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CURE in Malawi

The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Faith. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Faith. When you give a gift through Faith's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Malawi. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Faith's Story

“Faith was born deformed. When she was noticed to have the clubfoot, the local hospital referred her to another hospital. I did not know why they sent us away to another hospital. I thought Faith would end not having the treatment she needs. Ever… Read more

“Faith was born deformed. When she was noticed to have the clubfoot, the local hospital referred her to another hospital. I did not know why they sent us away to another hospital. I thought Faith would end not having the treatment she needs. Ever since Faith was a little girl, I have had an opportunity to look after her and give her all the attention she needs. Her mother and I are sisters, so she trusts me to be responsible for Faith. When I came here at CURE, I was so happy. The physiotherapy team is so kind, very patient with others, and caring. This really encouraged me to look forward for the best of Faith. After a few weeks coming here for help, Faith was healed! It was a new life again! Everyone was so happy. Unfortunately, in 2008, the deformity came back. Faith was unable to go to school and life was difficult for her,” shared Stella, Faith’s Auntie. “When I finish my education, I want to be a doctor so that I can help and care for other people as I have been cared for at CURE. My life will be better if I have my foot corrected again. I am so thankful that I came here to CURE. My parents will be so happy to see me with a new foot again!” exclaimed Faith. Faith is a student in grade four and she is so passionate about becoming a medical doctor. Your prayers and support will help her to have an opportunity to achieve her dreams!

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"Bleh!" Dr. James seems pretty confident in Faith's skills, so he's having the nurses teach her the turns and cleaning so maybe she can go home and go to school while she has her frame on! He says that there's a possibility that she can go home on Friday. She's currently in our office and has taken my phone, so I need to retrieve it before there's a million selfies on it! Photo of Faith


We went to Lilongwe early Friday morning and Monday was a holiday, so we haven't seen Faith for a LONG time! First thing she said (after yelling 'Chimzy!') was that she missed us - so sweet! Bessie was doing the turns for her frame and it seems to be going really well! Photo of Faith

Jun 22, 2017

Faith has spread her bad habit of sticking out her tongue to her new friend Elenata! They were both waiting for wound dressings this morning - we're glad the kids make such fast friends! Photo of Faith

Jun 21, 2017

"Bleh!" Faith speaks really good English compared to most of the kids, but the thing we hear her say most is "bleh!" and "Chimzy!" Another CUREkid, Shakira, left yesterday, much to my sorrow, and Faith keeps asking why I'm sad she left - "Because I miss her!" "Oh." I guess Faith doesn't miss Shakira's antics quite as much! Photo of Faith

Jun 20, 2017

Faith has made some friends and she keeps calling over "Chimzy" to have her photo taken! Shakira and Faith are already great friends, and Eleneta came over to join in the photo - you can see Shakira is trying hard to make sure her face is still in the picture! Photo of Faith

Jun 19, 2017

"Chimzy! Mehhh!" Faith has taken to sticking out her tongue and saying "meh" to CUREkids Coordinator Avanell. We asked her what it meant, and she just laughed, so apparently it doesn't mean much! Dr. James said that turns for her frame will start today and she's going to be in the hospital for about a month, so she should find something to do! "Do you have any schoolwork you can work on?" Like a typical kid she said, "yes" in a rather begrudging tone which makes us think she was probably looking forward to a break from school! Photo of Faith

Jun 16, 2017

Faith seems a bit happier this morning! She kept yelling "Chimzy" to me, asking to have her photo taken! And she's back to posing, obviously! She has a bit of pain and swelling in her foot because of the operation, so Dr. James told her to elevate it more. Please keep her in your prayers this weekend. Photo of Faith

Jun 15, 2017

Faith was NOT happy this morning when we brought her get-well messages. She rested well last night, but this morning has a bit of a tummy ache and some bruises near her frame hurt. The messages encouraged her a little, but please be praying she feels better! Photo of Faith

Jun 14, 2017

Faith's operation yesterday went well and she's already up and smiling and giving CUREkids Coordinator Avanell the nickname "Chimzy" - short for Chimwemwe, which means joy. Apparently, Avanell is harder to say than 'Chimwemwe' but we're sure our English readers might disagree! Dr. James did a soft tissue release to the tight tendons in her foot and then put a frame around her foot with wires through it. It will slowly separate the bones so they don't grind together and then will move them around into the correct position. She'll have the frame on for about a month and it can sometimes be painful so please be praying for her! Photo of Faith

Jun 13, 2017

Faith's waiting to go in for her operation with her new friend Ndaziona! Since Faith is a big girl and the children need to fast before their operations, the littler kids go first since they aren't as good at having empty tummies. This means she'll have her operation in the afternoon, please be praying it goes well! Photo of Faith

Jun 12, 2017

Meet Faith! She's our hospital's new model and she's rockin' the moves! She speaks pretty good English and has been translating a bit for CUREkids Coordinator Avanell for the other kid's already - and asking to have her photo taken! She has clubfoot on one foot which will be fixed with a frame. Because she's older, we can't make her foot perfect, so Dr. James explained to her this morning that although they can make it flat and a lot easier to walk on, it won't be as good as her other foot and she'll notice the difference more than kids who have it bilaterally. Faith doesn't seem worried about that though, she's just glad to have two flat feet. Please pray as she'll have her operation tomorrow or Thursday! Photo of Faith

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