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Borniface's Story

“Ever since the accident, Borniface’s siblings -Bridget, Tabisa, Brian- have been so worried about him,” says Sarah, Borniface’s mother.

Last Thursday, while Borniface and his friends were playing by the roadside he was hit by a spe… Read more

“Ever since the accident, Borniface’s siblings -Bridget, Tabisa, Brian- have been so worried about him,” says Sarah, Borniface’s mother.

Last Thursday, while Borniface and his friends were playing by the roadside he was hit by a speeding motorcycle. The older kids who were around at the time of the accident picked him up and took him to his mother Sarah who on seeing him, thought that he was already dead. Sarah rushed him to the main hospital in town where he received first aid and spent the night. He was then referred to another private hospital, Mount Elgon Hospital, were they did a CT Scan and further critical care before being referred to CURE Hospital for surgery. Some of his friends visited him when he was at Mount Elgon Hospital. Joyce, Boniface’s grandmother says, “The news of Borniface’s accident was a shock to me, i had just returned from a Safari when I heard the news.” Joyce has been by his side since yesterday when she arrived. Borniface hasn't been able to speak ever since the accident. At first, most of his faculties weren’t functioning at all, but now it is only his speech. His mother Sarah is hopeful that after surgery Borniface will be able to speak because she has noticed a lot of improvement, like he can now walk by himself, he can hear, and he can feed himself. Please pray with us for Borniface's surgery and that he will regain his ability to speak again!

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Latest Updates

Aug 24, 2015

Borniface was discharged over the weekend. He will be back at CURE hospital for stitch removal at the end of the month. Please keep praying for a speedy recovery!

Aug 21, 2015

Borniface is recovering well and his vitals are stable. Today he went in for a CT scan which showed that the bleeding has stopped and his brain is relaxed which is very positive news. He is still not speaking and his doctors are not entirely sure why, but one theory is that the hematoma caused by the accident damaged his speech center resulting in him being unable to speak. Please pray that he will make a full recovery and regain his speech. Photo of Borniface

Aug 20, 2015

"Borniface is out of danger," said Clophus, the nurse who is taking care of him in ICU. Sarah was able to speak to him today and he would use signs to reply which is good considering the fact that he just had surgery yesterday. Members of our staff spent some time praying with Sarah and she was grateful. Let's all be encouraged to keep Boniface in prayer. Photo of Borniface

Aug 19, 2015

Borniface went into surgery today for an evacuation and the procedure went well. He is currently resting in the PACU but he will soon be transferred to the ICU where he will spend the night. His family is currently waiting patiently outside the ICU for him to be transferred. Please pray that he will have a quick recovery and regain his speech. Photo of Borniface

Aug 18, 2015

Just as Borniface headed to have his lunch, his father Samuel showed up and we could see a smile on his face. Today, he has been flanked by his grandmother Joyce, his aunt Sarah, his mother and his father. Borniface's doctor will be telling them what procedure he will be carrying out on Borniface during tomorrow's surgery so they are patiently waiting for that piece of information. Please pray for them!

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