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Ibrahim's Story

"I am not scared because I am so happy to be treated!" Ibrahim shared emphatically as he was admitted to our CURE Niger ward for surgery. Ibrahim is a tough young man who has had a hard year. Eight months ago, he was sleeping outside, around a fire… Read more

"I am not scared because I am so happy to be treated!" Ibrahim shared emphatically as he was admitted to our CURE Niger ward for surgery. Ibrahim is a tough young man who has had a hard year. Eight months ago, he was sleeping outside, around a fire for warmth. It was a peaceful night and he was out there with his cousins and his aunt. But in the middle of the night, the wind picked up and the fire jumped from their fire pit to the spot where Ibrahim was sleeping. His pants caught on fire and he awoke, screaming in pain. Thankfully his aunt was a light sleeper and was able to put out his burning pants before the fire spread to the rest of his body, but still, his right leg was badly burned. Ibrahim's family rushed him to the nearest hospital where they were able to take care of his pain, but his leg still healed incorrectly. Now Ibrahim's calf is essentially melted to his thigh. His leg is permanently bent which means he cannot walk, cannot run, and struggles to get around without the aid of a trusty walking stick. Thankfully, one of our pastor partners went to Ibrahim's village on a whim and, in his customary meeting with the village chief, learned about Ibrahim and his condition. Due to this pastor's diligence and assistance, Ibrahim has now made it here to CURE Niger where we will release the burned skin, opening up not only his leg, but also his future!

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Latest Updates

Dec 23, 2019

Our prayers have been answered! Ibrahim has finally had all his bandages off and is walking on his own two feet! And with that, this young man has been discharged and is headed home just in time for Christmas and the New Year! Thank you all for your involvement with his healing. Without you, none of this would have been possible and we'll be sure to keep you updated as Ibrahim swings back by for his follow up appointments in the future. Photo of Ibrahim

Nov 21, 2019

Ibrahim is always as happy as ever and always ready to learn new words in English. So far today we've taught him the words 'come' and 'go'!

Nov 14, 2019

Today we asked Ibrahim what his favorite thing to do was and he said, “talking.” He loves to talk and talk and talk. He talked to us about his home and his daily routine at home. "I wake up and play all day” he told us. When we asked him what he misses, he said his friends. He says all his friends are nice to him except for the older kids. “But now that I'm getting better, I'll show them” he finished with with his trademark sass. Please be praying this spunky man stays out of trouble! Photo of Ibrahim

Nov 08, 2019

Ibrahim is staying strong on his constant bandage change and wound cleaning program. It's the boring stage where it's the same old thing day after day, but consistency is what will allow everything to heal properly. Please keep praying for him to continue with his good attitude and to keep finding fun little ways to entertain himself! Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 29, 2019

"I'm so happy I'm not longer like that!" Ibrahim told us with a big smile on his face as we showed him his before surgery photo. Our conversation descended from there into a series of weirder and weirder faces, but we love the joy this young man has and we're honored to be a part of his healing journey alongside you. Without your involvement, none of this would be possible! Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 15, 2019

Today we hosted some visitors who put on a puppet show for the kids, acting out a Bible story. It took Ibrahim (in the white shirt there) a bit to figure out that the animals were the ones "talking," but once he did, he loved the show! Please be praying these Bible stories he's hearing day in and day out take root in his heart. Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 10, 2019

On the medical front, Ibrahim is continuing with his regular bandage changes and wound cleanings. It's a pretty repetitive schedule, but this young man handles it with a air of joy about him! All the nurses and caretakers know him so this morning, while he was waiting for his bandage change, he had someone hold his spot in line as he went to the ward to visit one of his friends who just had surgery. We love his attitude and how much he cares about the others around him! Photo of Ibrahim

Oct 04, 2019

Over the past few weeks, Ibrahim's confidence with his walker has skyrocketed and he's all over the place! Today we caught him in the chapel starting a dance party with a few of the friends he's made here at CURE Niger! https://youtu.be/nF6FobTLYa0

Sep 10, 2019

Three big things made today a pretty great day for Ibrahim! 1) He had his cast removed and replaced with bandages and a splint. The splint keeps everything straight while the bandages allow his leg to breathe. 2) Ibrahim got given a walker so he's got a measure of independence back which is a big relief after having to be carried around by his mom for the past week. And 3) Ibrahim took part in an occupational therapy session with our Occupational Therapist Justine today! He's not at a stage where he can do too much therapy just yet, but OT seems to be all about tricking the kids into doing work while they play so Ibrahim was all about it! Photo of Ibrahim

Sep 06, 2019

Ibrahim's leg is all wrapped up in a hard cast because after years of being contracted in the bent position it had been burnt, that's the position it wants to go back to. The cast makes sure his leg stays straight, but it also makes it more difficult for the nurses to get in there in order to clean the surgical site and skin graft. It's an awkward and long process, but Ibrahim has the best attitude about it! Photo of Ibrahim

Aug 29, 2019

Ibrahim's pain has reduced to a manageable level and his smile is making a comeback! He was also rocking the pipecleaner crown he made with our art therapist as a reminder that as children of the Most High King, we are also royal! In medical news, the doctors say Ibrahim is doing great and they discharged him! Since he lives far away and needs very attentive care in order to heal properly, he'll be staying in our patient guesthouse as he gets regular bandage changes and skin graft cleanings. In all honesty, it's not going to be a fun process, but the results will literally be life changing! Photo of Ibrahim

Aug 28, 2019

This man had a rough first day after surgery. While the nurses have done all they can to make him comfortable, he still struggled with some pain and the discomfort of having his leg in a big cast. Thankfully, our art therapist Georgiana was around to distract Ibrahim with some coloring and crafts! Photo of Ibrahim

Aug 27, 2019

Ibrahim was super brave going into surgery today! He was nervous so we had promised to go in with him and hold his hand until he feel asleep. He wasn't his normal, smiley self, but he didn't cry once and went to sleep peacefully. The doctors were then able to release his leg! It was a pretty big surgery and involved a significant skin graft from his lower stomach onto the newly exposed back of his leg. Praise the Lord with us for the successful surgery and also join us in praying for him as he's sure to be in some significant pain over the coming days. Photo of Ibrahim

Aug 26, 2019

Ibrahim is here at CURE Niger getting ready for his surgery! He's going back and forth between excitement of being able to use both his legs again and nervousness about the pain he might experience in surgery. We sat down with him and walked him through the process, assuring him he'll be asleep and won't feel any pain! Please be praying for this young man, for bravery and strength! Photo of Ibrahim

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