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CURE in Philippines

The picture above is of CURE in Philippines. Everyone who serves with CURE in Philippines, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like James. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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James's Story

“James was premature, and when I saw him in his incubator, I noticed his foot was turned under. My husband has cousins that have clubfeet, but I was still surprised. But, I received him as a gift from God.” James’ mom Elena tells us.

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“James was premature, and when I saw him in his incubator, I noticed his foot was turned under. My husband has cousins that have clubfeet, but I was still surprised. But, I received him as a gift from God.” James’ mom Elena tells us.

”James has always walked with his foot turned under. He doesn’t even wear flip flops, he just walks barefoot, even in the dirt or rocks. He used to wear flip flops, but one time he slid and hurt himself, so now he prefers to go barefoot. He likes to play basketball! Dad Jonathan plays, and his older brother Daniel teaches him.”

Even though James is very mobile, both he and Elena want him to be even better. “James has never had the opportunity for treatment. Then recently, the nurse at the school I work at told me about CURE. CURE was doing a clubfoot clinic in the area, and she asked if we were interested in joining. I said yes, and immediately asked the principal if I could have time off to take him. The answer was yes! We are so happy, because James is bullied at school.” In addition to a clubfoot, James has fused toes and fused fingers, all of which he’ll have treated.

Tebow CURE has had a team traveling to James’ hometown, about six hours north of Davao, every week, so he was able to start treatment at home. “He has had four castings so far, and now it’s time for surgery. Two of his teachers have offered to buy him shoes when his treatment is finished!” We asked James what kind of shoes he’s wishing for, and he just smiled, it might be too soon to dream that big! But we have no doubt that he’ll be hitting the courts in them soon, clubfoot free at last!

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Latest Updates

Jun 24, 2019

James is here for his usual check-up! "He can now play basketball and run! He’s not used to walking on his feet without socks yet and his new shoes were actually given to him by his teacher who also had clubfoot” Mom Elena told us. James showed us how happy he was to be walking on his straight feet. In order to keep his correction, he will need to wear a pair of high-top shoes with strong foot support. This will help him move as he plays basketball! James will continue to check-in with us as he gets used to walking through life with these new feet! Photo of James

Mar 26, 2019

Some days it's been hard to get a smile out of James, he's dealt with a lot of pain and discomfort over the last few months. Today, he's cast-free at last, and took his first clubfoot-free steps! And he couldn't help but smile about that!

Feb 25, 2019

James squinted when Nurse Christian cleaned up the surgical site on his right foot, but he then realized that he wasn't in pain anymore! It was just a weird feeling! His right foot is finally looking straight, but will need one more month in a cast before he's able to move around freely! Even though the weird feelings made James squint, he bounced back really quickly to his happy and relaxed self! Photo of James

Jan 28, 2019

Thankfully, James was much more relaxed today, his pain level has gone way down. His right leg is still casted, but we wanted to check his left foot, at the site of his syndactyly. It’s healing well, to the point that he can start putting weight on it. He went to physical therapy to get some crutches, and will try to walk with them when he’s ready. He’s looking forward to having a little more freedom! Photo of James

Jan 18, 2019

Yesterday was not James’ day. Even with a lot of fun activities, his day was filled with tears and pain. But, he muscled through, and as a result, he got to go home today! He has a very long trip ahead of him, so he and Elena took off early this morning. We’ll see him soon, and we’re confident that he’ll bring his normally sweet smile and happy personality back with him!

Jan 17, 2019

It was a pretty rough night and morning for poor James! He's really sore, but a visit from the Jollibee crew helped distract him long enough to temporarily find a good mood. All the patients and clinic visitors got to be part of a Jollibee party, complete with music, photos, and food, thanks to a friend who wanted to celebrate her party with the kids! Support and encouragement for our CUREkids come in so many creative forms! Photo of James

Jan 16, 2019

James was pretty nervous this morning entering the OR, hanging onto Elena for dear life. He finally relaxed, and was able to fall asleep. Dr. Shelley did a tendon transfer on his right foot, so now his clubfoot is straight at last, and separated the fused toes on his left foot. James could use some more surgery on his hand too, but that’s enough stress on his body for one OR visit! His surgery ran long; fused limb releases require a lot of stitching, so we’ll show you the result tomorrow! Please keep praying for James though, all that stitching can lead to a lot of soreness. Photo of James

Jan 15, 2019

Before coming here, James saw the Tebow CURE staff on a weekly basis as we stopped by his hometown for cast changes. This is his first time at the hospital and seeing the rest of the team who is behind the process of his healing. Nurse Aileen removed his first cast, but this time, it won’t be replaced with a new one… at least not yet. James will have surgery tomorrow for the next step of his treatment! Elena was ecstatic to find out that Tebow CURE exists because of people’s generosity from all over the world. Truly, we can’t serve James and Elena without you! Thanks for all of your help! Photo of James

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