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  • Conditionbowed legs
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CURE in Malawi

The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Success. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Success. When you give a gift through Success's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Malawi. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Success's Story

“We found out Success was skipping classes. She was out passing through the local shops so she did not have to go to school. Her friends at school would mock her and her teachers did nothing about it. She would wait until the day was over to go h… Read more

“We found out Success was skipping classes. She was out passing through the local shops so she did not have to go to school. Her friends at school would mock her and her teachers did nothing about it. She would wait until the day was over to go home, so her friends would leave her alone.” We sat with Success’ mom, Maria, as she shared the struggles of her daughter’s journey.

Maria continued, “Her friends would even come our house to tell us Success was not coming to class, but we knew how she was being treated, so we decided to have Success change schools.”

Success currently attends a school led by a pastor in Central Malawi. The school values individual's differences and does not accept discrimination. Success is very happy at her new school, but still has great hope for the healing of her legs.

Success has been diagnosed with blounts, a growth disorder of the tibia that causes the lower leg to angle inward.

“Success was counting down the days to come to CURE Malawi! She had her bags packed a week before leaving to come to the hospital. She is very excited to have the operation! We have heard stories of past CURE patients who have had similar deformities to Success and have found healing at this hospital. I am so happy the doctors here can help my daughter!” Maria said with great joy!

“We first went to the local hospital when Success was little and the doctors told us it was rickets. They tried to correct it, but after a year, her legs got worse. They told us she was still a child and her bones were still soft, so not to worry. We were then sent to MACOHA (Malawi Council for the Handicapped), who referred us to CURE.” Maria went on, “I have great confidence in CURE and the treatment my daughter will receive at this hospital. I am grateful to have a hospital that specializes in conditions like hers. CURE gives me hope!”

When asking Success what her dreams are after CURE, she told us, “I want to be a teacher like my dad! I like the idea of writing lesson plans!” School has not always been easy for Success, but she is looking forward to the great changes happening in her life.

Maria asks prayers to help her trust in the knowledge of the doctors operating on her daughter and for Success to believe in herself and to know she is not less than any other child!

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Latest Updates

Nov 12, 2018

Success' frame is off and she has been discharged! She had one session of physio before leaving and has been advised to put full weight on her leg while she is at home. "I miss my frame!" Success told us as she walked out the door. We plan to see her again in two weeks for more physio. Please keep Success and her mom in your prayers while they journey home! Photo of Success

Nov 08, 2018

Success is having her frame removed today! The doctors told her she is 80 percent corrected and the next 20 percent is to be completed with physio. We are so happy she is healing so well. "I am going to miss my frame so much!" Success told us. Her mom Maria laughed confirming Success was really going to miss her frame. They planned on just coming in for a one day check-up, but brought things to stay at the hospital just in case, because they noticed Success' great progress. Please keep Success in your prayers while she is in the operating room today! Photo of Success

Nov 07, 2018

Success is here for a check-up! She gave us a big hug when she came in today. Her mom Maria says, "She is doing amazing! She doesn't have much pain and she can even walk from one side of the hospital to the other without having to use her crutches! She is better than we thought she would be right now." We were SO excited to hear this news! Thank you for your continuous prayers of healing for Success! She is very grateful! Photo of Success

Oct 04, 2018

Our girl Success came in today for a review and a new turning program. She was supposed to come two weeks ago but her mom Maria says she had other commitments within those weeks and they failed to show up. Success is doing fine and she says she doesn't feel any pain though the frame is still on. She says she feels lighter than before. Success will soon be back for a checkup on November 5th, please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Success

Sep 20, 2018

Success came in for a check-up and her physio session! All the nurses, kids and guardians were so happy to see her and her mom Maria back again! They have been missed! Success says the first thing she did when she got home is give herself a haircut because Malawi is getting hot! Maria shared with us that Success has been feeling some pain and struggling to stretch out her legs, so even though physio will be painful, she is looking forward to it! "It has been great to go back home and be with the family. I was so worried about them since I had been away for so long, but they are all doing well," Maria said. Success is headed home again today and will be back Monday for her next session where the physio team will start her on a new turning program for her frame. Please continue to keep Success and Maria in your prayers as they travel to and from CURE Malawi! Photo of Success

Sep 10, 2018

Success is going home today! She was coloring in the playroom with her mom, when her mom Maria said, "We are really going to miss you!" We are really going to miss them too! Luckily, Success will be back in just a week for clinic. If all goes as planned, she will then be scheduled to come in for weekly physio sessions. Please pray for Success' smooth recovery and safe journey home with her mom! We are excited she finally gets to reunite with her siblings! Photo of Success

Sep 06, 2018

Success was snacking on her kamba, waiting for her friend Doris to come out of surgery! She says she is not having any pain! When talking to Success' mom Maria, she said, "The physio team is teaching me how to turn the pins on Success' frame. It is sometimes painful for her, but I like learning so I can be both her mom and her nurse!" Once Maria masters pin-site care, Success will be discharged. The physio team will mark the pins in Success' frame with tape and numbers. The plan is for them to go home at the end of this week and come back in two weeks! Please pray for Success during this time and for Maria to become the best "nurse" she can! Photo of Success

Sep 04, 2018

Success was all giggles today! We found her hidden in the corner on the floor behind one of the beds playing with two of her friends, Febe and Doris, who are also in the hospital! Apparently, it's their new secret hide out! They were all sipping on their juice boxes and playing with a button they found. When we asked Success how she was doing, she said, "I am great and having no pain! I am able to walk around and play with my friends!"

Success has started physical therapy and the Physio Team is working with her on applying full weight bearing to her leg. She is using crutches and will soon be starting a new program for her frame. The doctors plan is to correct her leg within 20 days! Success says she is happy that her leg will be healed and is looking forward to going back to school! Thank you for your prayers for Success! Photo of Success

Aug 30, 2018

Success is starting to feel better! She has been very quiet and in a lot of pain since her first surgery yesterday. She is now playing with her mom's glasses and throwing up peace signs! Her new friends at the hospital are Febe and Janet. They love to play and laugh together! Maria, Success' mom, is extremely happy about Success' new frame and that she is feeling better. She has been an incredible prayer warrior! Please continue to keep Success in your prayers too during her time in the hospital! Photo of Success

Aug 29, 2018

Success is in the operating room for surgery! Dr. James and Dr. Karolina have just started placing Success' new frame on her left leg. Success' mom, Maria, is anxiously waiting outside the doors of the operating room for her return. We showed her a few photos from Success' surgery and her face beamed with joy. Maria says, "I am so excited that my daughter's leg will be straight very soon!" Please keep Success and Maria in your prayers during this time! Photo of Success

Aug 28, 2018

Meet Success! Her favorite color is red and she dreams to become a teacher when she grows up. She finds the idea of lesson planning really exciting and is inspired by her dad, who is a teacher! Success is the oldest of four and her sibling's names are Bennett, Praise and Bright, her favorite sibling is Bright! He is the baby of the family and is only two years old. Maria, Success' mom, says Success and Bright have a love-hate relationship because they fight when they are together, but miss each other terribly when they are apart. Success says she loves teaching Bright how to play soccer!

Success has just come in to CURE Malawi this week and will be having her first surgery tomorrow! She has been diagnosed with blounts, a growth disorder of the tibia that causes the lower leg to angle inward. She has been counting down the days to come to CURE Malawi and is super excited for her future operations and healing! Success will be having her first frame put on tomorrow, please pray for Success' surgery and for her mom not to worry! Photo of Success

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