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  • Age6
  • Conditionspina bifida
  • Currently In Hospital

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Yokosafati's Story

Yokosafati is seven years old and has a big family! He is the eighth child out of ten kids, and his parents work as subsistence farmers. He was born with myelomeningocele, which is a birth defect where a baby's back and spinal cord don't close prop… Read more

Yokosafati is seven years old and has a big family! He is the eighth child out of ten kids, and his parents work as subsistence farmers. He was born with myelomeningocele, which is a birth defect where a baby's back and spinal cord don't close properly before they are born. Depending on where in the back this occurs, children can have different symptoms and in Yokosafati's case, this means he has trouble going to the bathroom by himself.

Yokosafati and his mom came to CURE Uganda when he was a baby, but due to some family constraints, he didn't have his surgery then. He has been staying at home with his family and hasn't attended school because of his condition. Thankfully, one of our social workers, Rita, recently reconnected with his family and was able to encourage them to bring him back to CURE Uganda! We are so glad that he is back! He and his mom are resting and waiting in the ward while our neurosurgeons evaluate the situation and decide on the best way to help.

As you can imagine, being in the hospital can be a little scary, but Yokosafati's mom, Gertrude, assured us that they are really happy to be here! Thank you for praying for them as they adjust to being at CURE Uganda!

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Well our little friend has had a pretty intense week!! After having surgery on Wednesday, he developed severe headaches and a CT scan showed that he had too much fluid building up in his brain. This is called acute hydrocephalus, and it can be a complication of the original surgery he had. Dr. Justin explained that it's like his body had the fluid balance figured out, and then it was thrown off by the surgery. The surgeons performed another operation yesterday to make a small hole in Yokosafati's brain, which should help things balance out again. As you can imagine, two surgeries in one week is a lot! But we're thankful that his headache and vomiting have stopped, and that's a really good sign. The ICU nurses and his mom are taking great care of Yokosafati, and we encouraged his mom today that lots of people all over the world are praying for them! Photo of Yokosafati

2 days ago

Yokosafati had his surgery yesterday! Dr. Justin Onen and visiting neurosurgeon Dr. Bui Khuong Duy from Vietnam worked together to repair his myelomeningocele. He's now recovering in our ICU with his mom. He has a bit of a fever and is having some problems with recurring vomiting so our nurses are keeping a close eye on him! Thank you for praying for him and his mom as he continues to recover today. Photo of Yokosafati

3 days ago

Yokosafati cracked us up this morning! Yesterday someone had given him a little shark stuffed animal and apparently it plays the "Baby Shark" song. When we visited during morning rounds, he was listening to it on repeat. Seems like that song is catchy all over the world. A friend of his explained that he didn't realize it played music, so when the song came on the first time, he was so surprised he jumped up and ran away - but now he really loves it, of course. He is having his surgery today, so please be praying for him! (and now we have the Baby Shark song stuck in our head: "Baby shark, do do do do do...") Photo of Yokosafati

Aug 13, 2019

When we visited with Yokosafati this morning, he wasn't feeling too excited about smiling. But, he did let us take a photo of him with his coloring book pages! On the back he had drawn some pictures of home - houses, people, and even chickens. We do have chickens here at CURE Uganda, so maybe when he's feeling a bit better we can show him around - maybe meeting the chickens will make him feel more at home here. Would you pray with us that he will feel cared for and welcomed as he waits for his surgery? Photo of Yokosafati

Aug 12, 2019

Yokosafati was feeling a little shy this morning, but he laughed in surprise when we turned the camera around to show him a picture! In all of the fun, things got a little out of focus. But, we loved Yokosafati's expression so much that we're sharing this photo with you anyway! We're looking forward to getting to know this shy one even more during his stay at CURE Uganda and hope that he feels the love of Christ from everyone here! He and his mama, Gertrude, are having a quiet day in the ward as they wait for the surgeons to complete their evaluation. Thank you for praying for them as they wait! Photo of Yokosafati

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