CURE Hydrocephalus


Charles Howard

CURE Hydrocephalus Operations Director

Charles is the CURE Hydrocephalus Operations Director. He was born at a mission hospital in Swaziland, Africa and has spent many years in Africa, including six years as the Executive Director of CURE Uganda. He has extensive experience in leadership and management experience in various settings. He most recently spent time […]


Benjamin Warf

Senior Medical Director, CURE Hydrocephalus

Benjamin Warf is a pediatric neurosurgeon who has revolutionized the treatment of intra-cranial diseases in very young children, with a particular focus on hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”). Many children with untreated hydrocephalus do not survive or suffer significant cognitive disabilities; such outcomes are common in parts of the world where access to neurosurgery is scarce. In 2000, Warf became Medical Director and Chief of Surgery at the newly established CURE Children’s Hospital in Mbale, Uganda, where he encountered a high incidence of hydrocephalus. […]