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Christian's Story

“Christian runs fast and plays basketball like any normal child. Unfortunately, he gets bullied by people as they mock the way the moves. He often gets into fights because of that. And at times, he goes home and cries. So when we heard that we ha… Read more

“Christian runs fast and plays basketball like any normal child. Unfortunately, he gets bullied by people as they mock the way the moves. He often gets into fights because of that. And at times, he goes home and cries. So when we heard that we have options for surgery, we looked into it. The first one was at a local hospital and we didn’t know if we can afford it. Next option was here at Tebow CURE where it’s affordable. Even though Christian can do anything on his feet despite of having clubfoot, like any parent, we want the best for our children, so we decided to push through with surgery,” shares Christian’s mom Cresencia.

“Christian is so dear to me and I like that he’s really loving. I am excited to see his future,” says Christian’s dad Daniel. Like his dad, Christian is quiet and barely says a word but he told us a little bit about himself as we got to know him and his family. “I am in 6th grade but I’m currently excused at school, so I can have surgery. My favorite subject is English,” says Christian. “He’s not able to join extracurricular activities at school because he’s very shy. I think he’s ashamed of his clubfoot and is afraid that he may not be included in other activities,” adds Cresencia.

Although Christian is having a tough time with his peers, we are happy to see that he has incredible family support as they hope that Christian “finishes school so he can find a good job someday.” Even though Christian doesn’t say much, he didn’t forget to let us know that he’s “excited to have surgery!” We are too! With your help, we pray that God continues to show His love to Christian and his family as we serve their medical needs here at Tebow CURE!

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Latest Updates

Nov 19, 2018

Christian stood tall today to show us that God has been faithful in Christian's healing process! Sure, he had to go back one step with another pair of casts, but as he waited patiently, Christian took many steps forward today as he is cast-free once again! We will continue to keep track of Christian as he continues to grow. We pray against relapses and we'll keep you posted in three months when we will see him again! Photo of Christian

Oct 22, 2018

"His feet are way better than last month," Dr. Shelley commented about the "one step back" decision that they made as they put Christian in casts again. His left foot is still weak but is good to go without any cast on! As much as we can say the same about his right foot, however, it needs a little more time in a cast so Christian won't have to go back to surgery. He's only got a few more weeks until he's completely cast-free. Please keep your prayers coming! Photo of Christian

Sep 24, 2018

Aww, no celebrating for Christian today! He came for a follow up, and unfortunately, his feet have relapsed some, so back into casts he went. He couldn't hide his disappointment after his check up, but sometimes progress is "two steps forward, one step back." We'll check him again next month, and if we don't see improvement, he may need another small surgery, please pray for healing and a positive spirit for Christian this month! Photo of Christian

Jul 30, 2018

Christian's last set of casts were removed today! As usual, both parents were there for support and this time, to celebrate too! He's been told to do some stretching to keep his feet straight. His mobility will be limited in the meantime while he's required to wear a brace, but we encouraged him that he needs to continue to exercise and move as much as he's able to! Photo of Christian

Jul 02, 2018

It was a rough day for Christian. He’s usually so chill, we were surprised to hear him crying during his cast change. Sometimes the stretching that accompanies a cast change makes ankles surprisingly tender, but fortunately Christian had both parents on hand to comfort him. He’s released to walk on this new set of casts, so hopefully that will give him some motivation to keep pushing forward! Photo of Christian

Jun 14, 2018

"We got a free Bible! Thank you so much!" Cresencia tells us with excitement. She packed their most precious gift in her bag as Christian got discharged today. We pray that when they feel discouraged throughout this healing, they will remember that they have the access to God's word, which has all the encouragement that they need to keep going. And just like that, the ward is empty once again but we know that Cresencia, Daniel, and Christian's hearts are full as they go home today! Photo of Christian

Jun 13, 2018

We walked into the ward today only to find out that it was empty! We knew one place where the kids could possibly be, and there they were having a playroom party! As Christian sat comfortably surrounded by pillows, he said more words than we had heard from him before as he cheered on his buddies. “Don’t go the wrong way! Keep going! You’re almost there!” We’re glad to see that Christian is making friends here at the hospital! And we’ll be sure to encourage Christian with those same words as he goes through this healing process! Photo of Christian

Jun 12, 2018

It’s Independence Day today in the Philippines, but that doesn’t mean our surgical staff had the day off! Christian had surgery today to correct his clubfeet. First, the nurses cleaned his feet with bright orange soap to kill any germs, then Dr. Jun made a few small cuts in Christian’s feet. He moved the tendons from one spot to another, and sewed them in place with purple thread so they'll heal in their new spot. Christian’s tendons will gently pull his feet in the right direction, allowing him to stand on flat feet at last! Photo of Christian

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