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Manuel's Story

“As my mother tells me, I have been well ever since I was born. Later in 2012, my leg got dark skin on one spot. It was so scary. I did not know what was going on. A few days later, my skin was so hot and it was really painful. I could not take m… Read more

“As my mother tells me, I have been well ever since I was born. Later in 2012, my leg got dark skin on one spot. It was so scary. I did not know what was going on. A few days later, my skin was so hot and it was really painful. I could not take my walk to school anymore and I had to withdraw from school. In 2013, I had my first operation whereby the doctors opened my skin and give it a wash and cleaned inside my bone. A year after, my leg was all good! I could go to school again and do my routine again like playing and what kids love to do in our village. I never knew that the condition would be recurrent. The beginning of 2015 was a downfall. I was not feeling well. My leg had started bleeding and it was so painful again. I was taken to the local hospital where I was referred to another bigger hospital in town. Things were not changing. I thought I would never be what I wanted to become. I have always wanted to be an Accounting Consultant,” said Manuel. “Coming here at CURE is our last hope. My son Manuel has suffered enough with this condition and I would love to see him different. It has not been easy to see Manuel in such condition. My work has been affected as well as my husband’s business and work. We are all working hard to get our son treated. When I arrived here at CURE after being referred from a local hospital, I feel hopeful and I am happy. I have never seen a place so beautiful like this with excellent facilities that treats children with amazing skills and talents from the doctors to all staff. I am sure that Manuel will walk home with a huge smile on his face and I will have peace,” Manuel’s mother, Catherine told us confidently. Please join us in praying for Manuel’s complete healing so he can be a testimony for Jesus and go back to school to achieve his dreams of becoming an accountant!

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Latest Updates

Jun 26, 2018

We got a photo of Manuel's little brother Joel this week! Manuel is such a good big brother and gave Joel his stuffed animal that the short term mission team was handing out to all the clinic kids today! Manuel says, "I'm doing much better and am back to school now. My exams are coming up on Thursday. You can pray I pass them, especially mathematics." Photo of Manuel

Jun 19, 2018

Manuel's back for his weekly wound checkup and came in with his adorable little brother Joel (sorry we didn't get a snap of him!) He had a bit of an abscess near the stitches that needed to be drained, but fortunately there was no pus, just blood, and he said it didn't hurt. They gave him some more honey for dressing the wound and Dr. Saf joked, "Now, you need to use this for your wound, not for eating!" Photo of Manuel

Jun 12, 2018

Manuel is back for a checkup!

Funny: "How is your wound?"

Manuel: "There is a change."

Funny: "What is the change?"

Manuel: "Ah, there is a change!"

Funny: "How are your brothers?"

Manuel: "They are all good. I was happy to see them."

We clarified that the change to his wound is a positive change, so that's good! He says it's better but that he hasn't gone back to school yet. "My mother said that I should not go to school because she's worried about the stitches, and for now I agree with her on that." Photo of Manuel

Jun 05, 2018

Manuel is going home today, but he lives nearby so we'll see him every week or so for dressing changes! He says, "I'm very happy that I'm going home, I want to see my house and my brothers. My sister is in the village but my brothers are at home [in the city]. There are four of us, me, Pilirani my sister, Afiki, and Joel. I'm excited to see Afiki, my four year old brother. I take care of them and buy them sweets, biscuits...."

"Is there anything else you're excited about? School?" "Yeah I guess.... I will learn. I will probably go to school next week - I'm not going this week but I can't remember why. I'll tell you when I remember, haha!"

"Is there anything you'd like to say to the people paying for your surgery?" "I am very grateful for their mercy."

Please join us in praying for Manuel as he heads home and back to his little brothers and school next week and thank your prayers and for your support! Photo of Manuel

Jun 01, 2018

We brought Manuel your get-well messages today! He says, "I'm very happy with what you've written me, please do so for others as well!"

"My leg is getting better than before. Before the surgery, I was unable to bend my leg, but now I can. I am very happy that I'm here again, because otherwise if I had stayed at home my leg may have broken. But now that I am here they have removed the problem and I am okay."

"I want to be an accountant when I grow up because I love watching people counting money." His favorite subjects in school are mathematics, agriculture and science so it sounds like he's on a good track! Photo of Manuel

May 31, 2018

Manuel's surgery on Tuesday went well! Dr. Lubega and Dr. Robert worked to get out the infected piece of bone. Dr. Robert is still in training, learning the orthopedic ropes here at CURE Malawi, but he's pretty far along so Dr. Lubega had him lead the operation under his oversight. Manuel is doing well now and will start dressing changes soon! Photo of Manuel

May 29, 2018

Manuel is waiting to go in for his operation today to remove more sequestrum (infected bone). Yesterday he was enjoying the sunshine with his dad and one of the other kids ran over to get in on some of the photo action! Please be praying for a safe and quick operation for Manuel today! Photo of Manuel

May 28, 2018

Manuel is back for another operation this week! Apparently the infection has flared up again so he needs another surgery to remove the infected bone from his leg. Despite all this, he's looking really happy to be back with us! Photo of Manuel

Feb 20, 2018

Manuel came in for a wound inspection today! We didn't manage to find the doctor who saw him to ask him how he's doing, but we suspect it's still looking a bit nasty because he's been marked down for a review in two weeks! Please be praying for him! Photo of Manuel

Aug 08, 2017

Manuel is going home today! We're going to miss this goofy guy! They're sending him home with dressings so his mom can continue to dress the wound at home. Please continue to pray for his leg and that we got all of the osteomyelitis out this time - it's a pretty tricky condition. He'll be coming in on Tuesdays for dressings here since he lives nearby. Photo of Manuel

Aug 07, 2017

Manuel is doing well today - we didn't see him most of the day since the ward was so crowded and busy, but we caught a picture of him towards the end of the day and he did a pose for the camera! Photo of Manuel

Aug 04, 2017

Today we brought Manuel his Get Well messages! He was laughing so hard and we missed the part where he was clapping because our friend Connie used the word 'bho' which means 'hi' in Chichewa in her Get Well greeting! He loved hearing from everyone and was so happy!

Aug 03, 2017

Manuel wanted a photo today - with his pal Chisomo! Chisomo is an old patient who has been volunteering with the Spiritual Department and she's great with the kids - probably because when she was their age she was in the exact same situation! Photo of Manuel

Aug 02, 2017

Manuel seems really cheery today! He was enjoying an orange with his friend Yankho in the septic bay! Photo of Manuel

Aug 01, 2017

Manuel's operation went well! His leg has still been oozing pus since his last operation and since it should have stopped before now, we took him back in for another sequestromy. There was a little bit of infected bone that was causing the chronic infection so we managed to cut it out and now he should be able to heal. He'll have his first wound dressing tomorrow, please pray it doesn't cause much pain! Photo of Manuel

Jul 31, 2017

Manuel is back! We haven't seen him in a couple months, but he's finally back! Unfortunately, he needs another operation to get rid of more infected bone, it seems that the osteomyelitis has come back. Please pray for him as he has surgery later today! Photo of Manuel

May 16, 2017

Manuel is going home today! He's so excited! He lives semi nearby the hospital, so he'll be coming in about once a week to have wound dressings and physiotherapy. Please be praying for him as he has the rest of his dressings at home and starts to heal! Photo of Manuel

May 12, 2017

We brought Manuel his messages today! CUREkids Coordinator Thandy is going away for vacation and a wedding for a few weeks so the lovely Funny from the Spiritual Department is covering for him for the meantime, and she did a great job of her first time delivering get well messages! She says Manuel is feeling better and his leg feels light and not heavy like it used to! He's very thankful for the get-well messages and asks you all to continue praying for him, and says God should bless you for your support! Photo of Manuel

May 11, 2017

Manuel was pretty deep into a phone conversation when we spotted him this afternoon, so we took a quick snap and left him to it! He's doing well and his mother is going to learn how to dress his wound over the next week so they can go home and only come in to CURE once a week! Photo of Manuel

May 10, 2017

Thandy asked Manuel what he was reading in the Bible today - he says he's going through the latter half of Galatians 5 - there's some pretty good stuff about the Fruit of the Spirit in there! Thandy wants him to recite it next time he comes by, and Manuel sounded up for that! Photo of Manuel

May 09, 2017

Our newest physiotherapist Shadreck is doing a great job helping out Manuel with his exercises today - it looked like they were having a pretty deep conversation! Manuel might be able to go home later this week, if his mother learns how to do the dressings so they can do it from there. It will take a long time for his wound to heal up, so it's not practical for him to stay in the hospital the whole time. Fortunately, his femur is pretty well intact so it should heal back fine! Photo of Manuel

May 08, 2017

Benjamin and Manuel are currently the only kids in the septic bay, so despite the age gap, they seem fast friends - and they both love smiling for the camera! Photo of Manuel

May 05, 2017

Manuel is doing some physiotherapy today! We're so proud of him for getting up and about and working to keep his leg strong! Photo of Manuel

May 04, 2017

Manuel's surgery yesterday went well and he's looking pretty happy in the ward today! Dr. Saf and Assistant Margreet took out the infected bit of bone in his femur, then cleaned it all up well and left the wound open and packed with gauze and honey so that the nurses can dress the bone to encourage healing from the inside. Please be praying for him as he starts wound dressings! Photo of Manuel

May 03, 2017

Manuel is waiting to go in for surgery today! Please be praying for him as he has quite a bit of infected bone in his femur. He'll need wound dressings for a good amount of time afterwards, which can sometimes be painful, so please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Manuel

May 02, 2017

Meet Manuel! Manuel is a sweet boy with chronic osteomyelitis which he's had for several years. Please be praying for him as he goes in for an operation tomorrow to have the infected bone removed! Photo of Manuel

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