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  • Age17
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment To be scheduled

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Abdul Aziz's Story

“One day, I will be the President of Niger, so I could help people!” Abdul Aziz told us when we met him. That sounds like an amazing plan!

When he was about one years old, Abdul Aziz got a stomach illness and his mother had to take him … Read more

“One day, I will be the President of Niger, so I could help people!” Abdul Aziz told us when we met him. That sounds like an amazing plan!

When he was about one years old, Abdul Aziz got a stomach illness and his mother had to take him to the medical center. There, he received an injection which caused severe deformity some time later. He had already learned to walk and a few months after the injection his leg started to stiffen and retracted. As he grew up, his leg became deformed more severely. Today, he can’t even bend his knee, his leg is in the shape of an arc and his foot is always tense. He can’t walk properly even if he tries to adapt to his handicap. He has tried many times to ride a bike but he can’t do it for long because he feels pain. It’s also hard for him to walk long distances. His mother Aichatou took him to an hospital in Nigeria where he went for consultation. The doctors told them to wait and come back two years later. They also went the Hospital of Galmi, in Niger, founded by missionaries but they told them that they weren’t equipped do this kind of surgery.

It’s been hard for Abdul Aziz to live like this, he’s often mocked by other kids and they have given him the nickname of “the one who limps.” His mother Aichatou feels bad for him and she’s sad to see how he has been excluded because of his leg.

When a mobile clinic from CURE came to their town some months ago, they were very relieved. They had finally found a place where Abdul Aziz would be able to have surgery and get back the full use of his leg. He’s a young man full of plans for the future! He’s currently attending school now and he wishes he could learn more in order to fulfill his dreams. We are glad to welcome them here!

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Latest Updates

Mar 15, 2018

Abdul stopped by for another follow up appointment. Thankfully his stubbornness about not wanting to wearing the height compensation shoes was all talk as he showed up wearing them today! The doctors are pleased with the way he is walking and the height at which the shoes are. All in all, it was a great follow up appointment and we’ll see Abdul again in six months for another one! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Aug 11, 2017

Abdul came back for his follow up appointment today. He missed his scheduled appointment because he was sick last week, but he is here now! We've made an appointment for him to get a pair of compensating shoes to help continue the healing, but he says he won't wear them. Our doctor explained to him their importance and we're going to follow up with him at his next appointment. Please pray that he follows the doctors instructions so that his healing will be smooth! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Jun 30, 2017

Abdul stopped back in today in order to grab his crutches, and his foot is indeed looking good! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Jun 29, 2017

Abdul slipped in and out today before we could get a photo, but the doctor says Abdul's foot is looking good. Abdul traded in his walker for a pair of crutches and we'll be seeing him again in another month!

May 18, 2017

Our man Abdul stopped by for a check up today and got the pins and wires removed from his leg! He wasn't too thrilled to be back here, but we were happy to see him! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Apr 05, 2017

Abdul checks out his x-ray right after being told he's good to go home! He'll be back in a few weeks to get his stitches out and a new cast and then a few more weeks after that to see how his foot is healing up! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Apr 04, 2017

Our man's surgery went great! His foot was worked on and is a whole lot straighter than it was this time yesterday! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Apr 03, 2017

The discussions have been had and all parties involved have decided to just go for it! Abdul was admitted early this morning and is going into surgery today! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Mar 15, 2017

Abdul stopped by today for a check up. He's all nice and healed, but his leg lengths are slightly asymmetrical. He'll have another surgery to address this, but we're still working out when the best time to have it will be because his family doesn't want him missing out on too much school! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Oct 05, 2015

Abdul Aziz stayed with us over the weekend and he’s leaving today! He’s very happy! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Oct 02, 2015

Abdul Aziz is leaving today! He’s happy because it means he will get to go back to school! Keep praying for him! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 30, 2015

Today, Abdul Aziz, Ouzeirou, and Moubarak were hanging out in the ward and said “hi” to the other kids! Look at this team! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 29, 2015

This week, our art therapist Julie came back! She gathered all the kids together and they had so much fun! We also had some visitors come to visit our little patients. There was a lot of activity at the hospital today which provided much joy! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 22, 2015

Abdul Aziz came into our office to say “hi!” today! He’s fine and his leg is healing well! That’s good news! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 21, 2015

This morning as Abdoul Aziz was doing physiotherapy, we found his lovely sister Sapara waiting for him with their sweet mother! She’s so cute! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 18, 2015

Abdul Aziz was proud to show us his artwork! Good job Abdul Aziz! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 17, 2015

Abdul Aziz was hanging around the hospital today! More and more, he’s been walking better! He still needs to wait a little longer before being able to use his leg normally! Keep praying for him! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 16, 2015

Let’s meet Sapara, Abdul Aziz’s little sister! She’s so cute and she’s been so quiet as she’s been here with her mother and her brother at the hospital several weeks now! Keep this family in your prayers! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 15, 2015

Abdul Aziz and Ouzeirou had fun this morning! All the kids gathered in the prayer room to play, and these two guys sat together, enjoying their time! It’s so good to have friends! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 14, 2015

Abdul Aziz had fun with Djafar! Look at these cool toys they found! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 11, 2015

Abdul Aziz had a physiotherapy session today! Saley, one of our physiotherapists, works hard with our kids! Courage Abdul Aziz! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 09, 2015

Abdul Aziz enjoyed some time outside of his room this morning and so did his mother! He’s healing well! Keep praying for him! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 07, 2015

This morning, we were invited to a nice family gathering! Abdul Aziz, his mother Aichatou, and his beautiful little sister were having a talk! It’s great to share some family time! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 03, 2015

Abdul Aziz was waiting for his dressing change when Ouzeirou came to show him what he found - an old container of oil! Worthy of a photo! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 02, 2015

Abdul Aziz was eating breakfast this morning when we saw him sitting at the Case de passage. He loves to go there to see his friends and it’s always a good opportunity to exercise his leg! Well done Abdul Aziz! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Sep 01, 2015

Abdul Aziz went in for a visit to the Case de passage to see his friends today. He found Djafar and they started the day by having a very serious “man to man” talk sitting in their chairs. It’s nice for Abdul Aziz to be able to get out of his room and enjoy some time outside! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Aug 31, 2015

Abdul Aziz stayed at the hospital over the weekend and he will be with us for a few more weeks. He’s fine! It’s quiet in his new room so he can heal smoothly! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Aug 28, 2015

We’re happy to find Abdul Aziz awake today! He has rested these past few days and he’s feeling better today! Keep him in your prayers! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Aug 26, 2015

Abdul Aziz was resting this morning. He moved in to a private room with Gregoire because we needed some new spaces in the ward. Here he can rest quietly! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Aug 24, 2015

Finally, we caught Abdul Aziz awake! These past few days he was still recovering from surgery and was very tired but today, he’s doing fine and he’s smiling! He will probably be here for another three weeks so please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Aug 21, 2015

Abdul Aziz went through a difficult surgery and he’s still recovering and needing a lot of rest. Please keep him in your prayers as the healing process is going on! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Aug 20, 2015

Abdul Aziz is doing well today, but tired from the operation he went through. He needs to recover, so he is resting right now. Please keep him in your prayers as his leg heals!

Aug 19, 2015

Abdoul Aziz went to the Operating Room today where the surgeon worked to release his leg in order to give it more flexibility. Abdul Aziz will need another surgery to fix his foot after that. For now, he’s recovering so please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Abdul Aziz

Aug 18, 2015

Abdul Aziz has come to have surgery on his leg. He’s staying at the Case de passage until his operation is scheduled and he has already made new friends! Welcome! Photo of Abdul Aziz

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