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Emily's Story

“My family and where we are coming from believe in sending children to school and to get them as much support as possible towards that. However, some children like Emily unfortunately dropped out of school because of the deformity. I loved to see… Read more

“My family and where we are coming from believe in sending children to school and to get them as much support as possible towards that. However, some children like Emily unfortunately dropped out of school because of the deformity. I loved to see my little girl walking to school and playing well with friends. One day, Emily’s leg just started feeling a lot of pain and we went to the hospital for help. Little by little, Emily has been receiving treatment at the local hospital where her infection get better. Later last year, the local doctors advised us to take Emily to CURE. I did not wait any longer. We set out to CURE and Emily was well treated by this nice nurse and doctor. A few things that I love about CURE are how the people here are so caring, very friendly and so humble. With the prayers and all the devotional sessions, I feel so good and I cannot wait to see my little girl Emily well again. I was so worried about her education and her future, but now I see all her dreams coming back and am hopeful for my daughter Emily. I am so thankful to be here at CURE and all that CURE is doing to Emily,” said Emily’s father, John. Join us in praying for Emily and her family, for patience in the healing process and restored a restored life full of opportunity for her!

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Latest Updates

Aug 07, 2017

Emily's here for a checkup! She hasn't been to school in a very long time because her parents are waiting for complete healing before she starts going. Please pray for her as she'll probably be starting back up in Standard 3. She has a bit of a leg-length discrepancy because of her infection so she's coming in to have the growth stopped on the opposite leg on August 27th. Photo of Emily

Jul 03, 2017

Emily is being discharged home! That's probably why she looks so smug! She'll be back in about a month for some manipulation under anesthesia for her knee, which is stiff, and physiotherapy. Dr. James doesn't want to move it now because there's a risk of breaking the just-healed femur. She'll be back August 7th! Photo of Emily

Jun 30, 2017

Emily's frame is finally off! She still has a sinus (place where the infection discharges) so she'll be here for a little longer while we do daily dressings and have some physiotherapy at the same time! Photo of Emily

Jun 29, 2017

Emily's waiting to have her frame off today - she doesn't look too happy right now, but maybe that's because she needs to fast before her operation. Please be praying for her, it's a pretty minor procedure to take off a frame but praying for surgery is always a good idea! Photo of Emily

Jun 28, 2017

Emily's going to have her frame off tomorrow! To give her some encouragement before she goes in, we brought her all her get-well messages! She says that she's been home and hasn't been able to go to school since she's had the frame on, but will go back when she feels better. Also, she has a new baby sister back home who she already misses! Photo of Emily

Jun 27, 2017

Emily's back and she'll be having her frame off later this week - so exciting! Please be praying that her operation goes well, we're so pumped to have her back! Photo of Emily

Apr 13, 2017

We said one last goodbye to Emily today! She'll be back May 8th for a checkup so we'll see her soon enough! She was enjoying a book from the Spiritual team when we last saw her! Photo of Emily

Apr 12, 2017

Guess who's been discharged! Emily is going home tomorrow and she is SO EXCITED! She'll be home in time for Easter! We brought her get-well messages while she was saying goodbye to her friend Mwaiwawo this morning. Don't worry though, we'll be seeing her once a month as she comes in for regular checkups for her wound! Photo of Emily

Apr 11, 2017

Emily was feeling good this morning, and Thandy greeted her as she went back to her bed. He just went to ask her how she's doing this afternoon though, and she's in a lot of pain because her wound really hurts. Please pray that she feels better soon! Photo of Emily

Apr 10, 2017

Emily had another wound inspection today, in the ward this time. Dr. Mak was giddy with delight that the skin graft was taking so well - and Dr. Mak is not usually someone we would describe with the word 'giddy'! Usually skin grafts don't take particularly well - only parts will heal - on osteomyelitis cases, but Emily's skin graft does look lovely! The doctors are hoping to teach Emily's mom how to treat the wound and then she can go home! Photo of Emily

Apr 07, 2017

Emily had her wound inspection today to see how the skin graft was taking and is lying in the recovery bay now getting over anesthesia! According to the doctor's note it was a bit mucky near her wound where the infection was discharging, but the rest of the graft is taking well and looks good! Photo of Emily

Apr 06, 2017

Emily is passed out asleep this afternoon, but no worries! Hope is awake in the septic bay and more than willing to pose for a photo for us! He finally had traction taken off yesterday and a cast put on and he's going home tomorrow! We're sure Emily and the rest of the kids in the septic bay are gonna miss his charming smile! Photo of Emily

Apr 05, 2017

Emily had her skin graft yesterday! She's in a bit of pain today but looking okay. As you can see, there was a big raw area where they opened it up to dress the bone that needed grafting. Dr. Mak took the skin from her other leg and then they perforated it with a special machine so that it would stretch to take up more area. He was really happy with how it turned out, but because of her bone infection it might not take very well, so you can be praying it heals on and is healthy when we check it on Friday! Photo of Emily

Apr 04, 2017

Emily's having her skin graft today so she's waiting to go in for her surgery! There's a large area of exposed flesh where they removed the dead bone and left it open to drain and heal, so it will take a very long time to heal over unless she gets a graft. Please be praying it takes well! We'll post photos of her surgery and more information tomorrow! Photo of Emily

Apr 03, 2017

Emily's happy today! She was messing around with the bao board but didn't have anyone to play with - hopefully the other kids will wake up from their naps soon! She will be having another operation, probably tomorrow, to have a skin graft on part of her wound! Please be praying for her. Photo of Emily

Mar 31, 2017

We brought Emily her get-well messages and she smiled, but she seems a bit grumpy. Thandy thinks it's because she'll be having wound dressings soon and she knows it will hurt - please be praying for less pain. Photo of Emily

Mar 30, 2017

Thandy was in the septic bay today, amusing all the kids with his silly games! He told them they were going to pretend to be a village and each have roles - Hope is the Chieftain, Emily is the Chieftain's sister, Mwaiwawo is the Village Doctor, Stephano is the Secretary, Aisha is the treasurer and their parents are all the village people. The kids thought he was quite funny! He then accidentally called Hope by her first name instead of using the honorific, which is apparently a big cultural no-no in the village! He immediately apologized and asked if he could have permission to leave - if she said he couldn't he would have to stand in one place in the septic bay all day! Hope was a gracious chieftain though and forgave him and gave him permission to leave, which we're sure is quite a relief! Photo of Emily

Mar 28, 2017

Emily's still in bed today, we haven't seen her out and about yet unfortunately. She was getting her wound dressed behind the curtain - hiding away! It looks like her friend Hope smuggled in some fruit from the outside, she was eating an orange and the whole septic bay smelled lovely! Photo of Emily

Mar 27, 2017

We found Emily and Hope together alone in the septic bay today, holding down the fort while the rest of the kids were out playing and their parents were out buying some things. They're still stuck in bed, although now that Emily has a frame, the physios will be mobilizing her soon! They were telling Thandy that they really wanted banana and avocados from the market - unfortunately we have a rule in place not to bring in foods from outside the hospital because we don't know where they get it from and if it has bad bacteria we'd rather they not get sick after recently having an operation! Thandy tried to teach them how to say my name, "Avanell" instead of 'azungu' (white person), but it's a mouthful for adults who speak Chichewa, let alone for kids! Thandy says he'll keep trying, and I told him they can call me "Avi" if that's any easier! Photo of Emily

Mar 24, 2017

Emily's operation yesterday went well! Dr. Lubega and Dr. Mak put a rod (called an exfix) on the side of her leg. It's held to the femur with pins and helps keep the bone straight and stable since there's a fracture in it so she doesn't have to stay on traction. She's in a bit of pain today and isn't feeling up for much though, so you can pray for her healing! Photo of Emily

Mar 23, 2017

Emily's being wheeled into theater for her next operation as we speak! They took off her traction and now she's going to go in to have a rod attached to her femur to keep it straight and strong while it heals from the fracture. It should be a smaller operation than last time, but you can still be praying for her! We'll post photos and more information tomorrow! Photo of Emily

Mar 22, 2017

Emily's still in bed, but not for long! Tomorrow she's going in to get her frame put on and after that she'll be set to start going to the physiotherapists with the rest of the kids to get walking again! Photo of Emily

Mar 21, 2017

Emily says she's doing well and isn't in any pain except during wound inspections! Thandy was joking with her that, "You've been eating the whole day like a guinea pig." He took her rice and told her, "Let me feed you, you can be the patient!" She didn't seem to want to be fed because she ducked under her covers giggling! Photo of Emily

Mar 20, 2017

Emily's doing well today - smiling away again! She is stuck in bed on traction due to a fracture in her femur because the bone was so weak from the infection - we don't want it to set the wrong way. Dr. James is thinking of putting a rod on the outside of her leg, secured with pins into the bone. Unfortunately the wound on the side of her leg is very long so the pins will have to be pretty close to the wound. The nurses are going to dress it for a couple days and make sure it's clean enough and otherwise assess it before they put the frame on, but Dr. James is hoping she'll be set on Thursday to have another operation. The good news is that once the frame is on, she won't be stuck in bed anymore and will be able to walk around again! Photo of Emily

Mar 17, 2017

Emily's looking not very happy today - she had a wound dressing for the first time this morning which is not a pleasant experience. She's not looking too bad now though and was enjoying some tea, bread, and orange Sobo, which seems like it's everyone's favorite drink here! Photo of Emily

Mar 16, 2017

Emily's surgery went well and she's looking pretty good in the ward today! She had a massive piece of dead bone that needed to be removed. She has a pretty big wound now because they need to leave the wound open so daily dressings can be done to help the leg heal from the inside out. Please be praying for her as they'll probably start daily dressings in a couple of days and it can be quite painful! Photo of Emily

Mar 15, 2017

Meet Emily! Emily is a sweet little girl with a serious case of osteomyelitis (bone infection). She'll be having her surgery later today to take out the long piece of dead bone so that it can start healing. Her femur looks pretty infected based on her x-rays, so we're expecting that once the infection clears up, which can take a very long time even after the infected bone is removed, she'll need multiple operations to try to fix her femur and hip. Please be praying hard for Emily as she starts on the long road to healing. We'll post photos and information about her first surgery tomorrow! Photo of Emily

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