George Găvruș

Executive Director / Niger

George Găvruș began serving as the Executive Director of CURE Niger in 2018. Previously, he served in the same role for CURE in Afghanistan, from 2014-2015. Between his CURE assignments, George provided leadership to Fundatia APME, a missions foundation in Romania. With a passion for empowering others and a heart for education, George’s career has seen these threads interwoven through a variety of projects and settings, from leading a school for impoverished children to running a business incubator that taught job skills in a war-torn country. George has served with a number of NGO’s and has also held professorships at several educational institutions.

A native of Romania, George holds a BA in pastoral theology and education from the University of Bucharest, an MA in biblical studies from Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium, and an MBA from Hull University in the UK. George and his wife, Georgiana, have three children.