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  • Age11
  • Conditiona bone condition
  • Next Appointment 03/02/2020

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Chisomo's Story

"I wasn't happy and I never thought that I would get better," this was Chisomo's immediate thoughts when he one day found himself with a disability. Chisomo was born a healthy baby in every aspect of the word, but while playing with an older friend… Read more

"I wasn't happy and I never thought that I would get better," this was Chisomo's immediate thoughts when he one day found himself with a disability. Chisomo was born a healthy baby in every aspect of the word, but while playing with an older friend when he was just five years old, he got stepped on and was injured on his left leg. He was not taken to the hospital immediately and the following morning, his leg was swollen. His mother, Gilide, tells us a bit more about the first days. "We spent that night and the day it happened thinking it was nothing major. The next morning his leg was swollen and I took him to the hospital. For a full year I had been going back to the hospital as they directed me for appointments but nothing was changing until they told us they could not help us and to try CURE Malawi."

Chisomo has been visiting hospitals since he was five hoping to get his leg corrected. He has been to CURE Malawi but the problem is still existent. This time around the doctors want to try something different. His mother tells us that everyone in the community and family are not particularly mean to him apart from his fellow students at school. "The only time he's down is when he's coming back from school, where he can't play football like his friends do and they say stuff like, "you have a deformity so you can't play well."" He wants to learn how to ride a bicycle and play football more than anything but he currently can't because of his left leg.

"When I first heard about CURE Malawi I was suspicious and did not trust what I heard about it. This all changed the day I eventually came to this hospital and saw the hope there was for my son," his mother goes on to tell us how Chisomo is such a good boy all while he started a sumo wrestling match between a phone and folded piece of paper. "He does not isolate himself from people, he helps around the house with what he can, plays with his friends and tries to act normal despite his disability. To me, this shows that he has a bright future and that has just happened along the way." Chisomo tells us he wants to be a pastor and he gets his inspiration whenever he sees someone preach publicly.

"Despite prayers for his healing, I want prayers to secure his future. He is a good boy with a great future and sometimes, evil spirits come and try to snatch that away through different means. I don't want that to happen to him, I want that future secured for him," his mother tells us with concern in her voice. So please join us in praying for Chisomo as he continues on with his journey and for the good plans that God has for him!

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Latest Updates

Jan 22, 2020

Our pal Chisomo has been discharged! He is frame free and recovering well. He'll have one last physical therapy session today before he leaves this afternoon and as much as he'll miss his friends at the hospital, he's happy to go home and show his community his new leg. Chisomo will have and wound inspection in a week's time at his local clinic and will be reviewed back at our hospital in six weeks. Please keep him and his mom in your prayers while they journey home today! Photo of Chisomo

Jan 21, 2020

Chisomo came into the hospital this week ready for his frame removal! Hopefully this is the last time, since previously he had it removed and needed a new frame for re-lengthening. He'll be going into the operating room today, so please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Chisomo

Aug 19, 2019

Today Chisomo is finally going home! His mother has been taught and fully understands how to take care of his frame! "I have learned a lot of things while here at CURE Malawi," said Chisomo and he continued, "One of my favorite things is how I thought memorizing was hard. I remember by heart John 1:16 and I love this verse. Ever since I gave my life to Christ, my life has been different. I am more friendly, and I feel I have become more respectful." Children like Chisomo coming to CURE Malawi and going back home with a heart that is changed, are wonderful examples of the work God is doing here! We are so grateful that you are joining us in praying and supporting Chisomo. Please continue to pray that Jesus will continue to heal him! Photo of Chisomo

Aug 15, 2019

Chisomo is doing great today! He said the only part that is painful is the physical therapy, "...I will still work much hard even though the exercises are painful, but I will carry on." Please continue praying for him and we know that Jesus will continue to guide and help this boy to fully get healed! Photo of Chisomo

Aug 14, 2019

Chisomo is drawing a "giant with trees" today in the playroom. He had a pin changed in the operating room yesterday and has been told he can go home after the physical therapist has tightened up the top of his frame! He is hoping that will be this week or next so please keep Chisomo in your prayers as he continues to persevere! Photo of Chisomo

Aug 09, 2019

Chisomo was supposed to be going home on Friday, but after checking his x-ray, the doctors said he should not go yet. Chisomo will need to be here just in case his bones are not healing the way the doctors expect. Chisomo was so ready to go home, and he wasn't so happy with the news of staying longer. Help us continue praying for him and his mother as they spend a few more days at CURE Malawi! Photo of Chisomo

Aug 07, 2019

"I am so glad that my mother can learn how to do the turns!" Said Chisomo. Chisomo's mother needs to master the turns and then they will be going home! Chisomo will continue his physical therapy at home if they end up going home this week. Chisomo is happy that soon he will be going home. Help us by praying for Chisomo's mother, Giledi, as she helps her son! Photo of Chisomo

Aug 05, 2019

The frame turns and pin-site care continue on for serious Chisomo. He's in a bit of pain with the lengthening of his leg so even though we got a few smiles and giggles from him this morning, he wasn't sure how he felt about smiling for the camera. Chisomo has been so strong throughout his treatment here at CURE Malawi, and we are all so thankful for your prayers! They make all the difference! Photo of Chisomo

Aug 01, 2019

"Please continue praying for me so that I will be able to work and do things like how everyone else is doing," says Chisomo. We understand how Chisomo is feeling and it is our prayer that we see some progress soon. It has been a long road, but we believe God is working. Chisomo will continue to getting his frame cared for and the doctors says he will be in hospital for some weeks. Please be praying for patience and determination! Photo of Chisomo

Jul 29, 2019

Chisomo looks bashful at first glance, but it doesn't take long for his joyful smile to shine through! He is continuing physical therapy this week and will begins his frame turn on Wednesday. Please continue to pray for Chisomo as he works hard in physical therapy to gain strength! Photo of Chisomo

Jul 26, 2019

Chisomo is feeling much better from his operation last week. The surgeons explained that the reason they needed to do another osteotomy is because his previous osteotomy healed, but in the exact spot without any lengthening. It seems Chisomo's mom accidentally went both forward and backward with his frame turns, leaving the bone in the same place. This time Chisomo will stay at the hospital to complete his turns, so his leg will be lengthened and healed correctly. The good thing is that Chisomo isn't in much pain and he is really enjoying the hospital! Please keep him in your prayers while he is healing here with us! Photo of Chisomo

Jul 24, 2019

Chisomo is having another operation today! It's going to be another osteotomy to correct the curvature of his leg since it isn't quite perfect yet. He's not too nervous, as he's had lots of operations before, but he still asks for any extra prayers you have. Join us in praying for Chisomo as he gets his operation today, that all will be successful and his bone will heal completely straight! Photo of Chisomo

Jul 22, 2019

Chisomo came into clinic today and ended up being re-admitted to CURE Malawi. He will be reviewed tomorrow morning by the doctors to make a plan, but it's looking like he'll need another surgery on his leg. Please keep him in your prayers as we figure this all out! Photo of Chisomo

Jun 12, 2019

Chisomo is back again! The doctors says he'll need to stay in hospital for a bit so that they can observe him and move to the next stage of correction. The unfortunate truth is there's going to be some discomfort coming our little man's way so please be in prayer for him.

May 03, 2019

Chisomo is going home! Before he leaves, he has been told to do pin-site care with his mom and will then go to physio one last time. He's not a big fan of either, but he's really happy to be going home. Even though he'll still be continuing both pin-site care and physio at home, something about home always makes your heart a little happier while in the process of healing. We are very excited for Chisomo and can't wait to see him again in June! Photo of Chisomo

May 02, 2019

Chisomo is still continuing his frame turns and physio exercises with a smile! He loves talking to his hospital friends in the beds around him and is patiently waiting for his discharge. Please keep Chisomo in your prayers as he continues to heal with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Chisomo

Apr 30, 2019

Chisomo is in the sharing spirit today! We were telling him about all the people who view and follow his profile and pray for him and asked him how he feels about it. He gave us one of his smiles and said, "I wish I could share with them my snack right now, it's tasty and that is nice of them to pray for me!" Thank you for keeping Chisomo in your prayers! Photo of Chisomo

Apr 26, 2019

Chisomo opened up a bit more today! He told us more about his life at home and it all started with a dream he had. "I had a dream several nights ago that I was at home with my sibling, Linga." He then told us of how the other boys in his neighborhood tell him not to play with them but that there is Kelvin, his one and only friend in the neighborhood, "Kelvin comes home to see me, he stays only one house away so he comes often. We play nicely with each other, he doesn't crack bad jokes or tease me at all." We met again as he was having his physiotherapy session, he is a tough young man, but still struggling to move about in the crutches. He was making a lot of effort not to show his struggle. Pray for him that he continues to be a blessing to his mother and that he continues to heal and has a chance to have a normal life! Photo of Chisomo

Apr 25, 2019

Chisomo was sitting on his bed swinging a toy in the air when we payed him a visit today. Chisomo has been in the hospital for a while now and is missing his sibling Linga, who is just two years old. Linga and the rest of the family came to see him over Easter, he is looking forward to going back home and being with them. Pray for Chisomo, that he stays brave and is a blessing to his mother and those around him as he waits for his next procedure! Photo of Chisomo

Apr 18, 2019

Today Chisomo goes into surgery, the fourth procedure in his journey to healing. He was scared and feeling alone when he was going into the operating theatre and the moment he let go of his mom and waved bye, he was in tears again and asking for a stuffed toy to accompany him into the surgery. The surgeons allowed him to enter and was comforted by it until he fell asleep. He was assured that he would find it by his side as he left the operating theatre. As his physical healing continues, we ask you to join us in praying that his operation goes smoothly and that the healing process is good enough to take him to the next step in his journey! Photo of Chisomo

Apr 17, 2019

Meet Chisomo! Chisomo has been at CURE Malawi three times already as his treatment plan is really long. Coming in for his fourth procedure, his mother tells us how much hope she has for her son's healing. Chisomo is a quiet boy who just can't wait to ride bicycles and play some soccer with friends when he gets all better. Join us in his journey as we pray him toward full recovery so that we can reach his goals in life! Photo of Chisomo

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