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Brian's Story

Last Saturday was baby Brian's one month birthday. He is now a month and two days old now. A week after his birth, baby Brian's head had started to increase in size, his parents - Nelson and Joy - told us. They decided to bring baby Brian to the ho… Read more

Last Saturday was baby Brian's one month birthday. He is now a month and two days old now. A week after his birth, baby Brian's head had started to increase in size, his parents - Nelson and Joy - told us. They decided to bring baby Brian to the hospital in their district. It is here they learned that Brian has a condition called hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a condition where the brain doesn't drain excess fluid properly, causing a dangerous build up of pressure inside the skull. If untreated, this increased pressure can cause blindness, brain damage, and even death. The hospital Nelson and Joy had brought Brian to was not equipped to treat such a complex condition as hydrocephalus, but referred Brian here to us at CURE Uganda where we are specialists in this area. Mama Joy and Baby Brian are in our ward and Nelson is staying with his brother in town. Being the loving dad he is, he comes to see them every day here at the hospital. Nelson and Joy told us that they were very worried and they had felt very discouraged because they had never seen hydrocephalus before. When they arrived at CURE Uganda, they found hope in seeing that they were not the only ones with a child suffering from this condition. Please join us in putting baby Brian in God’s hands!

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Brian and Joy are back at CURE Uganda! Unfortunately Brian's shunt got infected, so a couple days ago the neurosurgeons had to remove it. Then, today, they performed an irrigation procedure to help wash out the infection from Brian's brain. Two surgeries in one week is a lot, as you can imagine! This morning Joy and Brian received some encouragement in the form of a special gift from some friends, including bread, juice and some other baby supplies. Brian should be having another surgery in a few days to replace his shunt, but he needs to be infection-free first, so please be praying for God's grace and healing for him! Photo of Brian

Jan 23, 2020

Brian surprised us today by heading home faster than we expected! That's great news, though, because it means he's healing well. He'll get his stitches out next week at a health clinic close to his home, and then we'll see him next for a review appointment at a CURE Uganda mobile clinic. It's been a long road to surgery for Brian, and it's so exciting that he was able to get the surgery he'd been waiting for. Thank you for all of your prayers for him and his family!

Jan 22, 2020

Today Brian is continuing to recover from his surgery! During morning rounds, the doctors let Joy know that she and Brian could move back to the main ward today! Sometimes the mornings can feel like musical chairs as moms and babies rotate from the ICU to the ward, some families head for home, and new ones arrive! The nurses and Outpatients Department do an amazing job of keeping it all organized. Brian will continue to rest and get the medicine he needs on the ward - thank you for praying for him and Joy today! Photo of Brian

Jan 21, 2020

Brian got to have his surgery today! Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Wegoye installed a VPS, which means a shunt that will help transfer the excess fluid from Brian's brain down to the area around his stomach, where it can be absorbed. This should help him feel a lot better! After being carefully watched over by the PACU nurses, Brian was transferred to the ICU where Joy can stay nearby to feed and watch over him. Thank you for praying for this little one as he continues to heal! Photo of Brian

Jan 20, 2020

Brian and his mom Joy are back with us at CURE Uganda. Brian is fighting an infection at his surgical site, so the CURE Uganda doctors are making sure he gets the medication he needs while they evaluate if he's ready for his next surgery. Because the ward is full, Joy is staying with two other moms in a private room and they're getting to know each other as they take care of their children together. We are praying that Brian would be able to have the surgery he needs soon! Photo of Brian

Oct 30, 2019

Brian and Joy have headed for home! Dr. Emmanuel checked on Brian this morning during rounds and gave the all-clear for him to be discharged. We'll see him again when he comes for his next checkup, and will re-evaluate if he's able to have the full surgery that he needs at that time. So far, Brian's infection has been really persistent, and he's not able to have the neurosurgery he needs to treat his hydrocephalus until the fluid in his brain is free from infection. Please pray with us that God would heal his infection, and encourage his family, too! Photo of Brian

Oct 29, 2019

Mama Joy and little Brian have moved from the ICU back to the patient hostel, and are having a quiet afternoon resting there! So far Brian has had a smooth recovery, and hasn't had any seizures or complications after his surgery. Not too many people at CURE Uganda speak the same language as Joy, so we're hoping that God will send her a friend at the hostel that she can connect with. Friendships are so important, especially as you're going through a tough time! Photo of Brian

Oct 28, 2019

Brian had his surgery today! The nurses and anesthesiologists had some trouble getting his IV in, so it was a team effort! We are thankful for how our our entire OR team works together to be sure each little patient gets the best care. Neurosurgeon Dr. Jo Ling explained that they tape down the babies's eyes so that they don't get dried out or accidentally scratched. Baby Brian had a smooth recovery after waking up from anesthesia, and is now in the ICU resting. Joy will stay in the room right next to the ICU so she'll be able to cuddle and care for him. Thank you for praying for them both! Photo of Brian

Oct 25, 2019

Brian and his mom have had to do a lot of waiting this week! Unfortunately, Brian's surgery was postponed again, so he and mama Joy need to wait until Monday for him to have his operation. They're staying in the hostel with a few other moms and babies, so we are hoping that they can make some good friends over the weekend. CURE Uganda makes sure that moms and babies get three meals a day, so we know they'll be well taken care of - but it sure is hard to wait! Thank you for continuing to pray for this little guy! Photo of Brian

Oct 24, 2019

Today has been a quiet day for Brian and mama Joy — he was originally supposed to have surgery today, but due to some schedule changes, his surgery has been moved to tomorrow. He's been resting quietly in the hostel where they are staying with some other families. We know it can be hard to wait for surgery, and having to wait a whole extra day isn't easy! Thank you for praying for him and his mom while they wait for the surgery he needs. Photo of Brian

Oct 23, 2019

Brian is having a tough day today. His hemoglobin is pretty low, so he's not feeling great. The CURE Uganda nurses are giving him a blood transfusion this afternoon, and we're hoping that will help him feel a lot better. It can be scary and overwhelming to have a sick little baby, so please be praying for him and mama Joy. Photo of Brian

Oct 22, 2019

Brian and mama Joy are back at CURE Uganda, and unfortunately he isn't feeling too well. He's been very irritable, and is struggling with diarrhea and vomiting. This afternoon. Dr. Micheal performed a CSF tap, and removed a small amount of Brian's CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) so that the lab can test it for infection. Since Brian's CSF had a lot of blood in it, Dr. Michael expects that he will need another irrigation procedure to help wash out the infection that is attacking his brain. We're praying that his infection will be healed so that he can have the surgery he badly needs. Thank you for praying with us for little Brian and his family. Photo of Brian

Aug 23, 2019

Brian came back to CURE Uganda this week for his second irrigation procedure. This means the neurosurgeons washed out the inside of his brain with clean fluid to help reduce the infection. After recovering from surgery, he and mama Joy headed home! He'll get his stitches out soon at a local health center, and then come back to see us at CURE Uganda towards the end of next month for his review. We're praying that his infection will be 100% gone by then so that he can have the surgery he needs to treat his hydrocephalus. Thank you for joining with us in prayer for healing!

Jul 18, 2019

Brian is in the clear from his scare the other day. As anticipated, he was indeed transferred from the ICU to the ward yesterday and he had a nice calm night. The doctors checked in on him and discharged him! They'll be back in a month when we'll check to make sure his infection is completely cleared. If it is, we should be able to proceed with his next operation to treat his hydrocephalus! Please join us in praying that Brian would be healed of all infection so when he returns he can have his surgery, and for peace for his family as well! Photo of Brian

Jul 17, 2019

Unfortunately Baby Brian didn't end up being discharged from the ICU yesterday. He ended up going into respiratory failure where he stopped breathing. The nurses were immediately at his side and had him breathing again in no time, but this means he needed to spend a little longer in the ICU. It's been almost 24 hours since the attack and we seem to be in the all clear now. The doctors are once again discussing discharging Brian back to the ward now that the danger is gone. Brian’s father came to visit Brian and his mother today at the hospital. Please keep praying for this little man! Photo of Brian

Jul 16, 2019

Baby Brian had a calm night in our ICU with his mother by his side. Baby Brian is stable, and he is feeding well. Assuming Brian continues healing up as well as he has been, he'll be send back to the ward later today! Thank you all for prayers and please keep praying for baby Brian’s full recovery. Photo of Brian

Jul 15, 2019

Brian had surgery this afternoon and everything went well! Because he had pus in his brain due to an infection, the neurosurgeons performed an irrigation procedure. This is where they wash out the inside of the baby's brain with clean fluid, in this case to remove the infection. Brian recovered in the CURE Uganda post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) under the watchful care of our amazing PACU nurses and then was transferred to the ICU where he'll spend the evening. Our ICU has a room full of bunkbeds right next door so mamas can be close to their babies and feed and watch over them! Photo of Brian

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