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Norhaya's Story

“Norhaya is such a talkative, bubbly kid!” Daddy Eddy shares some of the few things he loves about his daughter.

Meet Norhaya. A beautiful two year old girl who loves to play and cling to her mom. She is the youngest daughter of her pare… Read more

“Norhaya is such a talkative, bubbly kid!” Daddy Eddy shares some of the few things he loves about his daughter.

Meet Norhaya. A beautiful two year old girl who loves to play and cling to her mom. She is the youngest daughter of her parents, Eddy, a utility man and Jenymae, a housewife. Norhaya also loves to tag along with her older sister, Jamatia, in school.

Just like any parents, Eddy and Jenymae were filled with excitement about the news of having another daughter, but her condition came as a surprise to them. “When she was born, I was surprised and called my Mom telling her that my baby has clubbed foot and missing toes and fingers,” Mommy Jenymae tells us. “Despite her having deformities, we still love her and thank God for the blessing He has given us,” Daddy Eddy adds. Norhaya has a condition called amniotic band syndrome. It occurs when the inner layer of the placenta is damaged during pregnancy causing amniotic bands to form and tangle around the developing fetus thus causing deformities in the baby’s limbs.

We met Norhaya during one of our mobile clinics in her city and it was then that Norhaya and her family first began treatment with us here at Tebow CURE. The regular visits took a toll on their family due to the length of the journey and the cost of transportation, but their city mayor encouraged them to keep coming to get the help Norhaya needs. "I just wish the best for my daughter and for her to succeed in life and be able to walk normally” Eddy tells us their challenges, hopes, and dreams for Norhaya.

Together with your support, we can help make a difference in Norhaya’s life through the life-changing surgery she is about to receive!

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Latest Updates

Oct 31, 2019

Norhaya is back for a cast change. It also didn't help that we experienced an earthquake in town! After a quick evacuation, we were back to seeing clinic patients when the building was cleared. Though she wasn't so pumped about it, she held her tears and was brave to go through one more cast change. We are proud of Norhaya and will continue to pray for her healing! Photo of Norhaya

Oct 24, 2019

We couldn’t get a smile from Norhaya today, but we were happy to see her up and ready to start the day. Jenymae fed Norhaya with a yummy breakfast while Edgar packed up all of their stuff. Thanks to your prayers, Norhaya recovered well and is ready to go home today! Thankfully, their local ambulance is heading back to their city today and offered Norhaya and her family a free ride home! God truly sees our patients’ needs and we pray that Norhaya and her family continue to experience God’s love for them! Photo of Norhaya

Oct 23, 2019

Norhaya was as chill as could be going down to the OR this morning, but soon started crying at the sight of one of the nurses holding a needle. Nurse Joshua immediately came to the rescue and played “Baby Shark” on his phone to comfort her. Not long after, Norhaya dozed off and the medical team lifted up her surgical procedure in prayer. Aside from her clubfoot correction that took less than a minute to release her tight tendon, Doctor Shelley proceeded with doing an amniotic band release on Norhaya’s left finger. We celebrate with brave Norhaya for getting past her fears and through her second surgery! Photo of Norhaya

Oct 22, 2019

Norhaya is back for her second procedure which is her clubfoot correction! Today, she made a new friend, Child Mentor Patricia! Although very shy, Patricia coaxed her to give her a thumbs up., Norhaya was finally won over when Patricia gave her a lollipop! Please pray for Jenymae and Edgar, that they will continue to entrust Norhaya’s healing to God’s hands. Photo of Norhaya

Oct 17, 2019

We celebrate with Norhaya today for having completed her serial casting! She had one more cast change today and then she is all set and ready for her surgery! We cannot wait to hang out and spend more time playing with her as she stays with us for a few days next week! Photo of Norhaya

Oct 10, 2019

Norhaya just gets prettier and irresistible by the day! Today, she was wearing a floral dress paired with a flower ponytail! She spent a good amount of time having fun with Mommy Jenyame in the playroom before proceeding to her dreaded cast change. Thankfully, Norhaya will only to have to undergo a few more of these cast changes and she will finally have her second surgery in two weeks! Please continue to pray for Norhaya and her family as they prepare for that day! Photo of Norhaya

Oct 03, 2019

Look who’s all dolled up with pretty pigtails in clinic! Norhaya was with her usual companions, Mommy Jenymae and Daddy Eddy but we were missing big sister Jamatia today. “She wanted to come but she had to go to school,” Eddy told us. Just like her previous cast changes, Norhaya shed some tears but she was eventually back to smiling while “baking” and “washing the dishes” in the playroom! Photo of Norhaya

Sep 23, 2019

Norhaya has been loving her trips to the hospital—traveling with her whole family, getting busy in the playroom—but her visits to the exam rooms for her cast changes have been her least favorite. She shed some tears as the sound of the cast cutter terrified her but Doctor Rayray had some lollies to cheer her up! She will continue with her weekly cast changes for quite some time and Norhaya is one blessed kid to have the support of her whole family and all of you as she goes through the process! Photo of Norhaya

Sep 16, 2019

Norhaya’s entire family came with her to support her at her follow-up appointment! We met Big Sister Jamatia who hung out with Norhaya in the playroom. After playtime, it was Norhaya’s turn to be seen in clinic. Doctor Shelley told Jenimae and Eddy that Norhaya's wounds are healing really well and she can now proceed with serial casting for her clubfoot treatment! As for her hand, she might need to have another surgical procedure to separate her fingers, but for now, they will focus on treating Norhaya’s feet. We are thankful that we will get to see Norhaya more often as she visits us for weekly cast changes! Please pray for provision and safe travel for Norhaya’s family as they patiently go through this process for Norhaya’s treatment! Photo of Norhaya

Sep 06, 2019

Little Norhaya and Mommy Jenymae spent some more time in the playroom and hugged the stuffed toys one last time before saying goodbye to them. Mommy Jenymae, Daddy Eddy and Norhaya left the hospital with smiles on their faces, excited to go back home and be reunited with Jamatia. Although we will be missing Norhaya, we will be able to see her adorable face and play with her more frequently in the coming weeks as she starts with her clubfoot treatment! Photo of Norhaya

Sep 05, 2019

Norhaya visited the playroom: driving the toy car, getting on the swing, and hugging and kissing stuffed animals! Thankfully, she is feeling great and happy as though she hasn’t jsut had a surgery! The bandages on her leg and hand don't stop her from having a good time! Photo of Norhaya

Sep 04, 2019

Norhaya’s name means “Gift of God” and surely, her life is indeed a gift to her family! Daddy Eddy and Mommy Jenymae have now received another gift from God through the successful surgery of Norhaya! The doctors worked on releasing her left hand by making incisions to provide deeper space between her fingers. This will improve her functionality and her ability to grip with her hand. The doctors also released the constricted bands on Norhaya’s left leg. We have to wait until she heals up before we proceed with casting to correct her clubfoot. All in all, Norhaya’s surgery went well! You guys are a gift from God to Norhaya and her family and they are grateful for supporting them in her healing journey! Photo of Norhaya

Sep 03, 2019

We are so glad that Norhaya’s family found their way to our doorstep! She spent her first day at Tebow CURE getting all cozy and comfortable in her room and making friends with other patients! Nurse Edward asked Mommy Jenymae and Daddy Eddy her medical history to prepare and ensure Norhaya’s surgery goes well. Please be praying that they will experience God’s healing power! Photo of Norhaya

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