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  • Age4
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Next Appointment 06/02/2019

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Maclean's Story

“I am Maclean and when I grow up I want to be Maclean!” Maclean is a four year old orphan who lives in an orphanage about six hours away from our CURE Malawi hospital. His caretaker, Mary, brought him in this week and shared Maclean’s story.

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“I am Maclean and when I grow up I want to be Maclean!” Maclean is a four year old orphan who lives in an orphanage about six hours away from our CURE Malawi hospital. His caretaker, Mary, brought him in this week and shared Maclean’s story.

“He came to our orphanage when he was a week old. His mother died shortly after dropping him off, and his father is nowhere to be seen. His disability was not visible then. We only began to notice when he was a year old, and started walking.”

Mary explained the orphanage she works at and Maclean lives at, also has a hospital and a school, under the Anglican church. There are a total of 88 total children currently in the orphanage, and they range from all ages- a few days old to college students.

Maclean is the only child in the orphanage with a disability. He has a condition called genu varum, also called bowed-legs. “This could be why he has not been adopted, but I can not be sure, so I wouldn’t really be able to say,” Mary shared. Maclean has been to CURE Malawi twice before; once for blood works, and another time for an operation. His bowed-legs are a severe case, and get worse the more he grows, so the doctors are coming up with a plan this week on how to best assess Maclean.

“Everyone loves Maclean!” Mary said with joy. She told us how the other children in the orphanage never look at Maclean as less than themselves because of his disability. He also has such a fun and energetic personality, and he has many friends. “Maclean’s friends were excited for him to go to the hospital. They sent him off by coming out to the bus that took us.”

Mary shared her hopes for Maclean after his treatment at CURE Malawi, by saying, “Regardless as to if he gets adopted or not, I want education to come first; for him to get a good job and be able to take care of himself.”

Maclean loves to dance, sing, climb and run, and is already making himself at home in the hospital. He already whipped out a few of his greatest dance moves, and has been running around the kid’s ward full of energy. His favorite song is called “Welcome” and his caretaker, Mary, asks for prayer for “God to put his hands on Maclean, and let the doctors straighten his legs so that he grows up to be as normal as his friends!” Mary says she is happy to be at CURE Malawi again because she “trusts in the hands of God!” Please keep Maclean in your prayers as he undergoes his operations with us here at CURE Malawi!

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Latest Updates

Mar 01, 2019

Maclean has been discharged. The doctors reviewed Maclean's file before deciding to have him go home. It seems Maclean has had a operation prior to his recent visit at CURE Malawi, and the doctors need him to wait at least six months to see if there is any improvement before they operate again. Maclean will be having his next operation in June, and we look forward to having his spunky and energetic personality back! We will surely miss him, but are very excited he will be back playing with all his supportive friends in the orphanage again. His caretaker absolutely loves him, and says she "trusts in the will of the Lord!" Please continue to keep Maclean in your prayers, and that his healing improves to make his next operation less painful! Photo of Maclean

Feb 25, 2019

"I am Maclean and when I grow up I want to be Maclean!" Four year old Mclean came into CURE Malawi yesterday with bilateral genu varus, commonly called bowed-legs. Maclean is from an orphanage about six hours away. His caretaker, Mary, is here at the hospital with him and told us she has been here before. His legs seemed to have corrected a bit from his first operation, but because he is still growing, they have become more severe. "I trust in the hands of God so I am happy to be back at CURE and am very hopeful for Maclean."

Maclean is a bundle of energy! Even though he is the only child at the orphanage with a disability, everyone loves him! His friends all sent him off with encouragement and were excited for his healing at CURE Malawi! The doctors are creating a plan for Maclean so please join us in praying for Maclean and that God will work great miracles over Maclean's life! Photo of Maclean

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