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Imassane's Story

“Between all the many things you can’t do, you said you want to collect wood to help me with the fire? That was sweet.” Imassane’s mother Azara was pleasantly surprised when she heard her daughter’s response to our question about what thi… Read more

“Between all the many things you can’t do, you said you want to collect wood to help me with the fire? That was sweet.” Imassane’s mother Azara was pleasantly surprised when she heard her daughter’s response to our question about what things she would like to do, but can't right now because of her condition. “I just want to walk,” Imassane tells us, a look of determination on her face. Imassane was born with clubfoot, but has hardly let it hold her back. She’s the first in her class at school. Her mother confesses that Imassane did come in second, but only once, and she makes sure we write that down. Imassane has also starred in a local commercial showing everyone that people with a disability can still be smart and have accomplishments in life.

Yes, Imassane is a sweet girl that doesn't let her condition crush her spirit, she is quite determined! While Imassane has definitely made the best of a bad situation, she still dreams of being able to walk as she currently has to crawl around when she is not in her special cart. Imassane works hard and we are so incredibly happy that she has found her way to us here at CURE Niger. She lives in a village hundreds of miles away, in a beautiful valley. A team that works for the Niger government went to her village for a cultural event, and someone on their team knew Imassane could get help here in Niamey, so they told them to come. Fortunately, the family has relatives in the city, so Imassane and her mom have a place to stay, as we start the process of giving her the two surgeries she needs! It will be a long journey, but our medical staff will treat Imassane’s feet and send her home walking proudly!

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Latest Updates

May 31, 2018

Imassane spent the night here just to make sure there were no residual issues from her manipulation yesterday. There weren't and she's on her way home! Now she'll be back in a few weeks for her follow up appointment! Photo of Imassane

May 30, 2018

We were mistaken about when Imassane was coming back. She's back right now! She'll be heading back into the OR today for what's called a "manipulation under anesthesia." All it means is that she's going to have her foot repositioned now that it's had a little time to heal after the last surgery. There will be no cutting, but it would be incredibly painful for Imassane if she were conscious so putting her to sleep for the procedure is the best option! Photo of Imassane

May 25, 2018

Imassane's recovering nicely. She was in a bit of discomfort from some swelling yesterday so the medical staff cut her cast open to relieve the pressure. She's all bandaged up again and she was discharged today! Per usual, we'll be seeing her in a few more weeks for her follow up appointment! Photo of Imassane

May 23, 2018

Imassane's surgery was a success! The doctors were working on her left foot once again. They were able to go in and complete the next step of straightening her foot. She's been closed up and is resting in the ward now. Please join us in praying for yet another quick healing and, more specifically, for a continued good attitude and patience for the whole process. Photo of Imassane

May 22, 2018

As expected, school is out for the summer and Imassane is back for her next surgery! Since her clubfeet are so bad, it's a long process to correct them, but we are slowly getting there! Photo of Imassane

Nov 23, 2017

Imassane stopped in for her follow-up today and is looking great without that cast on! Her foot still has a little residual clubbing, but the doctors are excited about the way things are heading. They've instructed her to walk without her walker any more, and Imassane is heading home to strengthen up. Once school lets out in May, Imassane is scheduled to return for her next surgery! Photo of Imassane

Sep 08, 2017

The cage and pins were removed with no issues and Imassane is sporting a nice white cast as she heads home today! She's excited and can't wait to get started on the next foot! Photo of Imassane

Sep 07, 2017

Imassane is FINALLY getting the cage off of her foot today! It is corrected to the right angle so it is time to cast it up and let it heal! Photo of Imassane

Aug 11, 2017

Imassane keeps faithfully showing up for her adjustments! It's like a little surgery every week and she is getting close to being done (with this foot). This is a long process, but we're getting there thanks to your involvement! Photo of Imassane

Jun 21, 2017

With one screw tightening under her belt, the second one was no big deal. Each turn gets her a little bit closer to the finish line and we can't wait to see the results! Photo of Imassane

Jun 07, 2017

Imassane just stopped back in for her first screw tightening. She was nervous, but steeled herself up for it and did great! Photo of Imassane

Jun 02, 2017

Imassane is back on her foot and walking around! It takes some focus to keep the cage off the ground, but she loves being able to move around again! Also, Imassane got discharged today. She'll be back shortly to start tightening the cage screws. Photo of Imassane

Jun 01, 2017

Here's a close up of the cage on Imassane's foot. The top part is anchored to her leg bone and the screws will be adjusted to slowly move the bottom part until her foot is at the correct angle! Photo of Imassane

May 31, 2017

Imassane's surgery went well! With her being older, and her feet so clubbed, it was a difficult surgery. The doctors went in and removed some material from her foot which allowed them to correct the angle slightly. Instead of casting the foot right up, they put a cage on her foot which will allow them to correct the foot's angle just a little bit more every day. It's a long process, but the results will be worth it! Photo of Imassane

May 30, 2017

We're overjoyed to have this little local celebrity here with us and to start down the path of healing with her! Photo of Imassane

Dec 16, 2016

Just another quick update on Imassane since some information got lost in translation yesterday, but we clarified it today. Both Imassane and her father do not want her to miss any more school than she already has to, and since she will need to be here for quite some time to have surgery on her foot, they are going to come back once school ends in late May/early June. It will be some time before we see her again, but we have no doubt that she'll show up!

Dec 15, 2016

Imassane made her follow up today which is a feat in itself seeing that it is a three day journey to make it from her home to our hospital! Her leg is looking great and we had a pre-consultation about the surgeries for her feet. She'll be back in a bit for those surgeries! Photo of Imassane

Jul 28, 2016

This morning we found Imassane waiting patiently for her consultation. She recovered well, and the procedure for her right leg and foot will continue. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers! Photo of Imassane

Jul 14, 2016

Imassane was recovering so well that she was discharged! Please keep praying for her! We look forward to seeing her at the end of July for her follow up!

Jul 12, 2016

Imassane is having an operation on her right femur today. She was so peaceful and smiling, even just before anesthesia! Thanks you for keeping her in your prayers during the operation and the next few days as she is recovering! Photo of Imassane

Jul 01, 2016

Imassane came back for follow-up yesterday! The doctors decided to start the procedure for her right foot soon. She will have a pre-anesthesia consultation on Friday. In the meantime, she will stay in Niamey with her family and take rest after a long journey of more than 1400 kilometers (870 miles)! Rest well Imassane, and see you next week! Photo of Imassane

Oct 30, 2014

Our girl came in to see the doctor. They took off the cast on Imassane’s foot and did a x-ray of her femur to check it. She came to the office while waiting and stayed busy drawing and coloring. The doctor could see that her bone was healing well, so he advised her to start walking! Walking will help to consolidate her femur, the bone where she has the plate. We will see her next in December! Photo of Imassane

Oct 17, 2014

Imassane came to get a dressing change. Thankfully, it is healing pretty well, and she told us she has had no pain at all now. As we can see, she keeps her good attitude and beautiful smile. We will see her in two weeks. Photo of Imassane

Oct 10, 2014

Our beautiful girl woke up with pain this morning, which is an unfortunate normality after a surgery like hers. She was well medicated and has no pain anymore. Her recovery has been good so the doctors sent her home today. She will be back next week for dressing changes, so please keep praying for her! Photo of Imassane

Oct 09, 2014

Imassane went to do an x-ray to check her plate position, thankfully everything is ok. It was a painful procedure, because her legs hurt with any movement, but she is brave and handled it well. She is a little drowsy with all the medication, but she was happy to receive get-well messages, thank you so much for your love. Photo of Imassane

Oct 09, 2014

Thankfully, Imassane was calm going into her surgery. The doctors cut into the outside of her left leg, to reach her femur. On this bone, they attached a plate with screws, cut her femur and turned it. Her knee, that was 90 degrees angled to the outside,(that is why when she bent her legs, it would go to her side, not behind her) is now facing forward. They also put a cast on her left foot to start putting pressure on it to go straight. In a few weeks, depending on her recovery, they will do the same procedure on her right side. She didn’t have trouble waking up from the anesthesia, she was calm and quiet. Thank you for praying for her. Photo of Imassane

Oct 08, 2014

Imassane arrived at the hospital yesterday. She had a few school aged kids that came to do some coloring books with her, and as we can see it helped her relax, look at that beautiful smile! Imassane has kept her good attitude even on her surgery day. Please pray for her today as she goes to the operating room. Photo of Imassane

Oct 03, 2014

Beautiful Imassane is blessed to be around good people. She is shy and didn’t talk much, but as her mother confirmed, she does not suffer much bullying and mocking because of her condition. She has many good friends, even though sometimes she gets sad, because she can not play and participate in all the activities, as most of the kids can. Please pray for her treatment, that God will give her perseverance to be strong until her body is healed. Photo of Imassane

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