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John's Story

“In the village people laugh at me, saying, ‘You have neglected the child.’ Others even mock me, saying that it is because you are poor with no means, otherwise you would have taken the child to a specialized hospital. It is the same talks th… Read more

“In the village people laugh at me, saying, ‘You have neglected the child.’ Others even mock me, saying that it is because you are poor with no means, otherwise you would have taken the child to a specialized hospital. It is the same talks that made the father abandon him,” shares Agnes, John's mother.

John is a seven-yearold boy from the northern part of the country, the first born in his family of three, all being raised by their single mother, Agnes, who is presently unemployed. John’s disability has deprived him of the privilege of growing up under the care and guidance of a father because his father ran away. “After his birth, the father was not supporting his child because of different economical difficulties we were facing. My parents decided to sue him for child negligence in the local court. Upon receiving the court summons, he disappeared, and I have never heard from him ever since. The child is now seven years.”

When it was noticed that John's feet were bent abnormally, Agnes decided to take him to a local hospital, and they were informed that the expatriate doctor who would deal with his case had left country and there was nothing that they could do for him, so they returned home without hope. Agnes remarried another man, and she gave birth to two of John’s siblings, but it didn’t last long and ended up in divorce, due to John's condition. "We divorced because my husband did not love my child, John, to an extent that even when he brought food in the house, he never wanted John to eat. If he ate, then there would a be quarrel in the house. He wanted me to take John to my parent’s house, of which I refused. I was pushed into a situation were I had to choose between my child and marriage; we divorced.”

Unlike many kids, John delayed in walking, and he only made his first steps when he was five years old. He is a very active boy but struggles to balance properly because of the clubfoot condition, and, as a result, he is also subject to ridicule and mockery by his peers. He is currently doing his preschool and says he would like to be a farmer when he grows up.

When it was noticed that he had bilateral clubfoot, it did not settle well with the mother, “Honestly I felt very bad when I first saw him, but I prayed to God to seek comfort, and I believe God knows why it happened this way."

They heard about CURE Zambia through a local advocate, and arrangements were made for John to be brought to CURE for treatment. Agnes is optimistic of John being healed and shared, “all I want is for him to get healed.” Join us and Agnes in praying for John as he commences his healing journey here at CURE Zambia!

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Latest Updates

Nov 02, 2018

John left yesterday! They will be visiting with a relative within Lusaka and then they plan to leave for home over the weekend. Pray for their safe travels back home and rejoice with us over those two straight feet! Photo of John

Nov 01, 2018

John put on shoes for the first time in his life today! The room was filled will joy when deputy Spiritual Director Rev. Na delivered the shoes to John. His mother Agness quickly helped him put them on and John for the first time walked with shoes on his feet! John was a disadvantaged kid in society because of his disability but now, his advantage and has been restored and the door to more opportunities have opened up! We're thanking Jesus for John's healing and thanking you for participating in making it happen! Photo of John

Oct 30, 2018

"I am thankful to the people praying for me and sending get well messages," said John. When we read to him your get well messages and prayers, they really cheered him up and made him happy! Please continue praying and sending John your encouraging notes! Photo of John

Oct 29, 2018

When our team went for mobile clinics in different districts of the Luapula province, John was among the kids that came through for review! His casts were removed at the clinic and when we saw the way the his legs were the medical team recommended that he be brought to Lusaka and be seen by our surgeon. The team gave a lift to John with his mother and his younger sister Eliza back to CURE Zambia. They were in the company of other kids and parents who were also being brought along for surgery at CURE Zambia. John is able walk but still has some limping so the doctor has recommended that he start physiotherapy to relax his muscles. He also needs to start putting on shoes. Meanwhile John is already making himself at home, we found him at the playground on the swing! Photo of John

Sep 20, 2018

John has gone home! After applying casts on both his legs, he has been discharged but he will be back after only a couple of weeks. His legs have attained very good correction so far, pray that when he comes back for his follow up review they will be fully corrected and entirely healed!

Sep 18, 2018

We asked John if he plays with friends and he answered, "Yes I used to play with my friends, we used to throw the ball around." His mother even mentioned that when she would leave home he would go away crawling to join his friends to play. Today he decided to show us how much correction his legs have attained and they are looking very good! Photo of John

Sep 17, 2018

John is back! His casts have been removed and his leg's correction is coming up very well. He is likely to get another pair of casts tomorrow and probably be discharged because the ward is full! We have a visiting team of specialists from the USA called Surgicorps carrying out a special one week clinic for plastic related cases, they come once a year! Photo of John

Aug 15, 2018

John was saying his good byes today! He will be leaving tomorrow and will be back after a couple of weeks. They have stayed with us for a long time and it's good that their stay has been healing both physically and spiritually, a number of spiritual counseling sessions have really helped his mother! Thank you for your prayers for John and we will see him soon! Photo of John

Aug 14, 2018

John had a dressing change today! He will be discharged tomorrow and be back home to recover soon. His follow up appointment is after some weeks, he's looking forward to being at home after being in the hospital for awhile! Photo of John

Aug 13, 2018

John joined the parents and guardians during the daily ward devotions led by Pastor Lubasi! Please continue joining us in praying for John!

Aug 09, 2018

John has a new friend! Mathias came in this week and in no time he was friends with John. They took numerous rounds in our walk ways. It is always awesome to see how quickly and easily kids develop relationships with eachother! Photo of John

Aug 08, 2018

We found John playing with a game they had just made from the playroom on his bed! They made it using a box where he puts a ball on the top, then they roll along the ramps and he likes to watch the process! His mother Agness is not feeling too well ,she has a cold, please pray for Agness's healing too! Photo of John

Aug 07, 2018

John had a dressing change on both his casts today! His right leg which had surgery earlier has healed, the left leg wound is also healing up quite well. Keep praying for speedy complete healing for John! Photo of John

Aug 03, 2018

John came to our desk to chat like he usually does, and we took advantage of his visit to translate and read for him all your get well messages! He was so happy to hear from you all, please continue praying for him and sending him your encouragement! Photo of John

Aug 02, 2018

John was blowing bubbles in the playroom today! The playroom ministry continues to be a source of emotional healing for John and our other kids. It is a place they have no boundaries for getting to be just kids! Photo of John

Aug 01, 2018

John was not happy with his young sister Eliza because she has lost some of his toys, but their mother promised to look for them so John perked up after hearing that! He came to our our desk and requested to see some of his photos, when he saw one of his before pictures with his bent legs, he called the person in photo (him) a different name. His transformation has been so great and he's noticing it! Photo of John

Jul 31, 2018

John has been witnessing some prayers around the ward! He called his friends around him and started doing what he has been observing which is praying! In the background, Pastor Lubasi was chatting with his mother. Pastor Lubasi along with other members of our spiritual team usually have these chats with the mothers to counsel them as well as to pray with them. Thank you for being part of their prayer team! Photo of John

Jul 30, 2018

We found John making a bracelet! These are part of the many gifts which have been brought by a visiting family from UK who are also spending time playing with the kids as well as interacting with parents and guardians! Photo of John

Jul 27, 2018

Our boy was all happy! We found him talking to Masautso who is in the next bed. Normally John would be discharged today and come back for a check up in a few weeks. But since he lives in the far northern part of Zambia, he's going to stay with us until after this first check up. Then he'll be able to go home for several months and we won't have him running all around! We are happy he'll be here for a while because he and his mother get to participate in the various spiritual programs facilitated by our spiritual department which help them grow spiritually and emotionally! Photo of John

Jul 25, 2018

John had dressing changes on both his legs today! He is recovering well as he had to go into the OR for the change! Photo of John

Jul 24, 2018

Your get well messages and prayers always cheer up John! He likes it when we read and interpret them to him. He continues doing well post-op and no concerns have been raised. Thank you for your prayers! Photo of John

Jul 23, 2018

We were taking photos for other kids when John quickly jumped in front of camera and we ended up getting a shot of him. He really enjoys seeing his photos on the camera. We think he likes his face more. Your prayers and get well messages keep on making him stronger! Photo of John

Jul 20, 2018

John the explorer! He was busy riding the toy motor bike in the ward and in the playroom, he is a brave and strong boy! In the background was Eliza the younger sister who has been around from the first day, she was busy looking for which toy to play with. John continues showing signs improvement as the days go by, thanks for your prayers! Photo of John

Jul 19, 2018

Pastor Lubasi mentioned to us how he's been observing some emotional improvement during his spiritual counseling sessions with John. The fellowship with fellow parents, guardians and members of staff has been part of the ministry and we're praying it continues even when she goes back home. The afternoon ward fellowship has been of great help to his mom too. Join us in praying for a continued emotional and spiritual healing for her because of the pain she has endured in raising John. Today, John was in the playroom singing to different Christian children's songs with our other CUREkids! Photo of John

Jul 18, 2018

Today John was doing much better! He got to to do what he in wanted to do yesterday which was go to the playroom and play with other kids! This morning during the major ward round, Dr Moyo was checking on his foot, please be praying for his continued healing! Photo of John

Jul 17, 2018

John had a dressing change today! This has left him confined in bed with his legs elevated and he seems not to like it because it is preventing him from going to play with his friends in the playroom! He's active boy, please pray for patience and that he'll be able to join his friends tomorrow! Photo of John

Jul 16, 2018

John was playing with Benson who followed him to his bed! He really enjoyed playing with the balloons and he will be going for a dressing change tomorrow in the operating room, please continue praying for him! Photo of John

Jul 13, 2018

These two boys have so much in common! First, they have the same first name John, and second, they have similar conditions except for the other John is just on one leg. Their beds in the wards are close by and they are new buddies! During our morning devotion in chapel, pastor Harold preached on contentment and he quoted from the book of Philippians. It's amazing how kids come together to play with each other and have a good time despite having physical restrictions they have due to the casts but they find ways to play together and have fun anyway. Our takeaway was that they are content with their current physical condition and the play continues! Photo of John

Jul 12, 2018

The bonds of friendship are getting stronger! During the course of his stay with us, not only is John getting his physical and emotional healing but his friend list is also going up! John has made some fun friends, we found him playing with Silvia, Charity and Emmanuel outside the ward today! Photo of John

Jul 11, 2018

Here is our Dr Mulenga looking at John's legs during the ward rounds. We shared with him your get well messages and prayers today, he was super excited to hear from you! Please continue praying for John! Photo of John

Jul 10, 2018

The children's ward is currently experiencing a major face lift! Earlier this year, we installed screens on the windows to prevent mosquitos from coming in and now we are painting the the ward! After the painting, an artist will come to draw murals of Bible stories on the walls to always remind the kids that God loves them and of what they're learning while under our care. It is currently messy, but it's all good for its meant to create a loving environment for our kids! We caught up with John as he was going to the playroom. He continues to do well and we're appreciative of your prayers and support for John! Photo of John

Jul 09, 2018

Today the playroom had a different community because the mothers and guardians joined the kids for some activities! Our playroom acts as an emotional healing therapy centre not only to the kids but to the parents and guardians as well. John was part of the fun as he was busy making rounds in the playroom in the wheel chair all while playing, this signifies that he is fairing well after the operation on his second leg. Please continue praying with us for John so that he continues healing swiftly! Photo of John

Jul 06, 2018

John had another surgery on his left foot today! The operation went on very well and we are excited that both his feet now have been treated. We will still be with us for some time to heal, kindly join us in praying for his quick post operation recovery! Photo of John

Jul 05, 2018

Our boy did not go for surgery today, it has been rescheduled to tomorrow. In his usual style of liking to be photographed, he started posing the moment he saw us in the ward when he was watching TV with John and our other kids! Thanks for your continued prayers and get well messages for our boy, they are surely uplifting him! Photo of John

Jul 04, 2018

Our boy was in the playroom with our other kids, singing and learning spellings and he did some painting too! He will be going for another operation tomorrow on his left leg. Please remember John and his mother Agness in your prayers! Photo of John

Jun 29, 2018

Today health care assistance students doing an internship, Muleya and Tendai, read and interpreted for John all your prayers and get well messages! This cheered up John and started off his long weekend a happy kid! On Monday, July 2nd we will be celebrating Heroes Day and on Tuesday, July 3rd we will be celebrating Unity Day here in Zambia. We thank you - the heroes of our CUREkids - for standing in unity to pray and support kids like John!

Jun 28, 2018

John had a cast change under anesthesia in the operating theatre today and this has left him feeling some pain. He has been in the ward with his leg elevated since coming from theatre. Kindly pray for John's pain and that by tomorrow it would be gone! Photo of John

Jun 27, 2018

We have a visiting CURE U team from the USA which came in yesterday! They are interacting, playing and sharing the love of Jesus with our kids, parents and guardians. We are excited to have the team around this week! John was in the playroom in company of our other awesome kids and the CURE U team. He will be going into theater for a cast change tomorrow, kindly pray for him! Photo of John

Jun 26, 2018

We found John learning how to write numbers using a paper he was given by Else from the playroom. Immediately when he saw us, he partially stopped what he was doing and started posing for the camera. When we showed him his photos, he laughed joyfully. He will be having a cast change in the operating theatre, please continue praying for our photogenic John! Photo of John

Jun 25, 2018

John had a great time today! In the playroom he had fun playing with the members a family that are friends of CURE's that came all the way from the States to visit! They played fun games and we found him trying on a cap which was among the many goodies they brought for our CUREkids! Photo of John

Jun 22, 2018

We thought John would be in his bed most of the day because of yesterday's procedure. He only slept in a little and in no time he was up and about moving in the corridors with the other kids! John is a strong boy who is a fighter, keeping fighting for this boy in your prayers! Photo of John

Jun 21, 2018

John had his dressing change in the operating theatre today! His leg has achieved good correction according to our doctors. He spent the rest of the day in bed recovering from the procedure. Please be praying for our boy John! Photo of John

Jun 20, 2018

It was a busy day for John! Busy in the sense that he was busy playing with other CUREkids in the playroom! The good news is that it is confirmed he is going for a dressing change tomorrow meaning he is getting closer to complete healing. Pray for him as he goes to the operating theatre tomorrow! Photo of John

Jun 19, 2018

John loves the camera but we think he loves himself more because what he really likes is seeing himself on the camera after we take pictures of him! We found him eating and he immediately paused for a bit and started posing so that we would take photos of him. Thank you for your prayers for his mother Agness who is feeling much better today, please continue praying for John's recovery! Photo of John

Jun 18, 2018

Today John was very joyous! When we arrived, he showed us a photo of himself, his sister, and his mother. He is getting a dressing change on his cast this week but unfortunately his mother was not feeling too well today, please pray for John and his mother Agness' quick recovery! Photo of John

Jun 15, 2018

John keeps on getting better by the day! He's got a lovely personality and we like to see him happy. He will be a getting a dressing change next week, please pray that his wound will continue to heal so that the dressing change won't be as painful! Photo of John

Jun 14, 2018

John, his mother Agnes and his younger sister are enjoying their time outside today! He keeps on feeling stronger each day from his surgery which is very good sign. Please remember him and his family in your prayers! Photo of John

Jun 13, 2018

John is a super fighter! He is doing well post operation. We thought he would be in bed all day due to the pain which is usually experienced after an operation but our assumption was wrong because John is a strong boy! We found him busy playing in the playroom. May you stand strong in prayer for this fighter! Photo of John

Jun 12, 2018

John had his first surgery today! Dr Moyo has started with his right foot and then will move to the left foot after the right is healed. Please remember John in your prayers, pray that his healing journey moves smoothly and speedily! Photo of John

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