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Mphatso's Story

“Giving birth to my fourth daughter Mphatso was very lovely. However, I got a bit disappointed because of the disabled foot she was born with. I later accepted her condition since I have seen others with the same condition getting better after tr… Read more

“Giving birth to my fourth daughter Mphatso was very lovely. However, I got a bit disappointed because of the disabled foot she was born with. I later accepted her condition since I have seen others with the same condition getting better after treatment,” said Mphatso’s mother Funny.

“The hospital where Mphatso was born tried to help her through stretching the foot but it proved a failure. I completely lost hope when I saw that the hospital had failed. I thought my daughter would be like that for the rest of her life. While I was worrying though, I met a woman who works with an organization called MACOHA. The organization helps people with disabilities. She told me to go with my child for help to a clubfoot clinic. I did as advised and the help did help. Since they started casting her foot, it is no longer the same.”

“Upon failure of continued treatment by MACOHA, one of our health workers in my village told me about CURE and what it does. He also gave me the dates which they would visit our district hospital. I went to the hospital when it was time and I was given a date to come here at CURE. I have been for two times and this is my third time. The past two times, Mphatso was operated on but still the foot has not fully corrected. It is my hope that this will be my final time coming here and the foot will be completely healed. I really love the care the hospital gives us. May God bless the entire CURE staff,” Funny expressed her gratitude.

Mphatso had her first surgery in 2005, a release for the tight tendons in her foot. Since then she has not returned to our hospital. Unfortunately, for many parents it is expensive and not worth the time to revisit the hospital for follow-up care and checkups, which result in conditions reoccurring, like Mphatso’s. Fortunately, they have finally come back to the hospital and hopefully this time we can completely correct the foot, or at least stress the importance of follow up appointments! Since Mphatso is now much older, and her foot is stiffer, she will need to have a frame to correct her foot.

“Life with my disabled child has been quite easy though it changed a bit since I came here. Many of my friends and my relations were saying I should just let the child be since its God’s will. I however told them that she is my very own blood and I will do anything possible to see to it that she gets well,” Mphatso’s mother says.

“I thank God that my disability has not caused me any problems with my friends either at school or at home. They love me so very much. It is my desire that when my foot is corrected I should be able to play ball games with my friends. I also wish to become a nurse after I am done with my school,” Mphatso says.

Please join us in praying for Mphatso’s healing!

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Latest Updates

Aug 08, 2018

Looking good Mphatso! Today she went next door to Queens Hospital to get her AFO and now is modeling it! She'll be seen again at our outreach clinic in her area in October. Please pray that she'll be diligent about wearing her AFO so her clubfoot won't reoccur again! She's had many treatments for her clubfoot and it's kept coming back - one of the main reasons clubfoot reoccurs is because kids stop wearing their AFOs because they don't realize it's so essential to the healing process! Photo of Mphatso

Aug 07, 2018

Mphatso has come in for her checkup today and is doing well! She had her cast off yesterday and is waiting to get a AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) from Queens Public Hospital tomorrow. The AFO will help her clubfoot from coming back again. She told us yesterday, "I'm feeling okay. When I went home I read a book that I was given when I left CURE... I don't remember what the book is. You can pray that I will walk quickly." Photo of Mphatso

Jun 18, 2018

Mphatso has been discharged home for the next eight weeks and she's super happy! She says, "I'm so happy I'm going home, I'm tired of the hospital. I'll miss Evelyn though. When I'm home I'll play Pada (hopscotch?) with Hilda, my eleven year old sister." It sounds like Mphatso has a lot of sisters that she plays a lot of games with, since last time we asked she said she'd play Filibo with her sister Ethel! Please be praying for a safe journey! Photo of Mphatso

Jun 14, 2018

Yesterday we brought Mphatso your messages before her surgery today! She says, "I'm very thankful for the messages, and I'm happy. I'm happy the frame will be off tomorrow, because honestly, it's painful. I would ask them to pray that the surgery will go well, and that it will heal quickly since I need to go back to school in September. I'm entering Form I (7th Grade)." Photo of Mphatso

Jun 12, 2018

"I'm playing Snake," Mphatso said this morning. We asked her about her foot and what she's looking forward to when she goes home and she said, "I have a little bit of pain, but I'm happy it's looking flatter. I'm getting it off on Thursday, and I'm excited because it's painful. I'm missing my eight year old sister Ethel. We play Filibo [a game involving throwing balls into circles and running] together." Photo of Mphatso

Jun 08, 2018

"I am happy that my frame is coming off next week. I've heard about Jesus during morning worship, but I haven't had a chance to go to the playroom when my friends were going because I had to go to physiotherapy at the same time. While I've been in bed I've been reading a book Funny gave me. I like the pictures."

Funny assures us that they'll make sure Mphatso has a chance to get into the playroom soon! She showed us the book she's been reading, 'Katie Woo has the Flu', which Funny thought would be a fun read since she's just finished her exams and is probably tired of schoolbooks! Photo of Mphatso

Jun 05, 2018

We spoke to Mphatso again today! She says, "I didn't sleep well last night. I was in pain, but then they gave me some painkillers and I got better." "Do you remember your friend's name now?" "Bessie the physiotherapist is my friend. Physiotherapy is going well, I don't feel very much pain while I'm doing it. I understand that physiotherapy is important so that my leg doesn't become stiff."

We're so thankful for all our amazing physiotherapists like Bessie who work so hard to make sure our kids can walk, run and dance well after recovering from surgery! It's often a thankless task when the kids have pain but need to move their joints to avoid contractures in the future, so we're glad for kids like Mphatso who enjoy their time with the physios! Unfortunately Bessie has just gone on leave so we couldn't grab a photo of them together today! Photo of Mphatso

Jun 01, 2018

We asked if Mphatso has any friends in the hospital and she said, "Yes, I have one good friend but I don't know her name!" She seemed to see the humor in that and we all laughed. Funny has given her some school books from the playroom so she can practice reading over the summer since she has just finished her Grade 8 exams and is waiting for the results. She says she has enjoyed the books and when we asked her about school she says, "My favorite subject is English, and after that, Primary Science. I want to be a nurse when I grow up." Photo of Mphatso

May 28, 2018

Mphatso is doing well and seems to have gotten accustomed to her frame! She's been giving us big smiles while walking into physiotherapy today! She'll be in the hospital for several weeks, at least while we start turns for her frame to slowly manipulate her foot flat! Photo of Mphatso

May 23, 2018

Mphatso had her surgery yesterday and is recovering in the ward today! She had a frame put on, a metal device which has pins through the bones and with which we can slowly rotate the foot around so that it's straight. Please be praying for her while she recovers! Photo of Mphatso

May 21, 2018

Meet Mphatso! She was one of our patients waaaay back in 2005, when our hospital was only three years old and she was only two years old! She had surgery for clubfoot as an infant, but unfortunately never came back to our hospital after her clubfoot reoccured, and now as a 15 year old has a very tight clubfoot which will need to be treated with a frame. Please be praying for her as she looks forward to her surgery, and please pray that patients like her will come back to the hospital and won't be discouraged by travel costs, as it's important to treat conditions like this as young as possible! She will be having surgery today, so please pray that it goes well! Photo of Mphatso

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