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  • Age11
  • Conditiona broken bone
  • Next Appointment 06/22/2017

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CURE in Philippines

The picture above is of CURE in Philippines. The doctors, nurses, technicians, cooks, cleaners, and administrators of CURE Philippines are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Jerry. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $2000 for Jerry and kids like him. When you give a gift through Jerry's CUREkids profile, your contribution is designated to an exclusive country fund for CURE's work in Philippines, and those funds can only be used for operational expenses to treat patients in Philippines. Have more questions? Ask us.

Monthly Giving: Be a Hero!

When you partner with us monthly, we'll send you an email each month to introduce you to a different child who was helped because of your generosity. You can choose to follow their updates and send them get well messages. That means that each year, you're a part of helping 12 different children, beginning with Jerry. We call it being a CURE Hero!

Got it. Thanks for the explanation.

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Jerry's Story

“I broke my arm six years ago. I was a little kid and I remember playing and chasing a ball. I fell and landed my arm,” Jerry remembers about how he broke his arm.

Fast forward six years later, Jerry still loves to chase a ball while on … Read more

“I broke my arm six years ago. I was a little kid and I remember playing and chasing a ball. I fell and landed my arm,” Jerry remembers about how he broke his arm.

Fast forward six years later, Jerry still loves to chase a ball while on the court! Basketball is his pastime when he hangs out with his friends. Despite the accident, some of his passions never changed, except this time, Jerry has played with a broken arm. “I can still do everything, except I can’t fully flex my arm, leaving me unable to carry anything heavy. It keeps me from helping out at home. At least I can still wash the dishes and sweep the floor,” says Jerry.

Even thought he's been called names like “singkaw” which means broken arm because of his disability, Jerry has learned to give a more gracious response and has silenced his bullies. Thanks to the local health workers who introduced him to Tebow CURE, Jerry is happy to finally get his arm fixed and be able to move it freely! With a shy smile, Jerry tells us what he hopes for the future as he says, “I’d like to become an engineer and build tall buildings one day!”

We hope and pray for Jerry’s bright future as God unfolds his story through his healing!

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Latest Updates

May 18, 2017

Although we were happy to know that Jerry is getting discharged today, we're sad that we couldn't spend more time with this amazing family. They moved so quick, we almost missed to get Jerry's goodbye pic! Thankfully, we weren't too late and got to chase the van before they left! So grateful for our joy of meeting them and we pray for Jerry's healing until we see him in a few weeks! Photo of Jerry

May 17, 2017

“It’s OK, these are tears of joy!” Jerry’s mom Sarah beamed as she and Jana (Dr. Mead's wife) prayed together this morning. “Yesterday she was crying from fear, and I told her I hoped to see a smile today!” Jana explained. After such a long wait for healing, the response is appropriate! Not only did God give Jerry the gift of healing, but today, He also filled Sarah with overflowing joy! Photo of Jerry

May 16, 2017

Once again, Jerry quietly sat and waited for his turn in the operating room this morning. He managed to calm his mind to the point that he almost fell asleep! Our anesthesiologist helped him fall the rest of the way asleep, then Dr. Tim did the typical elbow correction sequence, cut, hammer, and pin! And at the end of it all, Jerry’s elbow is straight at last! Photo of Jerry

May 15, 2017

Quiet as he is, Jerry sits himself in the corner during orientation. Everyone introduced themselves while Jerry had to speak up twice as loud as he usually does since he's so soft spoken. The orientation will help him understand what he's about to go through during his stay at the hospital. Tomorrow is Jerry's surgery! Please pray for him! Photo of Jerry

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