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  • Conditiona bone condition
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Jerald's Story

“Jerald is my last born of four children. He was born with soft bones. The condition was very strange to me because I have never heard of nor seen such a condition anywhere. The hospital where he was born tried to help him with casts but it didnâ… Read more

“Jerald is my last born of four children. He was born with soft bones. The condition was very strange to me because I have never heard of nor seen such a condition anywhere. The hospital where he was born tried to help him with casts but it didn’t really work very well. I lost hope and thought there is no help for him to get better again. People around where I live even added more sorrow to me by laughing at my son and some even spit just by seeing him. This really hurts me so much because I never asked for such a disabled child from God. When the intimidation became too much, I decided to take my son to a traditional healer. However, instead of helping Jerald, he got more worse,” says Adakondana, Jerald’s mother.

Jerald was born with a rare condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. There are different types of the condition and he has a more severe form of osteogenesis which means he may not ever be able to walk on the bones even after having surgery to strengthen them. His bones are extremely fragile and have many fractures right now. He will have surgery here at CURE to straighten the bones and strengthen them with metal rush rods.

Adakondana says, “Fortunately MACOHA, an organization that takes care of people with disabilities, came to my house and told me about CURE. When CURE doctors came to the district hospital, the organization came to pick me so that my son could be seen. I am very happy that upon examination the doctors gave me a date to come here at CURE. May God bless MACOHA for the provision of transport because otherwise I wouldn’t have been here today. I am sure that after operation he will be healed and all who laughed at him will be surprised. I like CURE hospital because it is so clean and we are being fed with good food. May God keep providing the necessities for the hospital to keep running.”

Please be praying for Jerald and Adakondana. It’s difficult to deal with severe disabilities like Jerald’s even in a society where people understand his condition, much less in a village situation where many don’t even trust doctors. It’s unlikely that Jerald will be able to walk after surgery, although it will help a lot with function, mobility and pain, it’s a difficult thing for a mother to hear. Dr. James spent a good amount of time counseling and explaining to Adakondana so that she understood the process and the expectation for outcomes. Please pray that through Christ, Jerald and Adakondana will receive not only physical healing but spiritual and emotional healing.

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Latest Updates

Mar 22, 2018

Jerald headed home yesterday while we were away visiting some other CUREkids in their home village! We're so excited for him to be able to spend time at home. We'll see him again on April 23rd in our clinic here in Blantyre. Please pray for him! Photo of Jerald

Mar 20, 2018

Jerald is still here because he had to go back to theater yesterday! Unfortunately, the X-ray of his legs showed that one of the rush-rods was a bit off so they had to redo it. He's back in the ward now giving us a thumbs up now though! Photo of Jerald

Mar 16, 2018

Our great friend Jerald is doing well enough to go home soon! The doctors and physiotherapists are trying to get him on the road back to Lilongwe this weekend. He'll be back in 4-6 weeks and the physios will work with him to see if it's possible to get him standing. Please be praying for a safe trip and that standing will be possible! Photo of Jerald

Mar 14, 2018

Jerald had his second surgery yesterday, the same thing as his first operation except this time Dr. James put rush rods in his right arm. His bones are so thin that they are missing the 'tube' inside so he had a very hard time getting them straight and had to make lots of cuts, so he didn't have time to do the left arm and is considering leaving it since the right one was so difficult. Please be praying for wisdom for Dr. James and healing for Jerald, who is already smiling again! Photo of Jerald

Mar 12, 2018

Jerald's doing great! Look at that smile! As you can see, his arms are still pretty bent. He's recovered really well from his first operation and his bloods are back up, so he's going to go in tomorrow to have rush rods put in his arm. This poor kid is a trooper! Please be praying for him - having all your limbs bandaged up doesn't sound fun. Photo of Jerald

Mar 09, 2018

Jerald's doing okay day one post surgery. Although he's not quite as smiley as before, hopefully it will come back soon! Here's a promo video from footage we took when we met him at our Lilongwe clinic!

Mar 08, 2018

Jerald's surgery went well today and now he's fast asleep in the ward. The doctors had to make a LOT of cuts to make his bones straight - his bones had a lot of zig-zags. Now that they're straight, he should feel better and the rods will keep them from breaking again! Theater Tech Margreet, who has worked here for quite a few years, says she hasn't seen osteogenesis imperfecta that severe before, which means it's pretty atypical! Photo of Jerald

Mar 07, 2018

Meet Jerald! He's a sweet, although quiet little boy that we met at our Lilongwe Outreach Clinic, a five hour drive from Blantyre! He has severe osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition more commonly known as brittle bone disease. His bones fracture extremely easily and have healed together at odd angles. Although he's unlikely to be able to walk, it will help him a lot to have surgery to straighten his limbs which will help with pain management and allow him to have a better life. Please be praying for him as he will be having surgery tomorrow morning on his legs to have all four bones straightened and reinforced with rush-rods! Photo of Jerald

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