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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Trinity. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Trinity's Story

“My name is Naomi and Trinity is my daughter. Trinity was born well, but when she reached three years, Trinity developed a deformity. From that day, my daughter has been in so much pain and she cannot walk well. Many times, Trinity comes to me an… Read more

“My name is Naomi and Trinity is my daughter. Trinity was born well, but when she reached three years, Trinity developed a deformity. From that day, my daughter has been in so much pain and she cannot walk well. Many times, Trinity comes to me and tells me that she is feeling a lot of pain. Trinity is my only child and we love her so much. It's been three years now and we did not know that this condition can be treated, so no one took her to the doctors for help. I think if she was taken to the doctors during the early days, Trinity could have been better now. But the other reason is that, in my village, we do not have a hospital that can help my daughter, so that was also a discouraging part. One can take a child to a hospital, but they may not help but to refer them to another hospital. We really thank God for bringing CURE across to help my daughter. When I came here after being seen at a walk in clinic, the doctors said that my daughter Trinity could be treated. My heart felt home again after a long time. I am so hopeful that my child will be well and she will be able to go school,” expressed Naomi, mother to Trinity.

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Latest Updates

Feb 19, 2018

Look how straight Trinity's legs are! She came in for a checkup and some physiotherapy and the therapists are happy with how she's walking and have discharged her! She'll probably come back to see the doctors again at some point in the next few years as she will eventually outgrow the current rushrods and need new ones, but in the meantime, her legs are on the straight and narrow and she's walking so well she doesn't need any more physio! Photo of Trinity

Nov 20, 2017

Trinity came in for a checkup with the doctors and physical therapists today, and with the CUREkids office! We delivered her get-well messages to her and she and her mom were both really grateful (although Trinity was making funny faces at the camera while she listened). We spoke to her mom Naomi and asked for an update.

"My daughter can walk now after the treatment. She now attends school. She can play with her friends, unlike before when they used to bully her. And it's helped me too. Now that she can walk she's more independent and I can go and visit my friends. Before I had to sit home all day and look after her. Now I encourage other parents to take their children who have deformities to CURE and tell them not to neglect them." Photo of Trinity

Oct 18, 2017

Trinity came by for some physiotherapy today. She's walking a lot better now and physical therapist Diana says she's able to do all the exercises. She's still a bit weak, but is getting stronger and stronger! Please continue to pray for her, she's coming back November 12th for a checkup with the doctor and more physiotherapy. Photo of Trinity

Aug 30, 2017

Trinity did some physiotherapy with our Physio Diana and a volunteer student physiotherapist from Coventry University in the UK named Harry! We're so grateful for all the people who come in to volunteer for CURE Malawi, even if it's just for the day. Trinity's mom says, "My daughter is so much better after her operation. I am so happy to see that my daughter has better legs!" Trinity still needs to do more physio to start walking well, and she still has a bit of pain while she's recovering, so please continue to pray for her! Photo of Trinity

Aug 14, 2017

Trinity is back for a checkup! She had her casts off and is starting to practice walking in the physiotherapy department. Her mom is so happy to see Trinity's legs straight! She'll be back August 30th, until then, she'll practice walking with her mom at home, please pray that they are diligent and it goes well! Photo of Trinity

Jul 19, 2017

Trinity's gone home today, but not before she got a balloon to play with! We'll miss her but she lives nearby and we'll see her again August 14th. Please be praying for her while she heals at home! Photo of Trinity

Jul 18, 2017

Trinity didn't go into the operating room today. Because of the small complication with anesthesia from last time, they figured it would be better to complete the cast in the casting room, even though it caused her a bit more pain it was safer for her. She has a little fever now and seems kind of sad so please be praying for her! Photo of Trinity

Jul 17, 2017

Trinity is doing well after a weekend recovering! She'll go into the operating room tomorrow to get her cast completed and then the day after she can go home. She kept calling us over to take her photo - we're gonna miss this little one! Photo of Trinity

Jul 14, 2017

Trinity's second operation went well yesterday! She's a bit grumpy today with pain though, so please be praying for her! The doctors did the same operation on the left that they had done on the right, cutting the bone to straighten it and then putting rush rods through the bone to stabilize them. Thank you for your prayers for her! Photo of Trinity

Jul 13, 2017

Trinity had her second operation today and it looks like it went well! We almost canceled it because she had a reaction to some of the medicine for anesthesia, but fortunately it was dealt with quickly and it was safe enough to go through with the surgery. We'll post a photo and more information tomorrow! Photo of Trinity

Jul 12, 2017

Trinity has been stuck in bed for most of the day, but she's making her presence known! Every time she sees us, she shouts "bho!" (hi) or "Ndjumbule!" (take a photo of me). We took a photo of her this morning with her friend the giant teddy bear - we're pretty sure it's bigger than her! Photo of Trinity

Jul 11, 2017

A group of around 50 college-age students from the USA came to CURE Malawi today to do some skits and songs with the kids and in general to cheer them up. They did some songs in the ward, which Trinity loved! She especially liked it when Cayleigh showed her how to blow bubbles! Photo of Trinity

Jul 10, 2017

Trinity's looking well today! She's bouncing back from surgery and is back to smiling and giggling, although she's a bit less mobile. They're checking her blood levels to see if she's set for her next operation later this week. Please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Trinity

Jul 07, 2017

Trinity's operation on Wednesday went well and now she's happily recovering in the ward! Dr. Lubega and Dr. Karolina made cuts in her curved femur and tibia and then put rush rods through the bone to hold them straight and in place. They also put in 8-plates, which will help to straighten out her knee by stopping the growth on one side so the knee will even out. Today we talked to her mom Naomi. Because Trinity is so small and her other leg is also bent, she will have to be carried, so we offered to do the operation on the other leg too so she can get it over with all at once, versus waiting until it's healed and then having to carry her for another six weeks. Her mom thought that was a good idea, so she's going to have an operation for the other side next week! Photo of Trinity

Jul 05, 2017

Trinity's mom Naomi also has a severe leg deformity, which makes it difficult for her to walk. She was treated, but by the time she was treated she was too old for the operation to work very well. We're so happy that she managed to bring her daughter Trinity to CURE so that she can have surgery while she's still young and her bones are more malleable and heal quicker! We're excited to let you know that Trinity will have her first operation today. Please pray for her! Photo of Trinity

Jul 04, 2017

Trinity is going to have her surgery tomorrow. In the meantime, she's been following us around with her thumb in her mouth, giggling and in general being super cute! We took a selfie video with her and Calvine - the kids LOVE to see their faces on the phone!

Jul 03, 2017

Trinity has had her checkup with the GP Liz! Apparently she never had a fever, just a bit of a cough and some sort of chest infection, but it's been clearing up over the weekend and she seems healthy enough to have surgery later this week. Once the anesthetist okays her, then she'll be all set to go! Photo of Trinity

Jun 30, 2017

Trinity has been having bad luck this week! Yesterday she was supposed to have her operation, but they ran out of time because a surgical kit needed to be sterilized before she could have her operation after the kid before her used the same kit. And today it was discovered that she has a fever! She'll be seeing the General Practitioner (doctor) and then they'll decide from there what to do. She may go home and have her surgery after she's better, or they might just wait here until next week! Photo of Trinity

Jun 29, 2017

Meet Trinity! This picture may make her look shy, but she's the exact opposite! When we first met her she walked right up to us to say "hi!" She also has an adorable habit of sticking out her tongue whenever she smiles! She has a bone condition which has led to her bones being curved - especially her femurs. She's going to have surgery tomorrow to straighten them out and put rush-rods through the bent bones. Please be praying for her! Photo of Trinity

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