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Koubra's Story

“When you are happy in your heart, you smile with your teeth. Koubra is now smiling with her teeth,” Koubra’s mother tells us, a toothy smile appearing on her own face. Mariama, Koubra’s mother, has given birth to ten children, but five of … Read more

“When you are happy in your heart, you smile with your teeth. Koubra is now smiling with her teeth,” Koubra’s mother tells us, a toothy smile appearing on her own face. Mariama, Koubra’s mother, has given birth to ten children, but five of them have died due to various diseases and infections. So, when in 2016 a small sore appeared on Koubra’s leg, indicative of a deeper bone infection, the entire family was terrified of losing their little girl. For one year Koubra’s mother carried Koubra all over their region, visiting a total of five different hospitals. Each hospital they visited was not equipped to treat the bone infection, so they were not able to help. The family had all but given up hope. Thankfully, CURE Niger hosted an awareness mission in the market where Koubra’s mother works. Information was exchanged, and mere days later, Koubra showed up at the CURE Niger doorstep after her entire village contributed money to get her here! Now that she is with us, our medical staff will go in and clear out the dead and infected bone, prevent any spreading, and send Koubra home with her future secure!

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Latest Updates

May 18, 2020

Koubra's going home, but first it's time for presents! She was so excited when she opened up her CURE Care Kit and found some Bible story coloring books, a stuffed animal, toothpaste and some other goodies - it's very rare that our patients get gifts, and even rarer that these gifts would be brand new, so it's a great joy to be able to give each departing patient something that they so value! Photo of Koubra

May 12, 2020

"My baby!" Koubra's mom joked this morning, rubbing her teenage daughter's shoulder while waiting outside Dr. Karim's office. Just a few minutes later the pair were ushered inside - our medical team then examined the swelling and discharge coming from around Koubra's knee and decided it would be best to treat it with antibiotics. Koubra's next appointment isn't for another three months, but she'll stay at our guesthouse until she and her mom can arrange transport home. We're glad Koubra's got such a great mom looking after her, and we pray for strength and wisdom for her as she helps her daughter fight this infection. Photo of Koubra

May 11, 2020

Koubra is back early because of a little trouble with her knee - she'll see the doctor tomorrow and hopefully get the low-down on the slight discharge and swelling that's been going on. Despite this, she seems happy to be back with her old guesthouse friends, and spent almost all day today doing art with them. This morning all the patients drew what made their mom awesome, and afterwards Koubra explained her artwork to us - "My mom's my best friend," she said, "So I drew us side by side." Photo of Koubra

Mar 04, 2020

"I'm super excited to go home," exclaimed Koubra today. "I want to see my family and I want to show off!" While she's been recovering here she and Badaria (in pink) have become practically inseparable - but now the two are ready to each continue their recovery with their respective families. It's sad parting, but we're so glad that they're both healing well - Koubra's infection has responded well to the antibiotics and now it's time for a grand reunion - after all, her entire village did chip in to send her here - everyone's probably anxious to see her back and healed! Photo of Koubra

Feb 24, 2020

Today Koubra was challenged to use different mediums and methods to draw what she imagined when she heard the phrase, "I can fly." She took her time with it, patiently making each brushstroke until she was satisfied with the finished product. Things have not been easy for Koubra lately though - she is really missing home, and on top of that over the weekend her infection flared up again. Doctors are trying a new round of antibiotics now - pray for her encouragement and for a speedy recovery. Photo of Koubra

Feb 21, 2020

This week Koubra and the other girls at our guesthouse were given new dresses! Her mom helped her tie it and then all the girls went out for a photo shoot. "I really like it!" Koubra told us later. Photo of Koubra

Feb 13, 2020

Koubra's smile just gets bigger and bigger, even in the midst of an ongoing infection. She's been staying several weeks at our guesthouse while the doctors work out the best plan of attack against the infection in her knee. They're starting a new type of antibiotic today - let's pray it tackles this thing for good! Photo of Koubra

Feb 10, 2020

This young woman is such a little trooper! While she's still battling this infection, her smile refuses to get any smaller. She's still on a medicine regimen and our doctors are keeping a close eye on her. In the meantime, please continue joining us in lifting her up in prayer! Photo of Koubra

Jan 30, 2020

Koubra took part in our group art therapy session making "flying carpets" out of colored paper and glue. Art therapy is always a great time to take the kid's minds off their difficulties and just have some fun being kids! Photo of Koubra

Jan 23, 2020

Koubra is back for a check up! The doctors are happy with her leg as she can both fully extend it and bend it 90 degrees. We have to do a little more investigation about her residual infection. She seems to be doing pretty well, but she's also been put on some meds so we'll see how that plays out. In the meantime, she's staying at our patient guesthouse once again! Photo of Koubra

Nov 22, 2019

Even though Koubra is very shy, she has a lot of knowledge to share. She cannot wait to go to school and learn even more! “All I want to do is learn,” she says.

Nov 14, 2019

It's bittersweet that we're seeing Koubra again. Sweet because we always love seeing her and that amazing smile of hers, but bitter because it means she's having more problems. Her knee is unfortunately swollen and hot, both indications of a reoccurrence of her infection. As you can tell, these infections can be a beast to beat with little pockets hiding only to the spring out full force at a later date. Right now Koubra will be started on antibiotics which will hopefully take care of the problem. If not, an aggressive surgery where the doctors go in and manually clear out the infection may be necessary. Please be praying for this one as we take another round with this infection! Photo of Koubra

Aug 20, 2019

Koubra's is officially free from infection and got discharged! No lies, the infection was a hard one to beat, but we all got there thanks to the medical excellence of our staff and Koubra's high spirits. Hopefully she'll remain infection free and we won't need to see her again, but she knows we're here if she needs us! Photo of Koubra

Jul 12, 2019

Even though the doctors cleared out the infected tissue, the surgery has left Koubra's leg feeling a bit stiff and sore. She's using a walker to get around, but she's keeping her spirits high and her smile big. We're constantly amazed by this young woman's attitude! Photo of Koubra

Jul 05, 2019

The doctors came through today and after checking on her, told her that she can be discharged! Since she lives a long way away, she'll be staying at our patient guesthouse for a while. To celebrate the occasion, she figured out how to use our phone to take a photo of herself! Photo of Koubra

Jul 04, 2019

Koubra's still hanging out in the ward, but some of her friends came to visit and spend time with her today which was a nice change of pace! We also got to sit down and read her your get-well messages. Thank you all so much for loving this young woman so well! Photo of Koubra

Jul 03, 2019

Koubra's drainage yesterday went just fine. She says she feels the same, but yesterday was a big step in fighting her infection! This little lady has to stay in the ward today so the nurses can keep an eye on her, but she says it's boring and she wants to go to the guesthouse where she has a lot of friends. To try and help her fight the boredom, we were able to find a few coloring pages to do with her! Photo of Koubra

Jul 02, 2019

Dr. Diane, our CURE Niger Anesthesiologist, checked Koubra this morning and confirmed she's all clear to go into the OR today! Koubra's wound cleanings are helping to keep the infection at bay, but the doctors found there's essentially a pocket of pus inside Koubra's leg. Today they're going to put her to sleep and then drain this pocket dry which should put us ahead of this infection! Please be praying for this little lady and her massive smile! Photo of Koubra

Jun 25, 2019

Koubra stopped back by CURE Niger! She's had a slight complication since the last time we saw her. Evidently she was doing fine for a long time, but then she fell sick with malaria. A local hospital was able to treat her malaria, but not long after, her leg began to pus again. Afraid that it's indicative of a deeper infection, Koubra's mother brought Koubra back to us as soon as she could. Right know we've put Koubra on a wound cleaning and bandage change regimen and we'll see how things progress! Photo of Koubra

Feb 05, 2018

Koubra and her amazing smile stopped by the hospital today! She didn't have a follow up appointment and nothing is wrong so we were a little confused as to why she was here. Turns out she and her mom just wanted to come by and thank everyone for healing her. They went work station to work station thanking everyone and spreading appreciation. We love this little one! Photo of Koubra

Dec 05, 2017

Koubra has completely healed from her surgery, and by all indications, her infection is gone! She's been discharged, and been told she only needs to return if something else goes wrong. We're sad to see her leave, but wer're happy we've been able to help!

Sep 19, 2017

Koubra starts her bandage change and wound cleaning routine today. She's not all that pumped about it, but it's part of the whole healing gig for her. Let's all join together in prayer for peace and encouragement for her as she continues to recover! Photo of Koubra

Sep 15, 2017

And with one last little smirk, Koubra has been discharged! Since she lives pretty far away, she'll be staying at our guest house as she goes through the healing and follow up process! Photo of Koubra

Sep 14, 2017

Koubra is still healing up nicely and had a great visit with our spiritual staff this morning! Photo of Koubra

Sep 13, 2017

Per the doctor's instructions, Koubra is keeping her leg elevated as she heals up from her surgery. So far, so good! Thank you for continuing to pray for Koubra! Photo of Koubra

Sep 12, 2017

Koubra's surgery was a little more involved than expected, but everything worked out well! The doctors went in into her thigh and removed all the dead and infected bone and tissue. The unexpected part was just how much of it was in there. After the removal, the whole area was flushed and sewn back up. During the surgery, the doctors found evidence of a small fracture, which is most likely how the infection started in the first place! Photo of Koubra

Sep 11, 2017

We're excited to see Koubra's fantastic smile while she's here with us at CURE Niger. We're even more excited to share with you updates about her healing journey! Photo of Koubra

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