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  • Age10
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Onesta's Story

“We don’t really know how she was bitten, we just saw her with a wound later in the afternoon and we rushed her to the hospital,” explains Ritah, Onesta's mother.

When babies start taking their first steps they become fascinated with t… Read more

“We don’t really know how she was bitten, we just saw her with a wound later in the afternoon and we rushed her to the hospital,” explains Ritah, Onesta's mother.

When babies start taking their first steps they become fascinated with this new transformation of their bodies, and needless to say, that means staying in one place is never an option for them! Because of their adventurous nature sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to keep track of all their movements because they are equally occupied with other house chores while living in the village.

This is the case for Onesta who comes from the southern part of the country. She's a ten year old beautiful girl who was bitten by a snake on her left leg when she was only 14 months old. Despite taking her to several hospitals, the wound eventually got worse and ended up perpetually damaging her leg and she now walks with one crutch.

When Dr. Moyo visited the hospital near her village, he diagnosed that her veins on the lower part of leg were no longer functional and he recommend that she be brought to CURE for further examination and to explore ways in which she can be assisted. She has difficulties walking properly because the crutch is too small for her growing frame.

She is in grade three now and fortunately for her she stays at the school, she doesn’t have to walk a long distance to get to school like most kids do. Her friends sometimes tease her because of her disability but Onesta remains a very ambitious young girl!

“When I finish school, I want to be a bank manager. I want to be paying people and partly because the job is not physical in nature,” reaffirms Onesta confidentally.

We are happy to have her here at CURE and that we have the opportunity to be vessels through which God is using to transform her life and make her future ambitions come to fruition! You too are a part of her story through your gifts and prayers - thank you!

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Latest Updates

Nov 26, 2018

Onesta got her right prosthetic leg and did some physiotherapy to help her get used to walking with it! She adjusted well to using the prosthetic leg and we will see again after six months just to see how she is doing. The prosthetic leg will help her with mobility and her psychological outlook will change for the better, this has been made possible through your prayers and support!

Nov 19, 2018

Onesta's prosthetic leg has been made! It needed to be taken back for further modifications, so today she went to University Teaching hospital(UTH) to practice walking with them. She will go back tomorrow to collect them. Immediately after her time at UTH, she joined the rest of the kids in the playroom, Nurse Francis spared time to be with the kids as he was having so much fun with them! Please pray that everything moves well for our girl tomorrow at UTH! Photo of Onesta

Nov 01, 2018

Onesta has left! There is a relative within Lusaka who offered to keep them for a few days until next week. That is when their appointment is to the University Teaching Hospital to get her prosthetic leg. We will see them back next week too, we she will miss her but we are at peace because we know next week we will see her again! Photo of Onesta

Oct 31, 2018

Onesta has every reason to be happy! Things went on very well for her at the University University Teaching hospital, they took measurements for her leg and they told her that the prosthetic leg will be made by next week! She will continue staying with us as she waits for her leg, keep praying that all goes well next week with her fitting! Photo of Onesta

Oct 30, 2018

"I am happy that people are praying for me. Thank them for me!" says Onesta. We got Ritah, Onesta's mother to read and translate to Onesta your get well messages and prayers. The messages surely lifted her spirit and our girl was very happy, please continue praying for Onesta and sending her those encouraging words! Photo of Onesta

Oct 29, 2018

Onesta is back for her follow up review! She was seen by the doctor today and she will be examined by our physiotherapist to give a recommendation on whether it is the right time for her to go for prosthetic leg measurements at University Teaching Hospital. There is a high chance that she might need to come again after some weeks to give time for her skin to properly be healed up in the area which was amputated. She hasn't been managing to go back to school because of the wound but we are glad that when the wound completely heals and when she gets her prosthetic leg, she will be able to go to school with ease. Keep on praying for Onesta! Photo of Onesta

Oct 01, 2018

Our girl has gone back home! She has been discharged, but she will be back again after a couple of weeks. This time away will allow for her wound to completely heal and when she comes back, we will begin the process of having her prosthetic leg made. Let's pray for her continued physical and emotional healing back home! We would invite you to take the opportunity to write her a Get Well message and when she returns, she'll come back to loads of encouragement and love! Photo of Onesta

Sep 28, 2018

Our girl Onesta had her amputation yesterday, Pastor Lubasi visited their bed to find out how she is fairing and also to share a word of encouragement with her mother who was in the company of the other mothers here. She is doing fairly well, let's be praying for her as she is adjusting and healing! Photo of Onesta

Sep 27, 2018

The blue looks good on both on the them! Both Onesta and Danny are waiting for the their turn to go into the operating theatre today and they were putting on their blue theatre gowns. They were also playing a game on Onesta's mother's phone keeping their minds off of their pre-op starvation. Please be praying for both of their surgeries today! Photo of Onesta

Sep 26, 2018

During the ward round Dr. Moyo explained how the medical team has tried everything possible to save Onesta's leg, including waiting for the team of plastic specialists from the USA who came through last week for the special clinic. The visiting team also recommended that an amputation is a better option so that she will have better quality of life walking with a prosthetic leg. Our spiritual team as well as the nursing staff have done a good job counseling and explaining to Onesta and her mother about this way forward. She might go to theatre tomorrow, please be praying for her! Photo of Onesta

Sep 25, 2018

Onesta is back! She is back for the needed amputation and after that arrangements will be made for getting her a prosthetic leg. We found her at our playground and on the swing today, she is scheduled to go to theatre later this week but in the meantime, she is busy being a kid at the hospital! Please be praying for strength and understanding for our girl! Photo of Onesta

Sep 17, 2018

Onesta came through for our special clinic by the visiting team of specialists from the USA (Surgicorps) yesterday. After examining her, they recommended an amputation of her leg because it wouldn't function normally anymore. She will come in next week for her amputation, please pray for strength for her and the family as she is about to face this procedure! Photo of Onesta

Apr 04, 2018

Onesta has left for home! It was agreed between her mother and the doctor that she comes back in September when a medical team from USA, which visits annually, will be in the country. The doctors feels there is a need for wider consultation on her case and would like to take advantage of the visiting team which will comprise of medical staffs with different specializations. For now is gone back home and continue going to school, we shall see her in September and may you continue to pray for Onesta and her family.

Apr 03, 2018

She is back with a big smile! Onesta is back for her appointment with Dr Moyo tomorrow. Our group of kids that were in the ward when she was leaving were all discharged. This time around she has found different kids, but that didn't stop her from making new friends! We spotted her playing and coloring with Enock outside the ward. We will get full details on the procedure that will be carried out tomorrow. Please be praying for her! Photo of Onesta

Mar 21, 2018

Onesta has left for home today! We didn't have an opportunity to say goodbye to her properly, at the time of her departure we had other commitments outside the ward. However, she will be back next month for her first operation so please keep her in your prayers!

Mar 20, 2018

Onesta's day was a blast! We saw her participating in different activities and games with our sweet visitors. Her face was full of joy, smiles, and laughter all day. She is scheduled to go home tomorrow but will be back next month for her first surgery here. Your prayers for her are paramount! Photo of Onesta

Mar 19, 2018

It's one of those all around beautiful days for our kids today! Onesta, along with our other kids, was participating in different games and fun activities that were happening today with a team from Woodmen Valley Chapel, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr Moyo has determined that Onesta will be operated on next month because our orthopedic surgeons have a conference in Kenya they are attending, so they have been advised to go home and come back then. She is currently still here with us as they are still organizing transport logistics back home. She is making maximum use of the time here and having fun with the visitors and her new friends. Please continue praying for Onesta! Photo of Onesta

Mar 16, 2018

Onesta is going for surgery next week! It has been an easy going day for her as she was mingling with other kids and making rounds in the ward. She is comfortable with the environment now! She is scheduled to undergo surgery next week, we will keep you updated. Please be praying for her! Photo of Onesta

Mar 15, 2018

Today Onesta and some other kids were watching a very interesting story on TV in the playroom! It was the "Jesus raised the daughter of Jairus" story. It's a very good story because it talks about the power of God in healing the sick, and looking at how attentive she was, we can tell that her faith was encouraged by the message! We are still waiting for an update on her case, please continue praying for her! Photo of Onesta

Mar 14, 2018

The ward seems to be getting exciting for Onesta! We saw her in the company of her new friend Febby and they are evidently enjoying each others company, sharing the love! We keep on waiting for an update from the medical team on the way forward with her case, we will definitely keep updated. We request that you continue praying for her! Photo of Onesta

Mar 13, 2018

Onesta is a very shy girl, yet with a very likable character! She is fairing well in our hospital, and she seems to be adopting to the environment quickly. We continue waiting for an update from our medical team with the way forward in treating her condition. We will keep you updated and ask that you continue praying for her! Photo of Onesta

Mar 07, 2018

Onesta is here at CURE! Our medical team is still studying her case and consultations are underway to determine what would be the best solutions for her. We will get an update on what will be recommended in the course of the next week. Your prayers are needed for Onesta! Pray that the consultations that the medical team is conducting go well and also pray to strengthen Onesta and her family! Photo of Onesta

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