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  • Age8
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Alfred's Story

“'Everyone out, out out!' These are the words I heard from a distance when I saw the growing of smoke into the air where my house was. I was so afraid to what had happened,” shared Alfred’s father, Phosolatha.
Alfred interjects, “I di… Read more

“'Everyone out, out out!' These are the words I heard from a distance when I saw the growing of smoke into the air where my house was. I was so afraid to what had happened,” shared Alfred’s father, Phosolatha.
Alfred interjects, “I did not know what happened that day because I was a little boy. The only thing I recall was the story being told to me of what had happened while noticing that my left arm is not the same as the other one and it is different from everyone else.”
Phosolatha picks the story back up, “Alfred and including three other children were in our kitchen during one evening that was especially cold and windy. I was away, but my wife was home. Unfortunately, she had gone to her nearby friend's house to borrow some kitchenware. Not long after she left the house, the wind knocked off the kitchen roof. Alfred's friend were able to crawl out, but Alfred was trapped. My wife’s sister shouted and called for help as the cooking fire spread to the fallen roof with Alfred still trapped inside. I had gotten home at this point and as I worked to put out the fire I thought there is no chance Alfred would still be alive. I totally saw the big fire flaming up and for our son to be alive, it has to have been the work God looking out for him!”
While amazingly alive, Alfred had very bad burns on his torso and left arm. Alfred's burns did eventually heal, but unfortunately they did so in a way where Alfred cannot use his left hand in any practical manner. For years now, he has lived like this, his family seeing no other option than just accepting his condition. Thankfully, on a recent doctor's visit, the doctor told Alfred about us here at CURE Malawi and how we can treat his burned hand. Alfred and Phosolatha have now made the journey to our hospital where Alfred will get the surgery he needs to restore function to his hand!

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Latest Updates

Oct 30, 2019

Alfred left the hospital to go home early this morning, but before he did, we made sure to deliver your get-well messages! Alfred says, "Thank you so much!" Even though he's received your messages before, he finds it fascinating how every time a message can travel across the ocean is seconds to reach him while he's at the hospital. Thanks for loving on sweet Alfred and keeping him in your prayers! He and his dad greatly appreciate it! Photo of Alfred

Oct 29, 2019

Alfred is going home! His friends are really going to miss him. He has his last physical therapy session today and will leave first thing tomorrow morning. The doctors have advised him to continue wearing his splint as he sleeps at night and doing his physio exercises at home. They will be reviewing him in four weeks and we look forward to seeing him then! Please keep Alfred in your prayers while he's away working hard on his exercises! Photo of Alfred

Oct 28, 2019

Alfred celebrated previous CURE Malawi patient Tiyamike's birthday this weekend and he LOVED it! Alfred is a big fan of balloons, but now he's also a big fan of party hats and cake! He loves his new hat so much, his dad is having a hard time getting it off him. Alfred loves being at the hospital, playing with friends, and celebrating birthdays. We are lucky to have this sweet kid around and are happy to see him healing happily! Photo of Alfred

Oct 24, 2019

Alfred is hanging with the boys today watching Malawian music videos. He is loving all these new friends since the kid's ward is jam-packed this week! Alfred will be continuing physical therapy this afternoon and will have an evaluation by the physical therapy team to see if his splint is helping his hand make progress or they need to change something. Alfred also isn't the biggest fan of his scar, so they nurses will be giving him vaseline to apply on it and make him feel better knowing the vaseline will help it heal. Thanks for keeping this cute little man in your prayers! Photo of Alfred

Oct 18, 2019

Alfred is having a fun Friday playing hide and seek behind the mattresses! He loves running around the ward with his new friends, all of them chasing Storyteller Lexi for a balloon. Alfred is full of smiles and high-fives and wants to let you know he LOVES nsima (Malawi's staple food). Alfred has recovered well from his previous operation and his arm has quickly gone from dysfunctional to functional! He'll be continuing his physical therapy this afternoon, and though painful, he loves now being able to flex his arm and move his elbow. Thanks for keep Alfred in your constant prayers! Photo of Alfred

Oct 14, 2019

Alfred is in the operating room! The doctors are releasing his wrist to align and straighten his hand. Last week he showed us how he is finally able to move his elbow in ways he couldn't before and we can't wait to see him doing that with his wrist. Alfred is one happy kid and had no fear going back into the operating room today. Please keep him in your prayers during his surgery and that he has a smooth recovery. Photo of Alfred

Oct 08, 2019

Alfred is back here at CURE Malawi chomping away at his apple! He's happy to be here and excited to have his photos taken again. Alfred will be going to physical therapy throughout the week to start bending his stiff arm. He is also here for another operation on his wrist. The doctors are coming up with a plan, so please keep Alfred in your prayers this week while they make a decision about what's next! Photo of Alfred

Aug 21, 2019

Home sweet home! Alfred is going home and we are so happy that this sweet boy finally got to go! Alfred and his father walked out of the hospital with amazing smiles. Please continue praying for him and a safe trip home. Photo of Alfred

Aug 15, 2019

Alfred is a social butterfly in the kid's ward. He makes it his mission to say hi to everyone who walks by. The doctors told him he'll have a second wound inspection next Tuesday and then will be discharged home. Please join us in keeping Alfred in your prayers while he's with us healing at the hospital! Photo of Alfred

Aug 09, 2019

After the doctors closed Alfred's wound, he was advised to stay in bed for most of the time. Alfred has been so nice, and he listens to what he's told to do and not do so that his arm heals well. It is not easy to stay in bed for a sweet boy like Alfred! We ask you to continue to pray for him. Photo of Alfred

Aug 07, 2019

Alfred came to CURE Malawi with a swollen arm. Dr. Phalira opened his bandages, loosen them, and put on a new dressing cover. Last time Alfred was here, we could not get his photo because he went home without our knowing. We will make sure we followup with him! Please help us pray for and encourage Alfred as he continues treatment here at CURE Malawi. Photo of Alfred

Aug 05, 2019

Alfred returned to CURE Malawi wearing his soccer cleats, clearly ready to play even as he waits for his surgery. The surgeons will be performing the second release in his left arm today, bringing him one step closer to complete healing. Please keep Alfred and the surgeon in your prayers today. Photo of Alfred

Jul 04, 2019

Alfred got discharged today! It was a flurry of joy and excitement and in it all we missed our chance to say a proper goodbye! He will be back in August for a check up here at CURE Malawi so at least we know this isn't the end. We will be sure to let you know how he is doing. Keep praying for him while recovering at home.

Jun 28, 2019

Alfred is singing songs in the playroom today. He's super funny to watch sing as he opens his mouth really wide to pronounce each word super loud. He's hoping to play "soldiers" again with Storyteller Alexis, since yesterday the boys and Alexis ran around the ward, hiding under hospital beds and pretending to blow things up by fist bumping objects. It ended in a bunch of giggles and everyone survived. Alfred is so much fun to have in the hospital and has such a creative imagination. He'll be having a wound inspection next Thursday, so please join us in continuing to pray for Alfred's healing while he is with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Alfred

Jun 26, 2019

Today we have a great sunshine and a great day for the kids to get out and play! Alfred loves the bubbles so much. We love to see him laugh and play. His arm is getting much better, but he will still need to be here at CURE Malawi for sometime in order to keep his wounds cleaned and bandages changed. Photo of Alfred

Jun 24, 2019

We found Alfred blowing bubbles today with the other children in the playroom. We distracted him for a moment to read all your get-well messages. Then, when we asked him what we should tell all the people who are praying for him and wishing him well, he said "Please tell them to come and join us here to blow the bubbles!" Alfred is an awesome little boy who loves to play. His treatment is going very well. He has an arm support and he says he's not in any pain. Please continue to pray for and encourage him. Photo of Alfred

Jun 21, 2019

Alfred has been out of bed for most of the day and we are so happy to see him up and about! "Thank you so much for helping my son. This means a lot to my family. CURE Malawi is really helping a lot of children and one of them is my son Alfred. This we will always remember that God is good and we will bear much fruits in trusting Him," Alfred's father, Lemutala, told us overjoyed about the opportunity God has guided them to here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Alfred

Jun 20, 2019

Alfred has had his operation and is back to his smiley self! The doctors said Alfred will be in his bandages for a week and then his wounds will be checked. With this smile, we believe Alfred will have a quick healing as you are praying for him, sending him get-well messages and encouraging him. Photo of Alfred

Jun 18, 2019

This is Alfred, a lovely boy who is here at CURE Malawi with his father for the treatment of burn contracture. Alfred came to CURE Malawi as their last hope of treatment and we're going to get him sorted out!Please help us with prayers, encouragements, and get-well messages for Alfred. Photo of Alfred

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