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  • Age8
  • Conditionburn contractures
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Abdoul Rahim's Story

Abdoul Rahim is a friendly young man who uses his smile more than his words. His life changed two years ago when he fell into his family's trash burning pit outside their home. He was instantly and badly burned. With no real medical care in their c… Read more

Abdoul Rahim is a friendly young man who uses his smile more than his words. His life changed two years ago when he fell into his family's trash burning pit outside their home. He was instantly and badly burned. With no real medical care in their community, Abdoul Rahim's family had no choice but to merely do their best to comfort him as he went through an extremely painful recovery process. In time, he did indeed heal, but as a result of his burns, Abdoul Rahim can no longer close his left eyelid or fully close his mouth. He also has bad burns on his torso and his right hand which is rendered unusable. Besides making life more difficult, Abdoul's burns exclude him from much of society and force him to only use his left hand, something that is considered taboo and unclean in Nigerien culture. Thankfully an anasara (a foreigner - most likely a missionary or aid worker) saw Abdoul Rahim and recommended that Aichatou, Abdoul Rahim's mother, bring him here to us at CURE Niger. Now that Abdoul is here, we will first release the burned skin preventing him from closing his eye and mouth and then move on to releasing the burns on his hand. We can't fully remove the stigmas of disability here in Niger, but we can restore his functionality and show him he is dearly loved, both by us and by God!

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Latest Updates

Apr 21, 2020

"I want to see my father," Abdoul Rahim told us the other day. Moved by our patients' desire to see their families again, our CURE Niger team has worked hard to get governmental permission to take them home, even amid ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. "It was a lot of work," says Hannatou Labo, our spiritual director, "But it was important...some patients [including Abdoul Rahim] have been here for months." We're thankful and grateful they can finally see their families again - pray for a joyous reunion. Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Apr 16, 2020

Abdoul Rahim was on a mission to get water when he got a little distracted by the camera. He loves being on stage - whether it's dancing, singing, or just posing, he really can't get enough of being on display! He's such a talented and energetic little boy, and now he's trying to find ways to entertain himself while he waits out COVID-19 travel restrictions. Pray for him to find healthy outlets here at CURE Niger - pray also that in the future he'd be able to develop these talents he's been gifted with. Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Apr 10, 2020

Abdoul Rahim was so surprised to find out CURE Niger grows corn! He stopped and stared, then ran up and down the rows shouting "Corn, corn corn!" He's still waiting out COVID-19 travel restrictions at our guesthouse and he's healing up well in the meantime. Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Apr 02, 2020

Here at CURE Niger patients and moms are usually pretty shy to show their affection on camera, so when Abdoul Rahim's mom grabbed him and insisted on a photo, we absolutely didn't say no. It's good they love each other so much because they've been spending a lot of time together away from their family. Unfortunately, there's more to come - because of new COVID-19 travel restrictions it's impossible for the pair to get home for now. Pray that a spirit of joy and hope would reign at our guesthouse where they and a number of other patients are weathering this storm together. Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Mar 25, 2020

This is how Abdoul Rahim releases COVID-19 stress. He is waiting for the doctor to verify that he is well enough to go home, then he can get transport from CURE Niger as public transportation is suspended. Niger currently has only seven COVID-19 cases, but its healthcare system isn't equipped to handle the extra burden the virus could bring. Please pray that more and more people will be aware of the current situation and that they protect themselves. Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Mar 19, 2020

Abdoul Rahim is practicing social distancing here at the CURE Niger guesthouse. This morning our spiritual team went around again to all the patients and families, helping them further understand why we're no longer hi-fiving, hugging, or touching each other. These new measures are totally unnatural for kids here, but all in all they're doing a pretty good job. Pray that everyone here would have in their hearts to do their part against COVID-19, even with no reported cases in Niger. Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Mar 11, 2020

Abdoul Rahim loves getting his picture taken, and he's excited for his next surgery, the one for his hand. "How excited are you?" we asked. "I am car excited" he said. In Niger many kids don't have the opportunity to ride in cars so when they do, they are through-the-roof-thrilled. He just needs to wait until his left eye heals, then he'll get his car excitement satisfied! Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Mar 06, 2020

Do you notice anything different about Abdoul Rahim since the last update? If you guessed that he got his bandages removed, you'd be right! His face is healing well, and he will continue to stay at our guesthouse (where he loves to ride the new hand-crank bikes) while he recovers. Our doctors are still waiting to decide whether they will operate on his burned hand now, or at a future date - pray for this little man and the continuation of his treatment. Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Feb 28, 2020

Abdoul Rahim is back and is now staying in our guesthouse for easy access for his bandage changes. It's been more than two weeks since his operation, but he needs to stick around for frequent bandage changes. "Everything is healing up well," Dr. Anthony tells us, "We just need to decide if we'll operate on his hand now, or later - it's the most important surgery for him." You can see that Abdoul Rahim's right hand (a very important hand in this culture, as the left hand is considered 'unclean'), is still deformed from the burn - pray for wisdom in deciding when to perform the next operation. Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Feb 14, 2020

This young man was discharged! But not before he got to spend some quality time with Emmanuel from our spiritual staff. At this exact moment, they were playing a French counting game, but Emmanuel has a great way about him where he can weave spiritual lessons into fun little games. Abdoul Rahim will be back next week for a bandage change, but we are glad he gets to spend the weekend at home with his family! Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Feb 13, 2020

You'd never know Abdoul just had a major surgery with how his active and playful he is. He'll soon begin bandage changes to make sure everything heals up properly, but for now he's happy making faces and playing around the ward! Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Feb 12, 2020

Abdoul Rahim was pretty nervous about his surgery, but was super brave going into the OR! Dr. Issa and our CURE Niger surgical staff did a great job releases and reshaping Abdoul's eyelid and lip. While he has some healing to do, he can already close both his eye and mouth properly for the first time since he was burned! We praise the Lord for his gift of healing in Abdoul's life! Photo of Abdoul Rahim

Feb 11, 2020

Abdoul Rahim is here at CURE Niger getting ready for his surgery! He told us he's pretty nervous about it, but thankfully Emmanuel from our Spiritual Staff spent some time with him this morning playing and talking through the process, putting him at ease. We're thankful for Emmanuel's gentle way and communication skills and we cannot wait to see the adventures God has in store for Abdoul Rahim! Photo of Abdoul Rahim

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