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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Faith. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Faith's Story

“Faith was born deformed. When they noticed she had clubfoot, the local hospital referred her to another hospital. I did not know why they sent us away to another hospital. I thought Faith would end up not having the treatment she needs. Ever sin… Read more

“Faith was born deformed. When they noticed she had clubfoot, the local hospital referred her to another hospital. I did not know why they sent us away to another hospital. I thought Faith would end up not having the treatment she needs. Ever since Faith was a little girl, I have had an opportunity to look after her and give her all the attention she needs. Her mother and I are sisters, so she trusts me to be responsible for Faith. When I came here to CURE when she was little, I was so happy. The physiotherapy team is so kind, very patient with others, and caring. This really encouraged me to look forward for the best for Faith. After a few weeks coming here for help, Faith was healed! It was a new life again! Everyone was so happy. Unfortunately, in 2008, the deformity came back. Faith was unable to go to school and life was difficult for her,” shared Stella, Faith’s Auntie.

“When I finish my education, I want to be a doctor so that I can help and care for other people as I have been cared for at CURE. My life will be better if I have my foot corrected again. I am so thankful that I came here to CURE. My parents will be so happy to see me with a new foot again!” exclaimed Faith. Faith is a student in grade four and she is so passionate about becoming a medical doctor. Your prayers and support will help her to have an opportunity to achieve her dreams!

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Latest Updates

Mar 28, 2019

Faith is not only at the hospital today for physio, but also here to let you all know she lost her cards... again! "No, no. I didn't lose the first ones, they got crushed in my backpack and then I lost them. These cards, I just lost," Faith told us. Faith always has the funniest explanations! She also shared that she is walking much better and the physiotherapy team agreed! We read her your Get Well messages and she very expressively said, "Please tell them thank you SO much and I love them SO much!" Along with that message, she also wanted to let you know she came in eating a "black shelly amazon" which according to her is like a black lollipop. "It's my favorite sweet!!" she loudly exclaimed. Thank you for all your messages and encouragement for this silly girl! Photo of Faith

Nov 16, 2018

Faith is back for physio and she is getting stronger! After her session, she passed us walking out the front gate of the hospital! When we held up the camera to take her photo, she ran and hid behind the bush laughing! She then popped out, running into her guardians arms and waving saying, "BYE! See you soon!" See you soon Faith! Thanks for keeping this crazy awesome girl in your prayers! Photo of Faith

Nov 12, 2018

Faith came in for her physiotherapy session today! Both our physiotherapists, Janet and Diana worked with Faith to help her apply more weight to her foot. Surprisingly, Faith remained calm throughout her session, but after she left, Diana said, "Uhm yeah, she's still crazy!" It's always a good time seeing Faith and we are excited she is so focused on making her foot stronger! When we asked Faith when she'd be back, she said with big eyes, "I don't know, I'll just appear!" Thank you for your constant prayers and support for our crazy fun girl! Photo of Faith

Oct 09, 2018

Faith came into the hospital today for physio! She said goodbye to her wheelchair and has upgraded to crutches! She came into the CUREkids office and tried to steal the entire bag of balloons. She managed grabbing about five before we caught her red, blue, purple, green and pink-handed. Faith said "Ha! I grabbed just enough for all my siblings!" At least she had kind thoughts behind her sneaky ways! She hung around for a while, blowing up her balloons, and abruptly ended the way she always does saying, "Okay, I'm going home now! BYE!" Faith says, "I'll be back November 6th. Make sure to remember that!" We look forward to more shenanigans with Faith on November 6th. Until then, please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Faith

Aug 20, 2018

Faith went home over the weekend but here's a message for all of you who have been following her and encouraging her with get-well messages!

Aug 17, 2018

Immediately after surgery Faith was pretty despondent and in pain, but now she's back to her usual spunky, sassy, crazy self and says, "My foot doesn't hurt! Give me those markers!" Storyteller Avanell is leaving at the end of the month and since Faith is going home tomorrow morning and won't be back until October 9th, this is the last time they will see each other! As a going away present, Avanell gave Faith a pack of cards. Faith gave Avanell a smack on the tongue (right after this photo was taken). Please be praying for both Faith and Avanell as they travel home! Photo of Faith

Aug 15, 2018

Faith is having her surgery today! She's been just as quirky as ever... we asked her, "Are you nervous about your surgery?" "Yes." "Yes? Why?" "No." "No, you're not scared?" "Yes!"... We're not sure what that means but either way you can pray for her operation!

Dr. Maina explained, "Faith's talus (a bone between the ankle and the tibia) isn't curved like ours, it's flat. The curve is what helps us move our foot up and down, but because hers is flat the foot is stuck in a downward position. We're going to make a cut in the tibia and fix it with wires - then the foot will be in a flat, walking position instead of pointing downwards." It sounds like she still won't be able to move her foot up and down, but it will be in a much better position for walking well! Dr. Maina also remarked before we left, "Do you know what Faith's last name means in the local language? It means 'my friend'"... obviously friendliness has run in the family for a long time! Please continue to pray for her! Photo of Faith

Aug 13, 2018

Faith is back in the hospital! The doctors will be making decisions this week on what the next steps for her upcoming surgery will be. We sure are glad to have her back! Photo of Faith

Apr 23, 2018

Faith came in for a follow-up and apparently doesn't want photos today - although she was laughing the whole time. She's going to be readmitted for another operation on May 27th for a tendon transfer, which will hopefully help balance out her foot more. We look forward to seeing her! Photo of Faith

Mar 28, 2018

Faith is back! We've missed her antics, but we didn't see her a ton this morning because we were busy! Physio Shadreck says that she is still walking poorly, so he has given her more exercises to practice at home in hopes that it will improve her gait. We'll see her again April 18th! Photo of Faith

Mar 01, 2018

Faith came in yesterday and is as crazy as ever - she didn't want us to take her photo until she had stuck a million stickers on her face, but unfortunately, we had to run to photograph an event before she got them all on, so this is the photo you get! Please be praying for her as the physiotherapists are a bit frustrated with her lack of progress in terms of walking. Photo of Faith

Feb 23, 2018

Faith and her little brother were back today! This is Samuel, Faith's two year old baby brother. He's quite cute and was having a blast scooting around physio with a stool - it was very loud! We can see he takes after his big sister in terms of energy! Photo of Faith

Feb 19, 2018

Faith was back today for more physio! We went out to say hi and as always she grabbed my arms with her sweaty palms! I teased her a bit and asked her if she licked them and her auntie, who doesn't speak English as fluently, started teasing along, miming licking her hands and pointing at Faith, saying the same thing in Chichewa! "She's lying!" Faith says... we're not so sure. Her cute baby brother Samuel was also there, he's getting very big! Photo of Faith

Feb 16, 2018

Avanell: How are you? Faith: Fine. Avanell: How was physical therapy? Faith: Fine. Avanell: Is there anything else you would like to say? Faith: No. Faith isn't being very chatty today, but she looks happy and we're sure, sooner or later, she will start asking for another deck of playing cards again. Photo of Faith

Feb 12, 2018

Faith was here again today for some more physical therapy as well as for the therapists to check out her new AFO. It looks like she's walking a lot better! She was pretending to be shy and cracking her auntie up with her antics! Photo of Faith

Feb 08, 2018

We went up to clinic in Lilongwe Monday - Wednesday and decided to stop by 500 Miles to see how they make the prosthetics and orthotics for our kids.... and guess who we ran into! Faith was there to get a new AFO, a shorter one, because the other one was causing her to walk a bit funny! She was just as crazy there, and we got a photo of her with Mwayi, the man who made her new AFO. We're so grateful to 500 Miles for helping to providing our kids with what they need to walk! Photo of Faith

Feb 02, 2018

Someone walked in my office while I wasn't paying attention and put her slimy hands on my eyes! It was Faith, of course! She says she won't be my friend because I won't give her another deck of playing cards... I'm sure that won't last long! Here's a video we made to show you all!

Jan 22, 2018

“It’s not easy having clubfoot but I am happy that I am now fine. I would like to encourage my friends who have clubfoot to seek treatment as soon as possible and to be patient. They should take me as their example. I have worn the frame, the cast and all sorts of treatment and I was patient…only now am tired with this ankle foot orthotic (AFO)! I like playing football and once the doctors say that am fine I will play football the whole day! My grades at school are excellent; I have been working hard because I want my dream of being a doctor to be fulfilled. I want to be like Dr. Kyle James, he is my role model, he is always good with us kids,” Faith says.

No one will ever accuse Faith of lacking self-confidence, that’s for sure! We brought her some get-well messages today and she says, “Thank you for always praying for me, that encourages me to pray for other kids. I'm thankful for all the verses you send me. I always memorize them and tell my friends at church about them. I have a verse for you too, Psalms 106:1 - Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; His love endures forever.” Photo of Faith

Jan 11, 2018

Faith came in for more physiotherapy yesterday and while she was waiting, came into our office and was distracting me (Storyteller Avanell) again! We asked her how her exams went and she says, "Give me a present because I passed exams!" She has also apparently ruined her playing cards by letting them fall to the bottom of her bag and get ripped! Oops.

Physio Diana says she's doing pretty much the same as last time, and her ankle's really stiff so they need to be more diligent about exercising it or else she has to go back and see Dr. James about it. Hopefully that's a good motivator!

Dec 18, 2017

Here in the Storyteller office at CURE Malawi we're working on a local ad to go out and tell people that neglected clubfoot is treatable! Often, parents bring their children with neglected clubfoot to the hospitals and they are sent away and told there is nothing to do, rather than being referred to CURE, so we're trying an TV/Radio ad campaign to get them in! We needed a quote from a kid who was outgoing, spoke Chichewa and preferably English, and lived nearby... sound like anyone familiar!? Last week after Faith visited the physio on Friday we went to visit her and her dad at their house, and here's a small bite of the interview that just has us laughing every time we watch it!

Dec 15, 2017

Faith is back and is making a mess of my office! She managed to convince me to give her bubbles and a pack of cards - I said she could take both if she promised to let me work - 30 minutes later I'm showing her where I live on google maps! She's doing really well, her gait has improved since last week at physio. She'll be back on Monday for more physiotherapy since she still needs to work on bending her knee. She also just said, "I won't be your friend again" and walked out off the office because I wrote that she was making a mess! We love her sass! Photo of Faith

Dec 11, 2017

Faith came in today to show us her AFO! We're so glad she made it to Lilongwe and back safely. She has a long way to go before she'll be walking well, but in the meantime she's making a lot of progress in physio! Photo of Faith

Dec 04, 2017

The fabulous, spunky, silly, smart Faith is back for a check-up. She was being a bit shy, but finally managed to stick out her tongue for the camera, and she was so happy to see Storyteller Avanell! We asked her if she was having her cast off, and she said "U-huh!" She'll be going to 500 Miles in Lilongwe on Wednesday to get an AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) to help keep her foot in place while she grows. Please be praying for her as it's a long trip up to Lilongwe! Photo of Faith

Oct 12, 2017

Faith has been so talkative today, maybe it's the feeling of excitement due to the fact that she is going home today. She had her leg propped up on the table where food was placed, oh no! We will miss her in the ward, please keep Faith in your prayers as she goes home! Photo of Faith

Oct 11, 2017

Faith is so energetic and has a big appetite today. Yesterday she spent most of her time in the theatre and didn't eat. She had been crying and complaining of pain after the surgery, but today she is feeling good. She asked her aunt, Stella, for some muffins and Stella brought her some. Faith says she enjoys cakes of all kinds. If all goes well with physiotherapy, Faith will be going home tomorrow. Thank you so much for praying for her! Photo of Faith

Oct 10, 2017

Here is a photo of Faith after her surgery this morning. Doctors have done a tendon transfer for her leg to be in a proper position. Please pray for Faith as she is in pain after the procedure! Photo of Faith

Oct 09, 2017

Faith sat patiently on her bed today with her mother waiting for our doctors to see her. She is feeling well despite being nervous. Tomorrow she will be going to the theatre for a tendon transfer on her leg. Please pray for our girl as she is going through this process again, we hope it will be her last and we pray that she heals quickly! Photo of Faith

Oct 06, 2017

Today is a good day to take pictures of Faith! Her cast has been changed, so now it looks smart and clean. Faith has temporarily gone home and will be back at the hospital on Sunday. Doctors have said that they will remove the cast and do a tendon transfer on her leg next week. Please keep Faith in your prayers! Photo of Faith

Oct 04, 2017

"Please don't take a picture of me, I don't want to see it," Faith said. "Why, Faith?" we asked her. "My cast is so dirty and will damage my cuteness!" and that's Faith, just being a model as always. The curtain did a good job of covering half of her face and saving her from the "embarrassment." Faith came in today and she is doing well and she says there hasn't been any pain in her leg since she left. Doctors will assess her this coming Friday. We thank God for the amazing healing that is being done in Faith and thank you for praying for her! Photo of Faith

Aug 25, 2017

Our lovely Faith went home yesterday! CUREkids Coordinator Avanell was away for the day and is so sad she missed saying goodbye! Fortunately, Thandy sent her off with encouragement from you, reading her all the get-wells messages you gave her! She knows you are all praying for her! We've been saving this video we had of her for a rainy day, so here's Faith singing "You Are Faithful" We are so grateful that God is faithful in the lives of children like Faith, through our hospital and people like you who provide prayer and support! We're going to miss her, but we'll see her again October 4th for a checkup!

Aug 23, 2017

"I am so happy to get going home tomorrow! I have been waiting for this moment for ages!" exclaimed Faith. Faith is a superhero today, she is wishing her friends who are still in the hospital a 'quick healing and all the best'. "I have leant so many things being here at CURE. Some of them is praying. Funny, our Playroom teacher, has been so loving and kind to play, teach, encourage and praying for us. I know I will miss CURE so much, but it is good that I have to go home," said Faith. Faith has grown in so many ways, she tells us the five things that she will always remember. 1. Read your Bible, 2. Pray, 3. Testify, 4. Repent to God, and 5. Go to church! Thank you all for your prayers and support. Our girl Faith will always be on our hearts! Photo of Faith

Aug 22, 2017

Today's the day! Faith is having her frame off later today and we're so excited that this is the last photo of her with a frame! Last night we asked her, "Are you excited?!" "Yes!" "Yes?" "No." "No???" "Yes!" It was a very confusing conversation, but we get the sense that she is quite excited and was just messing with us. Photo of Faith

Aug 21, 2017

Faith is back to being Avanell's friend - she told us Friday that she'd miss me! And there's even more good news - she's FINALLY GETTING HER FRAME OFF! We're so excited for her, after over two months in the hospital! She had her blood taken this morning to make sure they're all set for surgery - she was complaining because apparently she got pricked four times before they finally managed to find a spot to draw blood from - we would complain too! She's a real trooper and we're so proud of her! Photo of Faith

Aug 18, 2017

"If you won't let me use the camera, I won't be your friend anymore."

Unfortunately after a long and great friendship, Faith has disowned me, Avanell, as a friend. I would be sad, except that I know she'll forget that we're not friends within the next 30 minutes and start talking to me again! Photo of Faith

Aug 17, 2017

Faith made up a song about me yesterday evening - which she didn't want me to record, I think? I'm getting mixed messages... I'm either a bad girl, a good girl, or a winner. As you can tell, despite her amazing English, she also still needs to work on her pronouns! Dr. Christy got on her case the other day for not doing her homework two days in a row, so now she's in trouble!

Aug 16, 2017

Faith was trying to hide from the camera, but we got her in the split second she peeked out from under the physiotherapy pillow! She's already come into our office a couple of times today - she's really interested in the surgery photos, which makes sense since she wants to be a doctor! We showed her the photo of her own operation, as well as her friend Elinat's, yesterday. Today we were working on a video update about Mary's tenetomy and she came in to watch it. Don't worry, we didn't show her anything with a lot of blood, tenetomy's are fairly boring! Photo of Faith

Aug 15, 2017

Faith is feeling a lot better today! Not only is she over being sick, but she had a ton of visitors today! Her mom and little brother Samuel visited, and her friend Lufina came for a checkup in clinic and was hanging around the ward with her. She has been so blessed by the encouragement of her friends here and by all of you! Photo of Faith

Aug 14, 2017

Faith isn't feeling too well today, so here's a photo of her from Friday when we delivered her get-well messages! She loved hearing from everyone and was trying to memorize Jeremiah 29:11, which someone sent to her for encouragement. Please be praying that she feels better soon. Photo of Faith

Aug 11, 2017

Yesterday we found Chisomo, a former patient turned volunteer, in the playroom with Faith. Chisomo interviewed Faith for us and we wish we had brought all our interview equipment for it because there was some great banter!

Aug 10, 2017

Our lovely Faith sang us two songs today - one in Chichewa, one in English! She said she wouldn't translate the Chichewa song and that I had to learn it, but relented after I turned the camera off. Apparently translated it's talking about giving God the heavy things in our lives.

Aug 09, 2017

Dr. Christy is great with the kids! When she came to Faith's bed for ward rounds she looked at her frame, but immediately asked for Faith's homework and helped correct it for her! She's always encouraging Faith to continue working hard on school even while she's stuck in the hospital! Photo of Faith

Aug 08, 2017

Faith's modeling a new hairdo today and she was helping Tapiwa out with hers! Tapiwa was being so cute, smiling and scrunching up her face while eating her lollipop - and we love her new hairstyle! Photo of Faith

Aug 07, 2017

I spy with my little eye - Faith! We tried to sneak up on her but were spotted. Not much news, just continuing the turns for her frame! Dr. James was back and Faith needs to get back to being her comfortable snarky self with him, she seemed a bit shy this morning! Photo of Faith

Aug 04, 2017

We brought Faith her get-well messages and couldn't decide which photo of her to upload so we went with three! The first one is Faith listening to her message. In the second, Manuel, another CUREkid, came over to listen and was joking and being disruptive so Thandy hit him with a pillow and he started running away and laughing - which was even more disruptive! In the third, Bessie came over to do the turns for her frame while Faith was writing down Isaiah 41:10, which one of her messages encouraged her to read. She says she'll read it later and give us feedback! Photo of Faith

Aug 03, 2017

Faith is back to herself again today! Already today she has shared some chips with us (sour cream and onion flavored), beaten her friend at a game of Bao, and convinced us to let her borrow the camera to take some photos! Photo of Faith

Aug 02, 2017

Faith's operation yesterday seems to have gone well, but she's in a lot of pain today and isn't her usual spunky self. Please be praying for her as she heals from the osteotomy and starts turns again today or tomorrow! Photo of Faith

Aug 01, 2017

Faith's waiting to go in for her surgery today! It's going to be another osteotomy (cut in the bone) and then they'll adjust the frame so that it will continue working. Please be praying for her! Photo of Faith

Jul 31, 2017

Dr. Karolina and Dr. Lubega decided that Faith needs another operation - it seems that the bone they cut so that the frame will move the foot into the right position has healed together, so they need to make another cut to the bone and rearrange the frame a tad so that it will continue to work. Please pray for her as she goes to theater tomorrow! Photo of Faith

Jul 28, 2017

Faith read her get-well messages all by herself today! It took her a while but she got through them and did a good job! She says thank you to all of you! Photo of Faith

Jul 27, 2017

Faith was having a LOT of fun in the playroom - she was feeding Dora the Explorer with a bottle and wearing some pretty awesome purple shades! She also had another visitor today - her big sister Violet, and was having a lot of fun with her earlier! Photo of Faith

Jul 26, 2017

Faith's doing well today! She was making sassy faces but we finally managed to get her to smile - with some encouragement from her auntie! Photo of Faith

Jul 25, 2017

A nice gentleman came to visit Faith today - it was her dad! She seemed happy to see him so we asked if she was excited and she got a bit shy on us although she was grinning really big! It's so encouraging to get visits from family! Photo of Faith

Jul 24, 2017

We brought Faith her get-well messages last Friday before going home for the weekend! She really enjoyed hearing from all her well-wishers and she says, "Thank you for your message, how are you doing? Today it's a beautiful morning with sunshine and a nice breeze. Please continue praying for me." Photo of Faith

Jul 21, 2017

Yesterday we had several old clubfoot patients come in for a frame research study to see the long term prognosis for frame cases! Mphatso first came in November 2015 and she came back and it's amazing to see how far she's come. Like Faith, she had a left clubfoot and had a frame to bring it into position!.She and Faith were chatting yesterday afternoon and we're sure it was encouraging to Faith to see Mphatso's corrected foot! Photo of Faith

Jul 20, 2017

Faith has finally figured out how to say the name "Avanell" without tripping up - she's calling me by my real name more than she calls me "Chimzy", her nickname for me, now! I asked her to tell me a story and she ended up telling me a story about me!

Jul 19, 2017

Faith's doing well - she was in physiotherapy again though, which means no big smiles today! Photo of Faith

Jul 18, 2017

We took this video when we brought Faith her get-well messages last Friday and tried to get her to answer some questions for you all. Some she understood better than others, her English is very good but not perfect, but she's getting a lot of practice in the hospital! We weren't able to get a chance to upload it with our poor internet until today!

Jul 17, 2017

Faith is doing some studying today... Well, we asked her about the books on her bed and what she was learning and she opened it up to show us. She was learning about words for weather in her English book! Photo of Faith

Jul 14, 2017

We brought Faith her get-well messages today! She enjoyed hearing from you, although she didn't want to struggle through English to read them herself and asked Thandy to read them for her. We told her it would be good practice, but she remained unswayed! She was thankful for the prayers and well-wishes though, and she told us to tell you that she did NOT enjoy physiotherapy! Photo of Faith

Jul 13, 2017

Faith had a strut change today in the operating room - we couldn't find her anywhere and she wasn't in her bed so we were afraid she had gone home or something, until we found her in the recovery bay making faces at us! Of all the photos we took of her, she liked this one best - we preferred the photo of her smiling and sticking out her tongue! Photo of Faith

Jul 12, 2017

This saucy girl was shouting at us through our office door - and when we opened it, Faith came in and said she wouldn't leave until we gave her bubbles! We managed to get her out with some tickling though! We would have loved to give her bubbles, but we knew there might be issues if we gave her some and not to the rest of the kids in the ward too! Photo of Faith

Jul 11, 2017

A mission group from the States came in today to entertain the kids and learn about CURE Malawi. They led some songs in chapel for the kids and did some pretty funny Bible skits! Faith was singing along like an old pro! Photo of Faith

Jul 10, 2017

"Who were you on the phone with?" "Grandpa!" "Does he miss you?" "What?" "Does he miss you?" "Yes!" Photo of Faith

Jul 07, 2017

Here's Faith's new hairdo! She was playing in the playroom with Naomi, a young woman from the Netherlands who has come to volunteer with the spiritual department. Naomi was helping her with a game that helps kids learn spelling! Photo of Faith

Jul 05, 2017

Guess who had a haircut today! Well, it wasn't CUREkids Coordinator Avanell, so she gets the last laugh! Faith does NOT look happy to be on the receiving end of a haircut - or maybe she's just unhappy that I'm gloating that my hair is still long. It's been in braids a long time so now she's having a change of hairstyle. We brought her get-well messages and she says she's doing well today and is starting physiotherapy. She really wants to go home and get back to school because misses her friends - please be praying for her homesickness! She says "Zikomo" or "Thank-you" for the get-well messages! Photo of Faith

Jul 04, 2017

Faith said no photos today - she just got out of the operating room and is feeling a bit bleh - so we are honoring her wishes and instead featuring this rowdy crew of boys on her status, which probably isn't what she had in mind! Fortunately, she seems to be doing alright and we had a long conversation and she asked me if the medical director is related to me! I told her whoever told her that was wrong - he's from the UK and I'm from the US! Photo of Faith

Jul 03, 2017

Faith has finally decided to start using CUREkids Coordinator Avanell's real name - although she insists that her name is still "Chimzy", when she wants to get her attention she'll yell both! The doctors are continuing with the turns, but she'll be going to the operating room tomorrow to have a couple of the struts adjusted a little bit, please be praying for her! Photo of Faith

Jun 30, 2017

We delivered get-well messages to Faith for the first time ever today and she enjoyed READING them! The frame is really slow, so Dr. James asked her this morning if it hurt, and if she wanted to go faster. She said that she wants them to speed it up! She's a bit homesick, but she says she'll manage until the end of treatment! Photo of Faith

Jun 29, 2017

Faith came to our office last evening and apparently my hair is too long - here is a bit of our conversation! Also, she wants to be a brain surgeon.... but I don't think I want to trust her near my head - she might be a good surgeon someday, but I'm sure I'd wake up missing some hair!

Jun 28, 2017

"Bleh!" Dr. James seems pretty confident in Faith's skills, so he's having the nurses teach her the turns and cleaning so maybe she can go home and go to school while she has her frame on! He says that there's a possibility that she can go home on Friday. She's currently in our office and has taken my phone, so I need to retrieve it before there's a million selfies on it! Photo of Faith

Jun 27, 2017

We went to Lilongwe early Friday morning and Monday was a holiday, so we haven't seen Faith for a LONG time! First thing she said (after yelling 'Chimzy!') was that she missed us - so sweet! Bessie was doing the turns for her frame and it seems to be going really well! Photo of Faith

Jun 22, 2017

Faith has spread her bad habit of sticking out her tongue to her new friend Elenata! They were both waiting for wound dressings this morning - we're glad the kids make such fast friends! Photo of Faith

Jun 21, 2017

"Bleh!" Faith speaks really good English compared to most of the kids, but the thing we hear her say most is "bleh!" and "Chimzy!" Another CUREkid, Shakira, left yesterday, much to my sorrow, and Faith keeps asking why I'm sad she left - "Because I miss her!" "Oh." I guess Faith doesn't miss Shakira's antics quite as much! Photo of Faith

Jun 20, 2017

Faith has made some friends and she keeps calling over "Chimzy" to have her photo taken! Shakira and Faith are already great friends, and Eleneta came over to join in the photo - you can see Shakira is trying hard to make sure her face is still in the picture! Photo of Faith

Jun 19, 2017

"Chimzy! Mehhh!" Faith has taken to sticking out her tongue and saying "meh" to CUREkids Coordinator Avanell. We asked her what it meant, and she just laughed, so apparently it doesn't mean much! Dr. James said that turns for her frame will start today and she's going to be in the hospital for about a month, so she should find something to do! "Do you have any schoolwork you can work on?" Like a typical kid she said, "yes" in a rather begrudging tone which makes us think she was probably looking forward to a break from school! Photo of Faith

Jun 16, 2017

Faith seems a bit happier this morning! She kept yelling "Chimzy" to me, asking to have her photo taken! And she's back to posing, obviously! She has a bit of pain and swelling in her foot because of the operation, so Dr. James told her to elevate it more. Please keep her in your prayers this weekend. Photo of Faith

Jun 15, 2017

Faith was NOT happy this morning when we brought her get-well messages. She rested well last night, but this morning has a bit of a tummy ache and some bruises near her frame hurt. The messages encouraged her a little, but please be praying she feels better! Photo of Faith

Jun 14, 2017

Faith's operation yesterday went well and she's already up and smiling and giving CUREkids Coordinator Avanell the nickname "Chimzy" - short for Chimwemwe, which means joy. Apparently, Avanell is harder to say than 'Chimwemwe' but we're sure our English readers might disagree! Dr. James did a soft tissue release to the tight tendons in her foot and then put a frame around her foot with wires through it. It will slowly separate the bones so they don't grind together and then will move them around into the correct position. She'll have the frame on for about a month and it can sometimes be painful so please be praying for her! Photo of Faith

Jun 13, 2017

Faith's waiting to go in for her operation with her new friend Ndaziona! Since Faith is a big girl and the children need to fast before their operations, the littler kids go first since they aren't as good at having empty tummies. This means she'll have her operation in the afternoon, please be praying it goes well! Photo of Faith

Jun 12, 2017

Meet Faith! She's our hospital's new model and she's rockin' the moves! She speaks pretty good English and has been translating a bit for CUREkids Coordinator Avanell for the other kid's already - and asking to have her photo taken! She has clubfoot on one foot which will be fixed with a frame. Because she's older, we can't make her foot perfect, so Dr. James explained to her this morning that although they can make it flat and a lot easier to walk on, it won't be as good as her other foot and she'll notice the difference more than kids who have it bilaterally. Faith doesn't seem worried about that though, she's just glad to have two flat feet. Please pray as she'll have her operation tomorrow or Thursday! Photo of Faith

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