopia, she recognized her calling to return to the land in which she belonged, to serve. […]

Brant Hansen

CURE Advocate/Radio Presenter

Brant Hansen is a radio host and speaker for CURE. Brant partnered with CURE a number of times as a radio personality doing on-air campaigns to raise money and awareness for the organization before formally joining CURE in July 2014. A graduate of the University of Illinois School of Journalism, Brant has been on the radio for over twenty years, both as a talk show host and later as a host in the contemporary Christian sector.

In addition, Brant is a […]

Holly Jennings


Elvis Lemaiyan

CURE Kenya Storyteller / Kenya

My name is Elvis Lemaiyan from Kenya. I love taking photos a lot, and I really enjoy the company of kids because they say the most amazing things and they have the purest of hearts. Working at CURE is like a match made in heaven for me because I get to interact with kids and take their pictures. […]

Ben Martin

Digital Marketing Manager

As Digital Marketing Manager for CURE, Ben is involved many of our online activies, from the content on to our social media posts and emails—and he still tears up when watching videos of the stories of kids we’ve healed. Prior to joining CURE, Ben built and maintained websites, developed and edited an online magazine for dads, and […]

Lindsey Moyer

Senior Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Lindsey Moyer gets to create art for a variety of marketing projects (primarily print-based). She has been shocked and amazed that she gets to do such fun work for such an incredible organization since 2013. […]

Christopher Mullen

CURE Uganda Storyteller / Uganda

Christopher serves as a Storyteller at CURE Uganda. His favorite thing in the world is making photographs, and he gets to do that in a wonderful environment at CURE Uganda. On a normal day, he gets to document surgeons, doctors, and nurses saving lives, as well as […]

Debbie Stowell

CUREkids Manager

Debbie serves as the CUREkids Manager and is responsible for the editing and publishing of our CUREkids profiles online. Debbie joined CURE in 2014 and works remotely from Grand Rapids, MI. She loves the opportunity to work with our talented […]

Joel Witwer

CURE Niger Storyteller / Niger

My title says that I’m the CURE Storyteller for Niger (previously in Zambia). All this really means is I hang out with kids and sometimes take photos. I love these kids thus I love my job. My goal is to translate this love into pixels and words so that you can fall in love as well!