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George's Story

“Even my people do laugh at me because I have a child with a disability,” shares Mary, mother to George.

George is the second born boy in the family although his elder brother has passed on. He was born different from his elder brother b… Read more

“Even my people do laugh at me because I have a child with a disability,” shares Mary, mother to George.

George is the second born boy in the family although his elder brother has passed on. He was born different from his elder brother because he was born with clubfoot. After Mary gave birth at their local clinic the nurse notified the family that the child has clubfoot and urged them to take him to a mission hospital in the neighboring district. They heeded the the advise and took him to the hospital when he was three months old but it not yield any fruit because they missed the specialized doctor who was visiting at the time. “We took him to the hospital when he was three months. We were unable to the meet the doctor who was supposed to look at him thereafter we never took him to the hospital for treatment for his condition until he has grown this far,” narrated Mary.

“When he was eight months we engaged a traditional healer who would come to compress his legs with herbs. He did it for two months, there was no improvement that's how we stopped,” recalled Mary. Both mother and son have not been spared from the ridicule and mockery that comes with disability. Mary shared that some people in the community do laugh at her because she has a child with a disability. Equally, even George is not spared from these laughs especially by kids around his age group when playing. The heard about CURE Zambia through people that had come for a mobile clinic in an area near were they live, luckily they heard about the transport arrangements that we were making with the assistance of some organizations and that's how they have managed to come to Lusaka. It's delightful that George is here with us to get healing which will remove the shame associated with his disability!

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Latest Updates

Apr 02, 2019

Guess who is back? It's George! He came through for his follow up visit and it's all smiles and good news. He got his cast off his right leg and it looks great! Since he has been in a cast for a couple of weeks, he still needs to get used to walking again. This young man has fully healed and there is no reason he needs to stick around so he has gone home a completely different person! He is now a disability free young man! This wouldn't have been possible without your prayers and a support. We thank you for partnering with us! Photo of George

Feb 25, 2019

Everyone in the OR was with George as his cast was removed and checking out his new feet! But he still needs another cast to maintain the correction as well as to cover after the small remaining patch of the surgical wound. He has been discharged and gone home. He will be back again after a couple of months for the follow up review. Please be praying for George! Photo of George

Feb 21, 2019

The president & CEO of CURE International Roger is visiting CURE Zambia! During the visit of our children's ward, he met George and they had some fun together. George enjoyed every bit of the time! Photo of George

Feb 20, 2019

Ideally George would have been discharged today, but we need to keep him a little longer because the surgical wound on his leg needs to still be monitored. We want it to have cleared up and be risk free from any possible infection before he goes home. To George this means more fun time with friends in the hospital. Please pray for the complete healing of his wound! Photo of George

Feb 19, 2019

George had a dressing change today. It was a quick procedure within a short period he was back in the ward. After having his meal, he went to the playroom. Little did he know that our social worker Muke and Volunteer Else had something different for CUREkids today. They gave everyone balloons with different encouraging words written on them! Photo of George

Feb 18, 2019

George has gotten stronger and he is getting used to walking on crutches! What has helped him, apart from the physical therapy, is the network of friends he has created. They support each and encourage each other through the healing journey. Please be praying for these brave young boys and girls! Photo of George

Feb 15, 2019

The beauty with the playroom is that it not only keeps the kids busy, but it also makes them forget about the challenges that come with the healing. The playroom is a place where they are free to be kids! After the morning physical therapy, George joined his friends in the playroom and he built an airplane! Photo of George

Feb 14, 2019

George is practicing walking with his new crutches. He's not comfortable with them yet, but our physical therapy team is doing a great job helping him. Today is his second day and while he's still struggling, he is indeed getting better! Please pray for George's strength during the physical therapy! Photo of George

Feb 13, 2019

George had a dressing change yesterday and the leg which had surgery earlier has been left without a cast. He was given crutches to support him with walking and came to visit us at our desk. We took advantage of his visit to share with him all your get well messages and prayers, he was very happy and thankful by your encouragement! Photo of George

Feb 11, 2019

George loves it when we take his picture and he likes to make funny faces when being photographed! Medically, he is doing well and is waiting to go to the OT for another dressing change sometime this week. He is likely to be discharged after the dressing change, please be praying for George's healing! Photo of George

Feb 08, 2019

It has decided that it is better that we do the dressing change for George next week! This development made the day awesome for George because he didn't have to go to the OR and it gave him chance to play in the playroom! Photo of George

Feb 07, 2019

It has been raining of late and the grass and the hedge has gotten more green and has been growing very quickly. Thankfully our maintenance team is working tirelessly to make sure that the environment is maintained beautifully, so that kids like George can continue to be moving around our campus without any disturbances. George didn't go for dressing change today, he will instead go tomorrow, please be praying for George! Photo of George

Feb 06, 2019

George will be going for a dressing change of his cast tomorrow, the plan is to not apply another cast on the left leg which had surgery earlier because it has been corrected, we want him to start walking on the corrected leg as the other leg is still healing! Photo of George

Feb 05, 2019

George has made friends! The goodness that comes with the friendships that the kids create during their stay with us also develops a support system where they help each other throughout the healing process through play and having fun! This helps them get over the discomfort that sometimes comes with that healing process, please be praying for our CUREkids! Photo of George

Feb 04, 2019

George is up and about because the post-op surgery discomfort is gone! He is now able to freely move around on our wheelchairs and get to the playroom! He will be with us for couple a of weeks for dressing changes and wound inspection, please be praying for George's healing! Photo of George

Jan 29, 2019

George has proved to be a strong boy this time around! He has indeed defeated post op discomfort even faster than his previous first surgery. He is spending most of his time keeping his legs elevated in bed, please be praying for George to stay strong and patient during his healing! Photo of George

Jan 25, 2019

George's experience with his first surgery was somewhat rough for him! But this time around it seems he knows what to expect and is lot brighter day one after surgery! Join us in praying that this post-op comfort continues! Photo of George

Jan 24, 2019

Following the success of the first surgery on his left foot, George had his second surgery today! What's next after this surgery is that he will have a couple of dressing changes until the foot fully heals. Pray for comfort during is post-op recovery! Photo of George

Jan 23, 2019

Our sweet boy George will be going for surgery tomorrow! His left foot has been corrected and all that remains is his right foot which will be corrected tomorrow. Please pray for the success of tomorrow's surgery! Photo of George

Jan 22, 2019

The wide variety of toys in our playroom have been keeping George busy! Before they were allowed to play with toys they listened to some lessons. This is necessary especially for George, without the playroom activities his stay in the ward would be boring, so we're thankful he has fun distractions! Please remember him in your prayers! Photo of George

Jan 21, 2019

In order for George's left leg to perfectly heal, another cast was applied today. His knee has been bent upwards slightly, and the position of the foot has been reinforced. He will wear it for several days. Then in the next couple of days, he will have his next surgery on the right leg, be praying for George! Photo of George

Jan 18, 2019

One foot flat on the ground and one more to go! George is back for his follow up review and also for his second surgery. We are very happy with the results of his first surgery and we thank you for partnering with us to make it possible for his healing to happen! Kindly continue praying and supporting our boy George as his healing focus shifts to his right foot! Photo of George

Dec 07, 2018

There's been such great improvement in George's recovery that he has been discharged! He will continue his healing from home and will come back to see us next early next year for surgery on his right foot and for a dressing change of the left. Please pray for George's continued healing and for great correction in his left foot! Photo of George

Dec 06, 2018

George was lost in play in our playroom today! The wide variety in types of games and toys in our playroom really keep our kids busy, it's like everyday there is fresh activity to do for them and this is super fun! It helps the healing process go faster! Please be praying for George! Photo of George

Dec 05, 2018

George has been recovering well after his surgery! He had experienced some discomfort right after but he has improved and we are thankful that his recovery is going smoothly. Please keep praying for him! Photo of George

Dec 03, 2018

Our boy George is ten years old from the northern part of the country born with clubfoot, he came with Mary who is taking care of him. Excitingly, George has had surgery on his right foot and he is recovering fairly well post-op though sometimes he has been complaining of discomfort so please be praying for George! Photo of George

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