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  • Age2
  • Conditionspina bifida
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Charles's Story

“When people in my village saw the swelling on Charles’ back, they said that it was a hump growing on his back and I believed them so I never took him to any hospital because humps are not treated. But one day I heard on the radio that there we… Read more

“When people in my village saw the swelling on Charles’ back, they said that it was a hump growing on his back and I believed them so I never took him to any hospital because humps are not treated. But one day I heard on the radio that there were expert doctors coming to our village to treat several conditions so I just took him there to see what they would say and that is how I learnt that it wasn’t a hump, but spina bifida, and that it can be treated at CURE Hospital,” said Grace. The news that Charles’ condition could be treated was received with a lot of excitement in his family and they didn’t take long in getting him to CURE for surgery. At Grace’s church, Charles had been prayed for by their local pastor and he encouraged Grace that Charles will be healed so the news of CURE hospital was like a fulfillment of what the pastor had said and Grace is grateful to God for that. Grace says that prior to learning that Charles’ condition is spina bifida, she had learned to live with Charles the way he was and he has now started to crawl and can walk with support. Charles’ three older siblings who are ten, eight, and four years old are very concerned about his condition and usually ask Grace why Charles has the swelling on his back to which she always has no answer to give them. She is relieved that now the condition is going to be corrected at CURE and we ask for you to support us in making this surgery possible! Back in her village, Grace is a peasant farmer and she is married to her husband Robert who has a small business selling second-hand clothes. Now that she and Charles are at CURE Hospital, Robert isn’t working but is taking care of the other children at home. Please join us in praying for Charles' healing!

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Latest Updates

Sep 08, 2017

“I have seen God move in my life and my child’s life. I am happy because when I came the baby was sick, but after the operation there has been change,” said Grace. This morning the doctors confirmed they could go home today and prior to leaving, Seera Rose visited them. “I’m going to miss Charles,” said Seera Rose as she waved goodbye to him. We will see Charles again in the middle of October here at CURE, thank you for encouraging Charles and Grace during their time here at the hospital! Photo of Charles

Sep 07, 2017

“Charles is doing well. Tomorrow they will discharge us. I’m happy Charles is doing well and that we are going back home, also I’ve been missing my family back home. Charles came with a swelling on the back, now they removed it and he is doing good,” said Grace. Charles made friends with Seera Rose, a social worker at CURE, and he offered her the tea he was drinking several times and she let him draw with her pen and pad. Charles' appetite has improved and he seems happier and more active. Yesterday, Grace and Charles attended church. “I learned when you trust God, God will grant your heart's desires. Yesterday they talked about dreams, if you trust God He can answer your dreams,” said Grace. Please be praying for Charles, that he will continue to improve and for Grace, that she would continue to trust God with her plans and desires. Photo of Charles

Sep 06, 2017

“I want healing for my child,” said Grace about what she has been praying for. Charles is in pain and he is supposed to lay on his stomach, however, he is active and wants to sit which causes him more pain. Grace and Charles’ father, Robert, are both very pleased about the operation yesterday. Robert visited them and Grace says he was very happy. Charles doesn’t have an appetite so Grace gave him tea this morning which he drank a little, but did not eat anything. Nurse Manager Annita visited them and gave Charles three packets of crackers and he has nibbled on one cracker. “He is in pain and doesn’t want anything,” said Annita. Please be praying for Charles’ appetite to improve, encouragement for Grace and for his back to heal well. Photo of Charles

Sep 05, 2017

“I’m feeling good that the wound is closed and praying it doesn’t open,” said Grace. Charles is being moved from the ICU to the ward where he is feeding well and his doctors have no major concerns. Yesterday, Charles’ uncles and aunts came to visit which was a huge encouragement to Grace, she was able to tell them of his successful operation. Please join Grace in praying for Charles to recover swiftly. Photo of Charles

Sep 04, 2017

Charles and his mother Grace are here at CURE Hospital and Grace shared with us, ”the care here is good, we are fed well, soap and water are provided for us and we don’t need to go out of the hospital for these things.” She is also very committed to the devotions that the mothers have in the ward and says that over the weekend the pastor taught them to commit the lives of their children in God’s hands and to trust God for the healing of their children. Charles has had a successful surgery and now needs your support and prayers as this is just the first step in his healing process. He will be transferred to ICU later on today. Photo of Charles

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